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1875 Henry County Atlas Patron Lists

Weller, Western, Wethersfield and Yorktown Townships

The below listings of patrons to the “Atlas of Henry Co and the State of Illinois”,published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, were transcribed by Alice Gless and donated for the use of the Henry County ILGenWeb Project.

The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used F as an abbreviation for Farmer and Stock Raiser to save typing time.


Levi Higgins Farmer, etc. Preble Co., OH 1853
A. C. Edwards F&SR Saratoga Co., NY 1854
C. E. Washburn F&SR Springfield, MA 1837
Jos. Morton F&SR Butler Co., OH 1869
N. Reynolds F&SR Washington Co., VT 1851
J. H. McGovern Merchant Fayette Co., PA 1870
George W. States Merchant Indiana Co., PA 1865
A. McWhinney F&SR Wayne Co., IN 1854
E. P. Stevens Livery Steuben Co., NY 1867
Geo. Wm. Ferguson F&SR Adams Co., IL 1864
M. B. Lloyd Farmer, etc. Bucks Co., TN 1857
Nancy Ferguson Farmer, etc. Suffolk Co., MA 1864
L. W. Stearns F&SR Washington Co., VT 1860
Wm. Wayne F&SR Philadelphia, PA 1856
F. A. Crampton F&SR Preble Co., OH 1858
A. A. Crampton Nurseryman Preble Co., OH 1858
Daniel Grant F&SR Scotland 1858
William Grant F&SR Scotland 1858
G. W. Buck F&SR Chatauqua Co., NY 1840
T. W. Huston F&SR Dearborn Co., IN 1852
William Cessna F&SR Cumberland Co., PA 1853
Sarah J. Bell F&SR Indiana Co., PA 1852
J. O. Valentine Proprietor of Hotel Warren Co., PA 1853
Edward B. Kendall Agent R.R.I.& St.L.RR St.Clair Co., MI 1871
H. H. Parks Merchant McDonough Co., IL 1871
W. J. Robison F&SR Somerset Co., PA 1856
Henry Johnson Miller Sweden 1848
George W. Eaton Grain, Lumber, etc. Vermont 1870
William W. Brown F&SR Montgomery Co., OH 1855
Chs. J. Lindhalme F&SR Sweden 1853
Abner Norman F&SR Vermillion Co., IN 1854
F. B. Ward F&SR Washington, D. C. 1860
W. W. Warner F&SR Worcester Co., MA 1849
Mrs. E. J. Blodgett Farmer Hillsborough Co., NH 1858
Mrs. H. A. Blodgett F&SR Middlesex Co., MA 1854
L. R. Bothwell F&SR Jefferson Co., NY 1860
Wm. McCandless Farmer and Merchant Allegheny Co., PA 1855
Byron Jordan F&SR Mercer Co., IL 1867
Daniel Jones F&SR Wales 1856
Herbert R. Edwards F&SR/Assessor Windham Co., VT 1867
Wm. Sellers F&SR Warren Co., OH 1861
B. Morgart F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1855
J. T. Fields F&SR Belmont Co., OH 1863
H. S. Trego Retired Bucks Co., PA 1854
W. H. Gaddis Telegraph Operator Carroll Co., IN 1870
Jacob Shively F&SR Monongalia Co., WV 1873
Geo. Dunmire F&SR Armstrong Co., PA 1856
Julius Neumann General Store Germany 1857
J. W. Crampton Farmer Virginia 1855


M. B. Potter Farmer Ohio 1838
John P. Potter Farmer Ohio 1838
Henry Scott Farmer Scotland 1858
William Oliver Farmer Scotland 1854
Alex. Rule Farmer Scotland 1845
John Armstrong Farmer Scotland 1865
Lewis Hoppock Farmer New Jersey 1851
M. B. Blish Farmer Illinois 1848
H. G. Carson F&SR Ohio 1836
O. P. Wedge Farmer Ohio 1854
Dix. Ryan Farmer New York 1856
Reverdy Green Farmer Ohio 1871
Jeremiah Bickford Farmer Ohio 1854
John H. Taylor Farmer Pennsylvania 1852
John Crow Farmer England 1864
Washington Dunbar Farmer Kentucky 1854
James C. Robson Farmer New York 1848
J. Hoppock Farmer New Jersey 1851
Samuel Hoppock Farmer New Jersey 1851
Wesley Hoppock Farmer New Jersey 1851
S. P. Stewart Farmer Henry Co., IL 1844
Samuel Good Farmer Ohio 1851
Daniel B. Denel Farmer Saratoga Co., NY 1864
J. C. Smiley Physician Virginia 1855
Seth Whiting Farmer Masschusetts 1848
Samuel Russell Farmer Ohio 1860
Charles Lester Farmer Connecticut 1844
G. N. Palmer Farmer Ohio 1850
E. R. Wolcott F&SR Connecticut 1837
E. T. Bevan Farmer Philadelphia, PA 1870
John Dustin Farmer Athens Co., OH 1866
Milton Atherton Farmer Hamilton Co., OH 1864
James Wiley Carriage/Wagon Manuftr Ireland 1850  


Wm. Mathis Farmer France 1855
L. Stowell Farmer New York 1848
C. Urban Farmer France 1865
Lyman Richards Farmer New York 1860
G. W. Lane, Sr. Farmer New York 1854
G. W. Lane, Jr. Farmer Michigan 1856
C. Ott, Jr. Farmer Pennsylvania 1854
John Minch, Jr. Farmer Tazewell Co., IL 1871
Henry Minch Farmer Tazewell Co., IL 1870