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1875 Henry County Atlas Patrons Lists

Osco, Oxford and Phenix Townships

The below listings of patrons to the “Atlas of Henry Co and the State of Illinois”, published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, were transcribed by Alice Gless and donated for the use of the Henry County ILGenWeb Project. 

The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used F as an abbreviation for Farmer and Stock Raiser to save typing time.


Came To Name Occupation Nativity Henry Co. R. H. Hinman Farmer Hartford Co., CT 1852 E. M. Crane F&SR,Broom Corn Speculator Union Co., NJ 1853 L. C. Welton F&SR, Fine Hogs a Specialty Litchfield Co CT 1855 W. W. Hinman F&SR Hartford Co., CT 1853 Luman Woodward Farmer Licking Co., OH 1855 L. A. Hamilton Farmer Onondaga Co., NY 1856 S. B. Opdycke Farmer Bucks Co., PA 1860 J. H. Smith F&SR Litchfield Co., CT 1854 T. E. Knowls Farmer Bradford Co., PA 1857 Geo. H. Rivenburg Farmer Luzerne Co., PA 1856 J. S. Showalter F&SR Franklin Co., VA 1855 Wm. Sherrard F&SR Franklin Co., PA 1865 Peter Osterheldt F&SR Philadelphia, PA 1867 Reuben McFarland F&SR Coshocton Co.,OH 1853 Bela Andrews F&SR New Haven Co., CT 1874 Robert McClain F&SR Ireland 1856 Charles J. Hoflund F&SR Sweden 1850 Eric Westerlund F&SR Sweden 1850 Charles Landen F&SR Sweden 1852 S. P. Peterson Farmer/General Stock Raiser Sweden 1849 Eli Holland F&SR Monongalia Co., WV 1864 N. P. Chinburg F&SR Sweden 1850 Jno. J. Whiteline F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1859 John H. White F&SR England 1859 Andrew Weidlein F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1851 James M. Welton F&SR Peoria Co., IL 1855 George Leibee F&SR Lexington 1855 George Pappleton F&SR Lincolnshire,England 1854 A. Bandholtz Farmer and Mason Germany 1847 M. Anderson F&SR Sweden 1853 Samuel Peterson F&SR Sweden 1857 P. Delaney F&SR Ireland 1853 Philip Emmert Farmer Germany 1851 John Beers Grain Buyer/Shipper Henry Co., IL 1840 D. C. Tomlinson Grain Buyer/Shipper Oakland Co., MI 1856 Peter Wiltamuth F&SR France 1866 Jacob Wildemuth F&SR Clarke Co., IN 1864 John Wiese F&SR Germany 1869 R. Henderson F&SR Dearborn Co., IN 1864 D. H. Smith F&SR Morgan Co., OH 1861 E. Coll F&SR Jefferson Co., NY 1858 J. T. Petteys F&SR Oneida Co., NY 1861 John Elm F&SR Sweden 1848 H. Crossley Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1855 C. D. Cramer Lumber, etc. Herkimer Co., NY 1873 A. A. Crane F&SR New Jersey 1854 


M. Underwood Farmer & Dealer in Stock/ 
  First Settler Oxford Twp Lenawee Co., MI 1837 
Edwin Bundy F&SR New York 1852 
Cyrus Hills F&SR New York 1866 
John Billings F&SR New York 1858 
W. C. Taylor F&SR Nova Scotia 1864 
Govert S. Fleharty Farmer Dorchester Co., MD 1839 
R. D. Timberlake F&SR Green Co., KY 1837 
J. M. Timberlake Farmer Illinois 1837 
S. S. Douglass Farmer/Breeder Fine Stock Kentucky 1854 
J. B. Hiller Farmer/Carpenter New York 1855 
O. E. Tilden F&SR Vermont 1854 
Wm. L. Clay F&SR Vermont 1855 
S. S. McLaughlin Farmer and Mail Carrier Mercer Co., PA 1871 
S. B. Shumway F&SR Pennsylvania 1853 
A. P. Falk Farmer Calmar Co., Sweden 1854 
Charles M. Falk Farmer/Dealer Broom Corn Sweden 1854 
Chauncey Howell Farmer, Broom Corn New York 1857 
Samuel C. Elder Farmer Pennsylvania 1865 
W. O. Campbell Farmer Pennsylvania 1872 
O. H. Patterson Farmer/Treats Cancers Columbia Co., NY 1851 
Isaiah Wilcox F&SR Illinois 1836 
Wm. T. Hammond F&SR Maine 1856 
S. Skallsberg F&SR Sweden 1854 
Los Peterson F&SR Sweden 1861 
Samuel Pritchard F&SR New York 1859 
Stephen A. Gamble F&SR Pennsylvania 1857 
John Chamberlin F&SR New Jersey 1854 
James Stitt F&SR Franklin Co., PA 1854 
Anson Calkins Farmer and Wood Grower Columbia Co., NY 1841 
John Henderson F&SR Independence Co PA 1860  


D. B. McHenry F&SR/Twp Supervisor White Co., IL 1835 
A. H. Raser F&SR Wayne Co., OH 1852 
George Riely F&SR Germany 1852 
Adam Dunlap F&SR,Township Assessor Wayne Co., OH 1854 
Daniel Henney F&SR, Commissioner Wayne Co., OH 1853 
Joseph Henney F&SR Wayne Co., OH 1853 
Michael Shoemaker F&SR Germany 1854 
Benj. M. Matson F&SR Monroe Co., NY 1838 
R. F. Rowland F&SR Luzerne Co., PA 1846 
B. Fritts F&SR Warren Co., NJ 1839 
Joseph Leach F&SR Warren Co., NJ 1837 
Adam Butzer F&SR Henry Co., IL 1844 
Abraham Ebersole F&SR Blair Co., PA 1864 
D. B. Barge F&SR Armstrong Co., PA 1848 
S. E. Johnson F&SR Sweden 1853 
G. W. Rowe F&SR Steuben Co., NY 1835 
Valentine Sieben F&SR Germany 1852 
John N. Glatthaar F&SR Germany 1869 
J. A. Pinnell F&SR Trimble Co., KY 1848 
J. L. Davies F&SR Wales 1851 
M. M. Aldrich Coal Dealer Henry Co., IL 1838 
E. P. Aldrich Coal Dealer Gloucester Co., ??IL 1835 
J. J. Darin F&SR Armstrong Co., PA 1854 
Jacob F. Butzer Farmer Germany 1837 
S. S. Taylor F&SR Tioga Co., NY 1837 
John Ogden F&SR Northampton Co., PA 1840