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1875 Henry County Atlas Patrons Lists

Kewanee, Loraine, Lynn and Munson Townships 
The below listings of patrons to the “Atlas of Henry Co and the State of Illinois”,published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, were transcribed by Alice Gless and donated for the use of the Henry County ILGenWeb Project.  

The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used F as an abbreviation for Farmer and Stock Raiser to save typing time.


Came To Name Occupation Nativity Henry Co. C. S. Wentworth Cashier Hancock Co., ME 1868 E. R. Kerr Railroad Agent Genesee Co., NY 1865 James O’Brien Manufacturer Ireland 1866 C. Bassett Publisher Bradford Co., PA 1855 T. H. Phillips Merchant Washington Co., RI 1856 C. P. Remick Township Collector Lake Co., OH 1864 Elias Lyman Merchant Windsor Co., VT 1862 Josiah Keeler Machine Shop Orleans Co., NY 1859 Charles C. Harris Machinist Ashtabula Co. OH 1873 David J. Harris Painter Ontario Co. NY 1868 Wm. T. Cross Marble Works Cortland Co, NY 1864 C. H. Bogue Merchant Ogle Co., IL 1868 C. C. Blish Banker Hartford Co., CT 1837 J. W. Price Grain Merchant Philadelphia, PA 1857 S. W. Warner Grain Merchant Leeds Co., Canada 1840 E. C. Cheever Cashier Suffolk Co., MA 1871 H. H. Bryan Manufacturer Sangamon Co., IL 1835 Geo. E. Bryan Manufacturer Henry Co., IL 1850 Jeremiah Bickford Farmer Washington Co. OH 1874 R. P. Parrish Merchant Belknap Co., NH 1855 Charles P. Lawson Merchant Sweden 1858 Henry Stauffenberg Merchant Will Co., IL 1866 Joseph Hoffrichter Merchant Germany 1871 A. F. Bigelow Farmer Hampden Co., MA 1856 S. S. Graham Jeweler Hampden Co., MA 1865 Robert Holt Boots and Shoes Lancashire, England 1861 Daniel Holt Boots and Shoes Lancashire, England 1861 J. O. Risheill Furniture Schuylkill Co., PA 1858 A. Gierhart Livery Richland Co., OH 1868 Robert Otley Stock Breeder England 1840 B. F. Fellows Farmer Orange Co., VT 1863 Jabez Hendrick Farmer Massachusetts 1851 Geo. D. Elliott Saddler Pittsburg, PA 1855 Thos. S. Elliott Harness Maker Mt. Pleasant, OH 1855 M. H. Hinsdale Druggist Vermont 1862 J. A. Talcott Insurance Agent Connecticut 1850 Jas. K. Blish Attorney at Law Henry Co., IL 1843 Levi North Attorney at Law Lewis Co., NY 1821 John T. Ludd Farmer New Hampshire 1860 E. C. Raymond Manufacturer Brunswick, ME 1856 J. B. Rollins F&SR New Hampshire 1852 N. W. Tibbetts Farmer/Stock Breeder Bureau Co., IL 1846 R. J. Blackburn Banker/Manufacturer New York 1858 J. L. Platt Banker/Manufacturer New York 1858 H. L. Kellogg Banker Connecticut 1854 Jemima Mocraft F&SR England 1843 Geo. Weston Farmer Ohio 1850 Thomas Walker Farmer England 1854 Robt. Linton Carpenter Ireland 1855 J. R. White Tanner Illinois 1839 Jas. H. Baldwin Druggist New York 1856 John Stabler F&SR England 1874 O. H. Loomis Dir. Agricultural Implements Connecticut 1849


S. J. Arnett Farmer & Supervisor Twp Whiteside Co.,IL 1869 
Sinclair Blair F&SR Henry Co., IL 1846 
Lorenzo Norton F&SR Genesee Co., NY 1861 
G. F. Beers Farmer and School Treasurer Hunterdon Co., NJ 1839 
Andrew Smith F&SR Germany 1860 
C. H. Kemmis F&SR Washington Co., NY 1836 
A. S. Bereman F&SR Highland Co., OH 1848 
David Heller F&SR Lehigh Co., PA 1838 
Simeon Heller F&SR Lehigh Co., PA 1845 
Edward Somers Farmer Henry Co., IL 1846 
George Somers Farmer/Dealer Short Horn 
  Durham Cattle Germany 1829 
Wm. J. Crosier F&SR, Town Clerk Washington Co., NY 1839 
Martin Santee Farmer Luzerne Co., PA 1869 
Wm. Arnett Farmer, Dealer in and 
  Breeder of Thoroughbred 
  Race Horses & Durham Cattle Warren Co., PA 1837 
H. H. Haaff Farmer Middlebury, VT 1874 


Jno. S. Long F&SR Indiana Co., PA 1855 
Wm. Battenstern F&SR Germany 1852 
E. Schmidt Grain and Grape Grower Sweden 1852 
B. F. Bengston F&SR Sweden 1852 
E. Larson F&SR Sweden 1856 
G. Bengston Merchant Sweden 1852 
C. J. Samuelson Merchant Sweden 1849 
John Quist Farmer Sweden 1852 
S. P. Johnson F&SR Sweden 1853 
J. O. Anderson F&SR Sweden 1854 
C. G. Peterson F&SR Sweden 1857 
J. W. Arasmith F&SR First white boy born 
  in Henry Co 1835 
Andrew Henry F&SR Sweden 1853 
Joab Tracy F&SR Montgomery 1855 
H. T. Nathorst Physician and Surgeon Sweden 1874 
A. P. Peterson F&SR Sweden 1851 
Jonas Westerlund F&SR Sweden 1850 
William Lembke Farmer Germany 1857 
Thomas White F&SR England 1855 


Royce Allen Farmer/Raiser Fine 
  Blooded Stock Oneida Co.,NY 1852 
D. N. Busenbark F&SR Butler Co., Ohio 1860 
A. Robinson F&SR Portland, ME 1853 
B. J. Orton Farmer/Breeder 
  Poland China Hogs Oneida Co., NY 1856 
W. H. Terpening Farmer/Stock Raiser & Dealer 
  Proprietor of Coal Shaft Cortland Co., NY 1851 
J. B. Terpening Farmer, Proprietor 
  of coal Shaft Cortland Co., NY 1854 
Buenos Ayres Farmer Hampden Co., MA 1853 
Wm. T. Hill F&SR Rappahannock Co., VA 1855 
F. S. Quick Farmer Indiana 1866 
T. Peister F&SR Washington Co., NY 1860 
W. L. Robinson F&SR Clermont Co., OH 1855 
Geo. W. Wood F&SR/Justice of Peace Oneida Co., NY 1862 
L. J. Wilkinson Supt/Henry Co Infirmary Tioga Co., PA 1872 
C. E. Pettit Farmer/Stock + Grain Raiser. 
  Also Poland China Hogs Erie Co., PA 186? 
-- Attwater Farmer New Haven Co., CT 1840 
Jas. Henderson F&SR Dearborn Co., IN 1861 
O. S. Henderson Farmer Dearborn Co., IN 1858 
James Ringle F&SR Westmoreland Co. PA 1853 
John Wilkins Farmer,Carpenter/Builder Wayne Co., OH 1856 
N. C. Gilbert Farmer,Breeder Chester 
  White Hogs Ontario Co., NY 1856 
Thos. Licken F&SR Allegheny Co., PA 1865 
Jacob Kough F&SR Blair Co., PA 1859 
Charles Smith Farmer Oxford Co., ME 1852 
Jack Willis Farmer, 
  Breeder Leicester Sheep St. Lawrence Co NY 1872 
George T. Melvin F&SR Kennebec Co., ME 1862 
Alex. McAvoy Farmer Wayne Co., PA 1857 
W. L. Barnes F&SR Long Island, NY 1856 
H. L. Dixon F&SR Somerset Co., ME 1860 
N. Hoos Farmer Greene Co., NY 1858 
E. Cramer F&SR Franklin Co., OH 1841 
Geo. Walker F&SR Scotland 1858 
John Walker F&SR Scotland 1857 
John P. Fox Farmer and Supervisor Belknap Co., NH 1858 
E. Harris F&SR Muskingum Co., OH 1860 
James Greenlee F&SR Rockbridge Co, VA 1856 
Wm P. Casteel F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1855 
Geo. Hunter F&SR Muskingum Co., OH 1858 
William Hunter F&SR Ireland 1858 
B. F. Birchfield F&SR Mifflin Co., PA 1865 
John Robb F&SR Chester Co., PA 1858 
Wm. Liken F&SR,Justice of Peace Allegheny Co., PA 1856 
M. B. Bristol F&SR -- --