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1875 Henry County Atlas Patrons Lists

Edford, Galva, Geneseo and Hanna Townships

The below listings of patrons to the “Atlas of Henry Co and the State of Illinois”,published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, were transcribed by Alice Gless and donated for the use of the Henry County ILGenWeb Project.

The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used F as an abbreviation for Farmer and Stock Raiser to save typing time.


Came To Name Occupation Nativity Henry Co.

Levi W. Hoit F&SR New Hampshire 1853 Elias Hart F&SR New York 1852 William Austin F&SR New York 1838 Jason F. Howard F&SR Vermont 1866 R. B. Paul F&SR Connecticut 1856 John Weidlein F&SR Germany 1851 E. A. South F&SR Pennsylvania 1865 W. H. Brawley F&SR Ohio 1856 John Edwards F&SR New York 1855 H. G. Buchanan F&SR Maryland 1857 O. A. Gilbert F&SR New York 1844 G. Addicks F&SR Germany 1865 E. T. Ellison F&SR Massachusetts 1855 Walter Kidder F&SR Vermont 1856 Wm. Hunt F&SR Illinois 1859 F. Austin F&SR New York 1862 James A. Bills F&SR Vermont 1854 F. Sudenbery Farmer Fayette Co., PA 1865 Peter Larson F&SR Sweden 1854 Jacob Weaver Farmer Germany 1869 George Duff Farmer Pennsylvania 1857 G. A. Carter F&SR Ohio 1865 G. H. Schrader F&SR Germany 1863 Sylvester Cushman F&SR Vermont 1866



D. L. Wiley President Windham Co., VT 1854
L. M. Yocum Vice President York Co. PA 1855
W. F. Wiley Cashier Peoria Co. Il 1854
W. R. Wiley Cashier Windham Co. VT 1858
M. M. Ford Merchant Yates Co. NY 1860
Dyer Ford Merchant Yates Co. NY 1860
John B. Day Merchant -- --
F.T. Ward Editor Essex Co. NJ 1872
J. J. Balch Editor Westchester Co. NY 1873
A. T. Miller Postmaster Steuben Co., NY 1862
Charles Yocum Resident York Co., PA 1867
Th. H. Brownlee Merchant Scotland 1853
S. P. Johnson Tailor Sweden 1857
C. F. Bodinson Groceries, etc. Sweden 1865
O. L. Peterson Furniture Sweden 1865
Peter Herdein Furniture Sweden 1864
C.R. Watt Dentist Sweden 1874
C. M. Ayers Restaurant Henry Co., IL 1850
John F. Davis Pianos, Organs, Windham Co. VT 1860
E. A. Davis Clerk Windham Co. VT 1855
A. F. Hathaway Lumber, etc. Berkshire Co. MA 1856
Allen Husted Farmer Addison Co. VT 1852
Wm. L. Wiley Real Estate Windham Co. VT 1854
A. W. Albro Hotel Warren Co. NY 1855
Isaac B. Seely Druggist Orange Co. NY 1855
Thomas More Boots, Shoes, etc. Isle of Man 1859
Asa D. Babcock Physician Cortland Co. NY 1855
Amos C. Babcock Physician Chemung Co., NY 1855
G. W. Sipes Baker Fulton Co., PA 1857
O. A. Hempstead Groceries, etc. Kings Co., NY 1857
A. J. Rockafellow Real Estate Somerset Co. NJ 1857
Jonas W. Olson Attorney Sweden 1846
C. A. Kitchen Dentist Miami Co. OH 1863
J. M. Wiley Real Estate Windham Co. VT 1855
B. M. Dorr Jeweler Columbia Co. NY 1856
Jas. F. Todd Farmer Stark Co. IL 1867
Andrew Calhoun Farmer Ireland 1857
D. H. Alvis Physician Todd Co. KY 1871
D. E. Holmes Lumber, etc. New London Co. CT 1872
James H. Smith Lumber Peoria Co. IL 1872
Nelson Runquist Groceries Sweden 1846
James D. Soles Hotel Peoria Co. IL 1873
J. L. Finley Hardware, etc. Ashland Co. OH 1865
Wm. W. Johnson Merchant Windham Co. VT 1856
T. E. Milchrist Attorney Isle of Man 1860
Albert H. Veeder Attorney Montgomery Co. NY 1865
Walter B.Crawford Meat Market Delaware Co. NY 1856
Phillip Philhower Carriage Manufacturer Hunterdon Co. NJ 1856
D. C. Kerr Station Agent Erie Co., NY 1869
D. W. Smalley Livery Stable Windham Co. VT 1869
G. M. Clark Physician Bennington Co. VT 1856
J. W. Emery Photographer Seneca Co. OH 1858
Fred M. Viox Marble Works Erie Co., NY 1869
L. P. Ek Druggist Sweden 1864
Levi Hungerford Farmer/Butter Dairy Middlesex Co. CT 1863
B. H. Mink Stock Raiser/Shipper Salem Co., NJ 1866
Wm. Kneale F&SR Isle of Man 1857
E. Hopkins F&SR Dutchess Co., NY 1855
A. C. Deem Stock Raiser/Feeder Butler Co.,OH 1857
Geo. M. Stevens Farmer Peoria Co., IL 1863
C. C. Palmer F&SR Otsego Co., NY 1858
E. D. Harrison F&SR Peoria Co., IL 1856
Geo. Petteys F&SR Montgomery Co., NY 1860
S. S. Davidson F&SR Chester Co., NH 1866
John Lewin F&SR Isle of Man 1857
J.L. Wilson Farmer/
Poland China Swine Licking Co., OH 1857
R. F. Everett F&SR Columbia Co.,NY 1865
J. H. Everett F&SR Litchfield Co., CT 1868
Joseph F. Blair F&SR Virginia 1851
John A. Ayres F&SR Fairfield Co., CT 1838
Amos Lester F&SR Tompkins Co., NY 1845
J. B. Lester F&SR Tompkins Co., NY 1845
J. Erickson Farmer/Broom Corn Sweden 1847
- Erickson,Jr. F&SR Henry Co., IL 1854
P. M. Wickstrum F&SR Sweden 1850
Erick Headlund F&SR Sweden 1847
J. H. Westberg F&SR Sweden 1850
S. Burnett F&SR Crawford Co., PA 1857
Andrew Waulstrum F&SR Sweden 1850
John Anderson Farmer Sweden 1850
L. U. Appelgren F&SR Sweden 1871
C. B. Vandewerker F&SR Otsego Co., NY 1855
B. S. Eldridge Thoroughbred Stock Hempden Co., MA 1870
Jno. N. Morgan Supervisor/Stock Raiser Geauga Co., OH 1856
F. A. Hurlbutt F&SR Coos Co., NH 1858
C. R. Getty F&SR Oswego Co., NY 1845
R. Getty F&SR Oswego Co., NY 1863
Richard Payne Brick Maker England 1864
Henry Emry Farmer Pennsylvania 1837


Hiram Wilson Cashier Onondaga Co., NY 1867
Geo. Wilson Dealer in Stock Onondaga Co., NY 1867
C. Dunham Attorney at Law Berkshire Co., MA 1851
F. H. McArthur Attorney at Law St. Joseph Co., MI 1850
Geo. E. Hobbs Editor Somerset Co., ME 1857
E. C. Moderwell Attorney at law Crawford Co., OH 1866
R. F. Steele Mayor Hillsborough Co. NH 1857
Solon Kendall Merchant Templeton, MA 1855
Daniel Gilman Farmer Rockingham Co., NH 1860
H. L. Kiner Editor Perry Co., PA 1869
S. R. Kiner Editor Perry Co., PA 1869
J. Christian Editor Rutland Co., England 1873
B. F. Barge Superintendent Schools Middlesex Co., MA 1861
P. S. Schnabele Merchant France 1860
A. W. Perry Dealer in Coal Berkshire Co., MA 1837
H. Herman Merchant Germany 1857
Levi Waterman Merchant Germany 1857
Wm. Smith Attorney Hampden Co., MA 1859
Samuel McHose Manufacturer of Brick Northampton Co., PA 1854
Geo. Rummell Retired Farmer Tuscarawas Co., OH 1852
J. N. Greene Photographer Indiana Co., PA 1864
A. Sickler Meat Market Germany 1865
F. Berner Boots and Shoes Germany 1867
Wm. Bubeck Boots and Shoes Germany 1867
Chas. Fischer Baker Germany 1866
Dwight Freeman Farmer Worcester Co., MA 1855
William Godfrey Meat Market Kent, England 1854
A. Miller Proprietor of Hotel Suffolk Co., NY 1839
C. B. Miller Proprietor of Hotel Henry Co., IL 1847
John Engdahl Tailor Sweden 1864
Mrs. F. D. Emery Millinery & Fancy Goods Acworth, NH 1862
W. L. Kirkpatrick Photographer LaSalle co., IL 1869
Miss A. B. Haskell Millinery & Fancy Goods Sullivan Co., NH 1863
Fred Stein Jewelry Germany 1860
Henry Goembel F&SR Hessian, Germany 1864
Geo. W. Harrington,Jr. Lumber Norfolk Co., MA 1859
Henry Stiebel Clothing Hessian, Germany 1865
Samuel Chamberlain Resident Worcester Co., MA 1856
J. C. Tilton Jeweler Merrimack Co., NH 1857
E. Cragin Merchant Cheshire Co., NH 1854
Henry Youngs Resident New York City 1860
Jas. M. Allan Farmer Sumner Co., TN 1835
John H. Smith Farmer & Dealer in Stock Germany 1852
Chas. B. Smith Farmer & Stock Feeder Germany 1866
George J. Afferle(Offerle) Boots and Shoes France 1865
Milo P. Parker Blacksmith Grafton Co., NH 1866
Z. C. Bailey Blacksmith Lamoille Co., VT 1872
John Titus Blacksmith Germany 1857
A. Van Winkle Hay and Straw Essex Co., NJ 1835
Henry Stukee Blacksmith Germany 1856
Edward De Reu Dining Hall Belgium 1857
H. W. Moses Manufacturer Cumberland Co., ME 1869
E. M. Stewart Hardware Monroe Co., NY 1836
Chr. Buell Cigar Manufacturer Germany 1856
N. P. Rosenstone Boots and Shoes Sweden 1854
Nathan Doxey Liquors Onondaga Co., NY 1863
P. A. Stoleen Boots and Shoes Sweden 1865
P. A. Aldeen Boots and Shoes Sweden 1869
John E. Harker Merchant Onondaga Co., NY 1863
Frank Edgcomb F&SR York Co., ME 1859
Fredrick Baker Painter England 1860
Joseph L. Shaw Retired Physician Providence Co., RI 1859
Geo. W. Shaw Attorney Providence co., RI 1857
Josiah Richmond Nursery Plymouth Co., MA 1853
Francis E. Richmond Nursery Fayette Co., IL 1853
Geo. Geiser Brewer Germany 1854
Augustus Allen Retired Farmer Newport Co., RI 1859
LeRoy E. Woodruff Ice Oswego Co., NY 1856
P. Worrall Foreman Manchester, England 1856
Dexter Rich Lumber Erie Co., PA 1854
J. B. Clark Druggist Lake Co., OH 1874
August Eichorn Tinware, etc. Germany 1855
J. T. Miller Livery Stable Beaver Co., PA 1867
Thos. Aplelee Livery Stable LaSalle Co., IL 1873
A. A. Weston Real Estate Somerset Co., ME 1867
S. F. Weston Real Estate Henry Co., IL 1853
M. Rummell Sewing Machine Agent -- --
F. Fulton, M.D. Physician Monroe Co., NY 1874
G. L. Coe Farmer Oneida Co., NY 1865
Mrs. C. A. Atkins Resident Oneida Co., NY 1871
Gustus Nordstrum F&SR Sweden 1861
Robert Garnett F&SR England 1868
F. M. Duncan F&SR Henry Co., IL 1840
Marguret Stewart Farmer Columbia Co., PA 1855
H. A. Deming F&SR Ashland co., OH 1859
William Weimer Farmer Westmoreland Co., PA 1852
Samuel Weimer Farmer, Durham Cattle Westmoreland Co.,PA 1852
H. F. Dewey Farmer, Durham Cattle Hampden Co., MA 1859
Geo. Baye Farmer Kent Co., MI 1840
W. L. Kidder Farmer,Feeder/Ship Stock Windham Co., VT 1854
Geo. Crain F&SR Connecticut 1853
E. Mertz F&SR Lehigh Co., PA 1871
Abner Wilson F&SR Hunterdon Co., NJ 1857
Henry C. Worthington F&SR Bucks Co., PA 1859
A. C. Barton F&SR Addison Co., VT 1865
E. C. Gilbert F&SR Ontario Co., NY 1857
Daniel Little F&SR Grafton Co., NH 1855
T. J. Burlingame Veterinary Surgeon Rhode Island 1855
Jas. Anderson Resident Crawford Co., Ohio 1850
M. Hefflefinger F&SR Wayne Co., OH 1859
L. Stimson Retired Farmer Middlesex Co., MA 1836
John Rockwell F&SR Windham Co., VT 1858
Fletcher Bollen F&SR Henry Co., IL 1841
R. B. Owens F&SR -- 1875


J. H. Paddleford Supervisor, F&SR Grafton Co., NH 1836
E. D. Grove F&SR Henry Co., IL 1847
H. N. Hanna F&SR Henry Co., IL 1841
Wiliam Irvin F&SR Lebanon Co., PA 1868
Milton Hill Merchant Stark Co., OH 1847
Young Stokes Miller Tennessee 1844
J. H. Sale Physician and Surgeon La Porte Co., IN 1865
J. A. Sawyer Merchant Tazewell Co., IL 1851
S. B. McDonald Engineer Washington Co, PA 1868
Louis Rathgeber Carpenter Germany 1867
John Milem Pit Boss England 1849
Charles Griffin Engineer England 1869
Joseph Ramsey Pit boss England 1869
J. S. Hanna Farmer/Stock Dealer White Co., IL 1835
Daniel T. Brannon Carpenter and Machinist Wayne Co., IN 1867
Thos. Hill F&SR Jefferson Co., OH 1838
Mary M. Hill Farmer Portage Co., OH 1863
Benjamin Crull F&SR Pennsylvania 1849
P. K. Hanna Farmer and Stock Dealer Logan Co., KY 1835
C. T. Morton F&SR Oneida Co., NY 1853
John Mercer F&SR Ireland 1855
John Searles F&SR Fairfield Co., OH 1837
J. J. Smith F&SR Cumberland Co, PA 1851
S. H. Waldorf F&SR Trumbull Co., Ohio 1855
Johan Peterson F&SR Sweden 1864
Wiley Whitted F&SR Lawrence Co., IN 1852
H. R. Taylor F&SR White Co., IL 1845
E. Knorr F&SR White Co., IL 1845
L. G. Barnes F&SR Scioto Co., OH 1863
J. W. Withrow F&SR White Co., IL 1836
Daniel Lavery F&SR Ireland 1864
Nathaniel Resser F&SR Adams Co., PA 1851
D. M. Case Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1865
C. W. Fuller F&SR Erie Co., NY 1850
Robert Cherry F&SR Guernsey Co., OH 1836
Daniel Aldrich F&SR Henry Co., IL 1834
A. H. Talcott F&SR Herkimer Co., NY 1857