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1875 Henry County Atlas Patrons Lists
Alba, Andover, Annawan and Atkinson Townships

"Atlas of Henry County and the State of Illinois", published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, 1875

Alice Gless


The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used "F&SR" as an abbreviation for "Farmer and Stock Raiser" to save typing time.


Name Occupation Nativity Came To Henry Co
D. W. Wilson Farmer Windham Co.,VT 1856
B. W. Vaughan Farmer Chemung Co.,NY 1857
C. Hayes Farmer Ireland, (1852) 1860
Henry Pritchard, Sr. Farmer Ireland 1865
P. W. Warnock Farmer/Justice of Peace Ireland 1857
William Pritchard Farmer Ireland 1858
Samuel Pritchard Farmer Ireland 1857
James H. Nickerson Farmer New York 1872
James Gilbreaith Farmer Ireland 1858
Isaac Hulslander Farmer New York 1868
James J. Pritchard Farmer Ireland 1859
Jas. McNiell F&SR Ireland 1856


Name Occupation Nativity Came To Henry Co
Levi Pillsbury F&SR Lawrence Co., NY 1836
John A. Larson F&SR Sweden 1853
S. W. Knapp F&SR Connecticut 1842
A. W. Johnson F&SR Sweden 1864
W. K. Wight F&SR Lake Co., OH 1850
Anders P. Peterson F&SR Sweden 1848
Christian P. Schmidt F&SR Germany 1856
C. G. Anderson F&SR Sweden 1852
A. J. Stuber F&SR Ohio 1858
J. A. Stuber F&SR Ohio 1858
H. G. Griffin F&SR Massachusetts 1852
A. E. Anderson F&SR Sweden 1849
J. H. Hall F&SR Maine 1852
Jackson Deets F&SR Pennsylvania 1870
Vinson Miller F&SR New York 1837
John M. Francis Farmer Andover, IL 1845
Ben Cottrill F&SR Ohio 1840
A. W. Foster F&SR Maine 1864
C. P. Peterson F&SR Sweden 1852
L. Hardymen F&SR Norfolk, England 1852
S. A. Vigard F&SR Sweden 1858
J. C. Edwards Farmer/Stock Breeder Pennsylvania 1858
A. Hagg F&SR Sweden 1871
Reuben E. Wight F&SR Ohio 1853
W. F. West F&SR New York 1867
A. A. Anderson F&SR Sweden 1864
Erec Ogren F&SR/Horse Doctor Sweden 1854
S. P. Lindell Suprdent Orphan Home Sweden 1854
Jonas W. Larson F&SR Sweden 1853
B. H. Burrows F&SR Massachusetts 1869
M. F. Streed F&SR Sweden 1849
John M. Garrison F&SR Indiana 1851
Joseph Boda F&SR Ohio 1856


Name Occupation Nativity Came To Henry Co
S. L. Andrews Supervisor&Miller Franklin Co.PA 1859
William W. Slater Speculator Albany Co. NY 1854
D. T. Buttermore Blacksmith Westmoreland Co PA 1861
P. McLaughlin F&SR Longford Co Ireland 1856
Jacob Giles Farmer Clark Co., IN 1865
L. I. Way Farmer & Seed Grower New Haven Co CT 1858
J. R. Heath Durham Cattle Berkshire/Chester White Swine Merrimack Co NH 1854
J. Shaw F&SR Wayne Co., IN 1856
C. A. Tinker F&SR Oneida Co., NY 1845
Joseph Fronk F&SR Dauphin Co., PA 1850
C. Collins Farmer Knox Co., IL 1867
J. G. Heaps Farmer & Stock Dealer Lancaster Co., PA 1851
G. W. Newbecker Farmer Dauphin Co., PA 1868
John McNeely F&SR Jefferson Co., IN 1852
George Haxby Resident England 1855
Henry Eyer F&SR Warren Co., OH 1857
A. B. Noyes F&SR Essex Co., MA 1850
Simon Allen Farmer Henry Co., IL 1858
R. W. Batten F&SR Madison Co., VA 1854
C. L. Heaps Berkshire & Poland China Swine Lancaster Co., PA 1851
John C. Fick Farmer Norfolk Co Canada 1867
A. J. Mumford Farmer Oneida Co., NY 1866
Thomas Moon F&SR Yorkshire,England 1852
John H. Haxby F&SR Scott Co., IL 1855
Samuel Blin F&SR Warren Co., OH 1854
Hugh White Miller Brooke Co., WV 1861
J. L. Dow Grain Dealer Merrimack Co., NH 1856
B. C. Sargent Merchant Belknap Co., NH 1854
J. M. Gochenour General Store Warren Co., OH 1855
O. W. Newell Physician Bradford Co., PA 1871
Mary Barmore Millinery Rock Island Co.IL 1854
John Sandham Clerk Canada West 1869
James M. Bice Wagon Maker Peoria Co., IL 1855
S. N. Barker Merchant Oswego Co., NY 1859
S. N. Tower Music Teacher Chenango Co., NY 1856
H. Hirschberger Hardware Germany 1861
H. N. Gilman Lumber Merrimack Co., NH 1866
Z. A. Hildeng Blacksmith Sweden 1870
E. H. Slater Hotel Greene Co., NY 1864
David Murray Cooper Ireland 1870
H. G. Lathrop Farmer Chenango Co., NY 1851
H. H. Chappell Miller Oswego Co., NY 1867
A. Woodruff Farmer Hartford Co., CT 1855
H. Z. Ferguson F&SR Chenango Co., NY 1858
W. E. Brainard F&SR Medina Co., OH 1854
J. P. Paine F&SR Dutchess Co., NY 1856
G. Giles Farmer Henry Co., IL 1857
Andrew N. Morgan F&SR Lancaster Co., PA 1863
M. A. Lathrop F&SR Chenango Co., NY 1855>
W. M. Stillwell Police Justice/Constable Canada 1854
W. G. Heaps F&SR Harford Co., MD 1848
George Wolf F&SR Knox Co., OH 1853
James Machesney Farmer Westmoreland Co PA 1854
Eli Batten Farmer Madison Co., VA 1855
John Burns F&SR Somerset Co., ME 1852
George H. Mumford F&SR Oneida Co., NY 1856
Henry Giles F&SR Clark Co., IN 1851
H. N. Fronk F&SR Juniata Co., PA 1850
M. F. Hartley F&SR Bureau Co., IL 1872
George Prince F&SR England 1849
Stephen Moon F&SR England 1853
Jas. R. Batten Farmer Preble Co., OH 1850
A. H. Swiger F&SR Washington Co. OH 1873
W. W. Cole Farmer Erie Co., NY 1855
John C. Troyer F&SR Canada 1851
J. A. Clark F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1853
Daniel Blin Farmer/Pump Mfr Ohio 1853
C. V. Holdridge F&SR Illinois 1862
H. F. Humphey F&SR Ohio 1854
Henry Messmore F&SR Pennsylvania 1851
J. C. Webb F&SR Maine 1852
Erastus Kelsey F&SR Connecticut 1856
W. Troyer F&SR Canada 1851


Name Occupation Nativity Came To Henry Co
Thos. Nowers Merchant England 1854
J. M. Brown Supervisor Knox Co., Ohio 1858
W. Ferrin Agent C.R.I.& P.RR Ogle Co., IL 1867
John H. Dean Dealer in Grain Grafton Co., NH 1859
John Bishel, Jr. Prop.,Central House Columbia Co., PA 1855
D. O. Hunter Merchant Cortland Co., NY 1867
E. Burrall, Jr. Retired Litchfield Co CT 1837
Wm. M. Smith, M.D. Physician & Surgeon Belmont Co., OH 1856
J. W. Smith Blacksmith Harrison Co., OH 1855
J. C. Pierson Butcher Knox Co., OH 1867
Thos. Nowers, Jr. Merchant Oneida Co., NY 1856
John K. Trekell F&SR Tippecanoe Co IN 1851
F. C. Luckett Proprietor Coal Shaft Buffalo, NY 1866
Robt. M. Witherspoon Proprietor Coal Bank Scotland> 1863
W. W. Wagar Farmer Yates Co., NY 1865
Ira Porter F&SR Saratoga Co., NY 1853
David Walters Farmer/Carpenter Jefferson Co. OH 1853
Leander Packard Farmer Otsego Co., NY 1869
George Payne F&SR -- --
J. S. Kaiser Farmer/Breeder Short Horned Cattle Tuscarawas Co OH 1864
A. Fones F&SR Whiteside Co., IL 1851
H. Fones F&SR Erie Co., NY 1851
H. Southworth F&SR Chautauqua, NY 1838
R. M. Bessee F&SR Erie Co., NY 1862
Asa Crook F&SR Erie Co., NY 1834
J. Aby F&SR Franklin Co., PA 1844
A. W. Wood F&SR Berkshire Co., MA 1855
Henry Bass F&SR Windham Co., CT 1853
E. P. Boyden F&SR Hampshire Co., MA 1860
Elijah Briggs F&SR Union Co., IN 1860
John Welch F&SR Franklin Co., PA 1853
Henry Stemberger F&SR Germany 1852
C. G. Gierhart F&SR Richland Co., OH 1854