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The 25th Wedding Anniversary of Harvey Victor and Sophia Clough

Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Clough, living on the Rock Island road, a mile west of this city, were completely and overwhelminglly surprised by a goodly number of their friends and neighbors on Tuesday evening of this week, the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. The party was as merry and blith a one as had assembled in this vicinity for a long time and considering the disadvantage they were taken at Mr. and Mrs. Clough entertained all most handsomely.

Of course, there could not be an affair of this kind without some presents as mementoes, and on this occasion there were some handsome ones, as follows:

A fine hanging lamp had the following card attached: From Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Wait, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Howard, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Van Valkenburg, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Little, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Boice."

A gold-line silver cup, silver butter dish, silver butter knife, crystal and silver berry dish and silver cake basket, from Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. W. Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kidder, Mr. and Mrs. W. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Dillinbeck, Mr. and Mrs. E. Muzzy, Mr. and Mrs. L Hoit, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tufts, Mr. and Mrs. V. Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. S. Cushisan, Mr. and Mrs. L. Woodruff. Mr. and Mrs. C. Ralson, Mr. and Mrs. B. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Sargent, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. E. A. Kidder, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Holt.

A silver pickle cantor from Victor, Henry and Frank Clough.

A silver pickle fork from Messrs. Kinsey Bros.


Cloughs' Milk Wagon

The breaking of a whiffletree at the State street railroad crosing last Wednesday some what demoralized Clough's milk wagon and permitted the horses to drag the driver out and upset a can of milk. The milk wagon seem prone to misforturne in Geneseo, as accidents to them are of frequent occurrence.


H. V. Clough & Sons have purchased Mr. C. Remington's milk route and are now running two wagons, supplying all who desire it with good, pure milk at 5 cents a quart. The Cloughs have built up a splendid business and they intend to retain it by giving their customers satisfaction at all times.



Sadie Fryslinger Shows Son of Harvey Clough Certificate of Marriage to Him

The remaines of Harvey V. Clough were taken to Rock Island on the 6 o'clock Burlington passenager last evening, accompanied by his two sons who were here. Mrs. Frysinger and daughter Sadie also went on the same train. The body was taken to Geneseo for burial, where it lay in state at the home of Victor W. Clough son ot the deceased, from 1 to 3 p. m. today. Short services were conducted at the grave at 3:00 by Rev. T. P. Byrnes.

A romance is connected with this aged man's stay in Sterling, which will be a surprise to his friends in Geneseo, where he was once a prosperous dairyman and prominent citizen. One of his sons yesterday told two Sterling men that his father had been married to Sadie Frysinger since last October.

The son was in ignorance of his father's marriage, he said, until yesterday. When he said he would get the trunk and belongings of the deceased together, he said the girl told him she would attend to that herself, as she was the widow of the deceased. The young man was complussed and would not believe the girl's statement until she produced a marriage license.

Mr. Clough was born in Vermont and would have been sixty-nine years of age next March. He located in Geneseo in the early days and is said to have amassed a fortune of $100,000. According to a story which he told a Sterling man some time ago, he separated from his wife some time ago, then they made up, lived together for awhile and left each other a second time several years ago. About two years ago he moved from Geneseo to Davenport and for about a year past he lived with the Frysinger family in this city.

His son did not know whether much of his property was left at present or not, but during his illness here Mr. Clough remarked that if people thought he was a pauper they would be badly fooled when he died. He received treatment from a local physician for some time prior to his death and expected to died soon. Some months ago he sent a subscription to the Geneseo News for several months, saying he did not expect to live longer than that time. One of his sons is in business in Geneseo and the other two live in Davenport. Whether he left a will or not is not known here.

A Gazette reporter called at the Frysinger home today to verify the report, but the house was locked up. Later, however, he learned that Mr. Clough and Miss Frysinger were married Oct. 8, by a Davenport justice of the peace. The ceremony was witnessed by Attorney Hubbel and Dr. Porter of Davenport.

The attending physician said Mr. Clough recieved every care and attention during his illness at the Frysinger home.


Harvey was divorced from Sophia, once in 1890 and this is the divorce I have chosen to share with you. The second was in 1894. He remarried a woman, Sarah Frysinger just before he died.

State of Illinois
Circuit Court of
Henry County

Said County, June Term A.D. 1890

To the Honorable Judge as of said Court __________ Chancery Sitting.

Your Orutrix Sophia L. Clough of the County of Henry and State of Illinois respectfully represents unto your honors, that she is an actual resident of the said County of Henry and State of Illinois and now is and has been an actual resident of said County of Henry and State of Illinois for twenty-five years last first. Thaton or about the 26th day of January A. D. 1855 at Windham County in the State of Vermont she was lawfully married to one Harvey V. Clough the defendant here in after married and has had by him children four of whom are now living all boys and the oldest three are each upwards of twenty-one years of age. That the youngest child now living Clyde Clough is now upwards of eleven years of age but not yet twelve years of age.

That since her intra marriage and with the said Harvey V. Clough. She has always behaved herself toward him as a chasened, dutiful and affectinate wife.

Your Orutrix further furthers attests that the said Harvey V. Clough not regarding his marriage relations and duties has since said intra marriage has been greatly of extreme and repeated cruility toward your Oratrix in this that he is a man of great uncertainty of temper and very frequently during the first five years was all in violent sullies of passion, shaking his clenched fist in her face and threatening to stomp her into the ground; at other times he threatens to choke her. At other times for the prupose of making her life miserable. Without cause or provocation wrongfully untruthfully and crulity charged and accused your orutrix with having sexual intercourse with other men. And on numerous occassions during the time mentioned he has used personal violence toward your Orutrix and particularly your Orutrix charges that sometime in the summer of 1884 the ___ time your Orutrix is now unable to state the said Harvey V. Clough is a cruel and angry man, violently struck and beat

your Orutrix without cause or provocation thereby causing her to suffer great harm physically and mental angish. And from that time and especially within the last two years he has become addicted to the use of intoxicating drinks and while under that infuence of these, conducts himself in a wild and incoherant manner, using vile and abusive language toward your Orutrix and making your Orutrixs life extremely miserable. That again on or about the 30th day of May, 1890 he kicked your Orutrix in a violent and cruel way, he then being angry. Your Orutrix further charges that on or about the tenth day of July, 1874 the said Harvey V. Clough at the County of Henry aforesaid committed adultry with one ___ Sherman. That at or about the tenth day of Janurary 1890 at the City of Chicago in the State of Illinois the said Harvey V. Clough committed adultry with certain lewd women whose names are unknown to your Orutrix.

Your Orutrix further represents unto your honor that the said Harvey V. Clough is worth over and above all his indebtedness from twelve to thirteen thousand dollars ___of productive real estate in the county of Henry aforesaid that from time to time as his children have become of twenty-one years of age he has paid them large sums of money to start them in business that of all the money he paid out or property he owned by the said Harvey V. Clough has been assured by the mutual labors and savings of your Orutrix and the said Clough that your Orutrix is poor and has no property of her own and is without means of support.

For as much therefore as your Orutrix is without remedy in the pressures except in a court of equality and to the end that the said Harvey V. Clough who is made justly defendant to this bill may be required to make full and direct answer to the same but not under oath the cause being hereby covered that your Orutrix may be fread and divorced from the bonds of matrimoney now existing between her and the said defendant that your honors will decree to your Orutrix such finding of the property of the said defendant or such money to be given to her by the said defendant as your honors shall deem necessary and proper for her maintenance and that the said defendant be required to pay to your Orutrix a ___ sum of money to enable her to employ counsel to formulate this suit and for the support of hersef during the proceedings there of and that your Orutrix may have such other and further relief in the proceedings as equally shall require and to your honors shall attest. May it please your honors to grant a writ of summons in Chancery ____ to the siad County of Henry commanding him to summons the said defendant to appear before the said Court on the first day of the June term there of A. D. 1890 to be held at the

Court house in Cambridge in the County of Henry a aforesaid then and there to answer this bill ___.

George W. Wuile

State of Illinois
Circuit Court
County of Henry
of said County June term there of 1890

Sophia L. Clough

  vs Divorce

Harvey V. Clough

I Harvey V. Clough the defendant here in above named do hereby swear the issueing of summons in said Court, cause and do hereby waive service of summons on me in the above entitled cause and hereby enter my appearance in said cause to the said June term of said Court A. D. 1890 which appearance I also hereby enter as fully and completely in every respect the same as if I had been duly served with papers of summons in said Court ten days prior to the first day of the June term 1890
of this court.

J K M Broom Harvey V. Clough



Last Friday Victor W. Clough, of this city, skated a full one hundred miles at the Casino Rink, Chicago, in 9 hours 54 minutes and 40 seconds. As he and his manager, Ab. Colbert, came home the following day it may be taken for granted that the wonderful feat did not over-tax his energies very greatly.


Vic Clough has leased the Oliver Youngs farm over in the edge of Edford township, for five years, and moved out there.

Vic Clough has sold his eighty acre farm west of town for $4,525. It was a good piece of land but without improvements other than fences.

The City Hotel, under V.W. Clough's management, has lost none of its attractiveness as a popular resort for our own people and the traveling public. Vic. has recently started a hack and now carries his guests and their baggage to and from all trains and the stock yards. 1884.

Messrs. A. Miller & Sons have leased Clough's City Hotel and will take possession at once. They will renovate the building from basement to garret, put competent help in the house to manage it and make the hotel one of the best of its class in the west. The name the Millers have earned as hotel men is a guarantee that whatever they take hold of in that line will be well and satisfactorily managed. Their own famous hostelry, the Geneseo House, is a credit to themselves and Geneseo, and they will make the City Hotel equally as pleasant for patrons. Mr. Clough will go back to farming for the present.