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Submitted by Max B Cushman

Transcription completed 18 June 1998 by Max B. Cushman, McHenry, Illinois

This is a reprint of hand-written entries from twelve books in my possession. These books cover a period of 1895 through 1921 and were made by my Grandfather on my Father's side.

Briefly, as a matter of record, Charles Cushman was an eighth generation descendant of Mary Allerton who came over to America on the Mayflower in 1620. She Married Thomas Cushman, who with his Father, Robert Cushman (Business agent for the Pilgrams while they were exiled in Holland) came to America in 1621. The Cushman name has been carried forward to date as follows:


Elkanah Cushman - June 2, 1651 (Son of Thomas)


  Josiah Cushman - March 21, 1687 (Son of Elkanah)


Josiah Cushman - Aug. 12, 1719 (Son of Josiah Sr.) 
Andrew Cushman - Aug. 23, 1773 (Son of Josiah Jr.) 
Clement Cushman - Aug. 15, 1809 (Son of Andrew) 
Alden Gray Cushman - Jan. 7, 1833 (Son of Clement) 

  Charles Henry Cushman - May 13, 1860 (Son of Alden)

With no further comments, the entries are as follows, as closely as I can read them.