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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 APRIL 1895


From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

 01  Ed came back this morning  we worked at oats all day  it misted all day, and rained hard at night  Johnnie came and told me Father was taken sick over to town so he & I went over home to hear how we was  Mother is sick too.

02 Rung the hogs and Jack Ed & I went to town and voted in forenoon after dinner we worked at oats. Johnnie stopped at night on his way home from town and said Father was very sick with the gripe and not able to come home yet.

03 Worked at oats all day

04 We all worked at oats

05  Finished sowing and cultivating oats, Ed hauled out dressing and I cut stalks in the afternoon  Jack harrowed, Lydia and her Mother went over to see Vesta  she has a little boy, he was born March 30th

06 Jack finished harrowing Ed went home in the morning I borrowed $10 of Jack to pay Ed owe him $1.00 now. Lydia Bur and I went to Kewanee, came back by Fathers, I stayed all night.

07 Lydia came over after me, we came home after dinner, Father is some better today.

08 Ed came back this morning we all worked at the pasture fence in the morning untill it rained then we shelled seed corn;. The sheriff came after us to go to Cambridge tomorrow. Jack went home at night and Billie came back with him and stayed all night, I got $60 to Jack.

09  We went to Cambridge  did not get home untill 11 o'clock, the Jury had not give in their verdict yet.

10  Worked at the pasture fence in morning.  Ed cut stalks in after noon, Martha came up after Ed at night.

11 Jack ploughed up the patch for potatoes Ed cut stalks, and I finished fixing the pasture fence, Jack & I went to Annawan in the afternoon sent a letter to Dunham paid Barker $2.67 the account that on the book.

12  Jack and Ed ploughed down on the 20  I fixed the tile between Messmion and me, helped Lydia put the carpet down in the after noon, Father came over at night.

13 Went to Kewanee got $100 at the bank brought Will and Nell home with me

14  Ella and Annie came over, Lydia and I took Will and Nell home in the evening, came home by Fathers, Mother was there alone.

15 Jack & Ed ploughed I went to Annawan and brought a man out to fix the windmill opump. Took him back in the afternoon.

16 Ed & Jack finished ploughing on the 20 in the forenoon I made a little garden In the afternoon I cut stalks on the 80 & Jack ploughed.

17  Ed Lydia & I went over to Fathers to build fence  stayed all night Jack ploughed.

18 Finished the fence and got home at noon. I cut stalks in the afternoon.

19  Cut stalks and ploughed all day

20 Cut stalks & ploughed Ed went home at noon.

21 Sunday stayed at home all day rained a little.

22 Planted potatoes  Jack took a load of oats to town.  36 bu at .28 per bu.  Cut stalks in afternoon  Jack & Ed plowed.

23 We went to Cambridge with Jim and Mrs R I paid my fine. Went through the Jail saw Arkland & Ellis. Jack was sick in afternoon. He did not work.

24  Jack & Ed plowed all day  I cut stalks.  Lydia went to town in the forenoon.

25 Ed & Jack plowed I cut stalks Lydia went to Geneseo with Al & Addie Fitskee to have teeth pulled.

26 I finished cutting stalks Jack & Ed plowed in the fornoon. It rained all the afternoon.

27  Jack & Ed plowed  I tinkered around.  Lydia went to town & took Mother down to Aunt Kates to stay over Sunday.

28 Jack went home, Bur Lydia & I went over home in after noon.

29  Ed came back this morning  he & Jack plowed in the fornoon.  Jack & I took the colts over to pasture.  Ed hauled manure.

30 We all hauled manure all day. Ed went home I paid him $20. All I owe him.