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Submitted by Max B Cushman

APRIL 1896

01  Plowed forenoon  Jack and I got Hog of his Mother  it weighed 280 lb  I am to pay for half of it  price today is 3.50 per hundred.  Killed it today  Mrs Rocky here today, awful cold wind

02  Cleaned oats all day  Jack took Will home  Jack took hog Home to  his Mother, we kept 100 lb dressed  meat  cold windy day  Jim Rocky came and got Hog for 10.50  paid $10 and owes 50 cts yet

03 Trimmed big Hedge between Haxby and I fore noon, plowed after noon Lydia was down to Vanlues nice warm day

04 We all plowed all day. Lydia went to Kewanee, went to Annawan at night got hair cut, nice day Myrtle Addie and N. Morton came out to Rockys on foot

05  Sunday  Addie Fitzkee here  Burrwell went to Annawan  had tooth pulled  nice warm day

06 Jack and Harry plowed all day I sowed Oats all day Horse buyer here from Geneseo and McClung from Cambridge nice warm day

07  Plowed harrowed and sowed  went to the election  chilly day  Rocky stopped and told us how the Election went.  Arbor day

08 Snowed all day we sorted some potatoes, a funeral passed by here going west

09  We plowed all day  awful nasty  snow melting off Myrt here  nice over head but muddy

10  Plowed some  Jack went after coal to Joe Piles  rained some  I burned some Hedge by Haxbys  bred Gip  Jack piled apple limbs

11 Sowed South 20 acres Harry picked up Wilows after noon Bowen was here Set out some trees Lydia went to Kewanee hot day Jack and Harry went to town at night

12 Sunday nice day Lydia and Burrwell went to Sunday School

13 Sowed Oats Big rain cut hedge afternoon J. Rocky up awhile Bred Maud

14  Finished sowing Oats  nice day.  Jack went to town at night  A crowd from Annawan went to Cambridge to attend the Ellis trial

15 Went to Kewanee got 800 Brick left some on the road Harry harrowed and Jack went to Cambridge one day lost Nell and Ella came out Myrt was here awful hot day had plows sharpened 75 cts

16  Went and got Brick that I left in the road  Cut stalks and plowed  Jack went to Cambridge day lost awful hot day Myrt was here

17 Hauled two loads of sand from John Allers he charged 2.50 for it Plowed after noon Warm day

18 Went to Kewanee after Lime the Boys plowed and cut stalks warm day rain at night

19 Sunday nice warm day J. Rocky was up Mrs and Myrt stopped on their way Home from town

20 Rained some Plowed some

21 Plowed some and planted potatoes Bred Maud

22 Bowen came out and worked on House I helped on House went to Annawan and hired Rodrick for 12 a month Mrs and Ella Mumford came out and stayed all night nice day

23 Harry went and got stove in town Jack plowed and I helped on house Roderick cut potatoes Bowen was out nice day

24 Worked on House with mason. Boys plowed nice day

25 Worked on House Bowen was out and took Heaps Home the Boys plowed and cut stalks they all went to town at night nice dayd Will sent man for goods to Shik

26 Sunday Lydia went to Eds Harry went Home and got gun. Boys went to Shaws, was down to Rockys and saw his Colt from my Horse

27 Boys plowed Bowen and Heaps came out and finished Chimney I helped all day foggy in morning cleared off and was nice

28 Plowed and cut stalks nice day Mrs and Myrt stopped with mail

29 Plowed and cut stalks rained Gene Martin took Bur to School

30 Plowed with 3 teams took big Red Cow to J.R. Bull Harry picked up some willows by ditch nice day