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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 APRIL 1897

01 Hauled manure tinkered around rained all day

02 Dug out stone cut willows by Rocky Conklin Boys here driving colt after straw W. Haxby here Rob Peart here Mrs Stone Buried Cloudy day was down to Wheelocks for him to Bugg Hedge

03 Commenced sowing Oats Lydia went to town good day cloudy

04 Sunday We went to Rockys and spent the day nice day

05 Sowed Oats misted some Lydia cought Carpenters team

06 Sowed Oats Cloudy Modest took his Cattle to Kewanee

07 Sowed Oats W. Bowen came over to see about his Oats said he would not take them as the roads are so bad, he said his Brother Jim was awful sick Little Pete came and got plow nice day sun shone a little

08 Sowed Oats nice day but cool

09 Sowed Oats nice day

10 Went to Annawan fore noon I worked at Oats after noon Jack hauled manure snowed morning

11 Sunday nice day sunshine but cool J. Rocky here

12 Rained morning Bowen here with some Peach Trees sowed some Oats after noon Irve and Vesta here rained at night

13 Put floor in Barn J. Rocky came and got 52 bu Oats to sow Peter brought white face mare up and we bred her nice day cloudy

14 Sowed Oats fore noon Jack hauled manure both worked at Oats after noon. John J. got a load of Oats for Jim Rocky 52 bu. Lydia went to Annawan nice day warm

15 Sowed Oats forenoon Modest helped 1/2 day Gipp had Colt dead, rained after noon

16 Finished sowing on the 80 Modest helped all day we plowed some south of the road Mrs Rocky was here

17 Sowed Oats south of road Jack cut stalks Lydia went to funeral Hannah Dine's baby Irve and Vesta here nice day

18 Sunday Went to Irves nice day Modest here

19 I cut stalks Jack helped Modest in Oats, Nick came and got 52 bu Oats, J. Rocky came and got 52 bu and the seeder to sow, Bowen here with some trees to set out. Said Jim was very bad off, Norm Johnson bred dark gray mare, nice day

20 I cut stalks, Jack helped Modest Lydia went to town nice day but Cool froze hard last night raining tonight Mrs. Rocky here

21 Got load of Coal of Joe Piles 27 bu didn't pay for it Jack helped Modest Dog went with me and didn't come back threatened storm all day but didn't rain

22 Went to Annawan got plows sharp didn't pay for them 50 cts, Bowens here we started to plow for Corn, John Templeton came and paid me for 35 bu of Oats at 16 cts per bu nice day

23 J.Templeton came and got 43 bu Oats at 16 cts per bu rained some of the time tinkered around

24 Planted some potatoes went to town rained after noon

25 Sunday down to Modest and down to Jim's they shot pony and altered Colt Bob White was here to see Jipp Evans was here nice day Bob White told me of a man by the name of Richards who had seed corn to sell out in Burns

26 Planted potatoes fore noon Evans helped he and I planted after noon and Jack plowed. J. Rocky up at night to see about plow nice day Father was here Man here selling a medicine for Chicken Lice

27 Jack and I plowed Ed planted some potatoes and burned some Hedge used his own team all day J. Rocky came and got plow N. Johnson bred his light grey mare nice day

28 Plowed all day rained some Bess had Colt Lydia went to town with Mrs Rocky

29 Plowed rained

30 Plowed all day nice day Cool Lydia down to Rockys