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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 APRIL 1898


01 Sowed Oats south of road nice day

02 Sowed on south 80 nice day Lydia went town paid 6.50 for some bushes and vines Jack went to town at night

03 Sunday Went to Kewanee and got Nell Children and Mrs Mumford. John J. paid me 5.00 that he owed me Irves here Jessie and N.C. here nice day

04 Cultivated all day on South 20 Lydia went to Kewanee and got Ella nice day Cool wind in North East Burr started to School

05 Went to town to vote and got load of seed oats for Wold got 52 bu it makes 145 bu in all I settled with them today and paid them 25 cts per bu. I borrowed 10.00 of Barker, sold Booth some millet and two bu of seed corn for 9.00 he paid me I set out some bushes that I got of O.P. Rose Jack harrowed south 20 of Oats Cool day froze hard last night Jim Corwin spoke for 8 bu seed Corn he is to pay 50 cts per bushel.

06 Sowed Oats all day Froze last night nice day.

07 Cultivated all day warm day helped Shaw bug Hedge Lydia and Nell and Ella and their Mother went to Irves Burr went to School House to show at night

08 Sowed and Cultivated Oats until middle after noon it commenced to rain some didnt rain very hard W.Haxby in field, Ella went to Annawan got some potatoes

09 Sowed Oats all day nice day

10 Sunday nice day showers folks went to Church day and night

11 Finished sowing Oats have some that are up and look green and nice nice clear day Lydia Ella Nell and Mrs Mumford went to Aunt Kates then to town L.W. Shaws Cows were here

12 Went to Kewanee got potatoes to plant and a tile spade, planted potatoes Jack harrowed stalks on corn ground, nice day Jack to town at night N. Griffin here to see straw

13 Shelled seed corn have about 16 bu shelled shelled one sack to sent to Will Ashlock rained all day

14 Went to town got boots commenced tiling for Cole laid 20 rods, Nick brought press to press straw nice day Mrs Mumford came up from Winnies Medicine peddler here

15 Layed tile for John Templeton nice day Lydia and Nell went to Johns

16 Layed Tile nice day

17 Sunday rained a little Hank McCully and sister here

18 Layed Tile for Cole rained most all day Bowen here Jack plowed

19 Layed Tile for Cole Jack polowed nice day

20 Took Cattle to Father plowed in tile ditch Lydia took her Mother and Nell to Kewanee nice day Nick pressed some straw I sold him the new straw for 5.00 he didn't pay

21 Layed Tile all day Nick pressed some straw nice day

22 Wrung Hogs fore noon tiled after noon rained fore noon misty after noon Preacher here for pasture

23 Tiled, Jack took 18 bu Corn to Fathers Lydia and Ella went to town nice day

24 Sunday Jack took Ella to Johnies nice day Shaw and Arkland here

25 Finished laying tile have layed 130 rods at 25 cts per rod rained afternoon hailed a little Jack plowed after noon Nick hauled his pressed straw away from here John gave me a bill of the tile he got to finish up with amount .58 cts.

26 Went to Kewanee Dr. Cole paid me 32.50 for Tiling, and gave me check for Barker to draw his pay for tile I got pair shoes nice day Jack plowed

27 Went to Annawan Paid DeBates 3.00 for fixing harness paid Barker 10.00 I owed him. Got planter fixed Bought bl salt John J. Here at night Jack went to town Woodman went to R.Island nice day cultivated some

28 Took Old Sow to town didnt sell her am to take what they are willing to give in Chicago took calf to Fathers Jack finished plowing nice day sprinkled in morning saw Nick he said Chas. and Howel wanted some Hay Lydia went to Irves

29 Hauled 22.50 Hay to Terry and Nobling engaged some to Quinn and some to Howell and Chesley nice day Jack pulverized

30 Took load of hay to M.C. Quinn sold 4 bales to Mason for 1.75 and Mike had 1700 lb he paid me for it and wants more Nobling paid me for what I sold him and I paid 2.25 for a lamp I broke last winter paid Jack 10.00 rained fore noon nice after noon Jack and Burr went to town at night Jack pulverized fellow looking for work stopped for dinner Culley wants some Hay soon as I can haul it