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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 APRIL 1899

01 Took load of Hay to Fathers Lydia went to Mr Hay's and got Ella snowed some in fore noon

02 Sunday Jack came up Irves were here and John Templeton came up to see about a Calf nice day Easter Services at the Church Ella went to Hay's at night with C. Fisher

03 Hauled manure John J. trimmed hedge along the road W. Mumford here on his way to Annawan nice day thawed snow most gone

04 John Milburn came and got 7 bu seed corn and paid me for 8 bu, John Blair is to get the other bu for him he gave me 6 dollars for 8 bu, Jim Douglas spoke for 3 bu of corn saw C. Kimerling and spoke to him about coming out to dehorn my Calves tomorrow he said he would come Lydia and I went to town I got Mower tongue of Al Jacob nice day sent sack of Corn to Bill Ashloc it weighed 120 lbs and they charged 120 per hundred I did not pay express

05 Kimerling and Carpenter came out and Dehorned about 45 head of Calves and altered some Bulls put ring in Deweys nose Remores boys brought 3 Cows and had their horns took off J. Martin here Otto Kiser came and engaged 12 bu seed Corn J.T. here Lydia went to Kewanee I paid Kimerling 6.00 for what he done one small Calf Died from the operation nice day thawing, clear at night I sorted some seed corn. Mrs Stoney went Home from Ibsons where she has been staying since she was hurt at the Church while decorating
06 Trimmed some Hedge Lost another Calf last night two died with Lock Jaw Pete Decker skinned them nice day John T. worked at the Hedge some

07 Took Dehorning Stanchon to Kimerling and Trimmed some Hedge nice day

08 Shelled Corn and hauled Hay for Cattle tipped seed Corn Lydia went to town and to Mr Hay's John T. piled some Hedge nice day Cool wind from North West

09 Sunday Nice day Clear wind in West sprinkled a little once Ella and Fisher here in Evening

10 Shelled corn and picked seed corn H. Kimerling here nice day strong wind in South J. T. plowed sod today for the first

11 Trimmed some Hedge went to Stones got Calf W. Stone here and Isaac Potter here P. Grip here he wants me to pasture 3 yearling heifers and a mare with Colt I am to keep them for 75 cts per head for Calves and 1.00 for mare and Colt Lydia went to town and to Hay's nice warm day wind in south til night then North

12 Burned and Trimmed Hedge Mr. John and George Bowen here nice warm clear day J. Bowen told me to get some Timothy seed and sow it if I saw fit to do so, Par Wells buried a little Girl Some are sowing oats around

13 John Blair here and got 5 bu Seed Corn Otto Kiser and the man on Eyers farm were here Eyers man wants 6 bu seed Otto dont want any Lydia went to town nice day storm came up at night rained thundered and lightninged sent letter to Will Bowen

14 Trimmed Hedge Lydia went to Kewanee man here from Galesburg to rent me the Wagner farm for pasture nice day Cool wind in North Bert Morton here with Duke Wellie Show got 1 bu Clover sed didn't pay for it - $4.00

15 Went to Annawan Al Fittzkee paid me 35.00 for Clover seed I paid him 10 cts per bu for selling the Clover seed I told Al I wanted 5 bu Ohio Potatoes at 80 cts per bu Lydia went to Irves then to Hays after Ella Burr and I went to School Election in No. 1. nice cool day. Burr Caught a fish in creek I was elected Director to fill vacancy

16 Sunday Nice clear day wind turned to South Fisher came and got Ella. J.T. here got cultivator small Bowen Cow had Calf yester yesterday I kiled Horns on a Calf I got of Stone

17 Picked some seed Corn and done chores windy day South wind

18 Hauled manure Quarts commenced sowing Oats on 80 nice day wind in west Lydia went to town got letter from Alice Kirk

19 Hauled manure Cow with torn tit had Bull Calf I burned some grass on North 40 Ed Remore here to get Harrow Quarts broke bolt in seeder I gave them one to use nice warm day wind in South Kate Potter here to tell me they had a Calf to sell Mrs Rocky stopped here on her way to town and left sack and gross fiddle got letter from W. Bowen he said he didn't need his money and said I could keep it

20 Trimmed Hedge Big rain this morning Cloudy all day rained some Mr. Root from Galva was here he is canvasing the County for County Judge J.T. burned some Hedge and plowed some

21 Trimmed Hedge Seth Moon here and applied for the School for his Daughter, Lydia went to town

22 T. McChesney here and got 10 bu seed Corn didnt pay for it. I went to Caucus and was put in as one of the Town Central Committee and was chosed as one of the Delegates to the County Convention for the purpose of Nominating a County Judge to fill vacancy caused by the death of A.R. Mock the delegates are H. Mallory S. Moon W. Holsinger B. Bowinlor D. Barker Wh Shaw Odeman and myself Burr got new Hat I got pair shoes ax handle and sack meal of Fick nice day wind East Dunn here for School

23 Sunday Ella came Home Lydia and Burr went to town a while showered several times during the day Burr went to Sunday School

24 Threw Hedge in road ready to buck John T. here Remores Hogs here nice day Irve here to see about Pasture Lydia went to town little Willie Shaw here Harry Kemerling went by with Stallion

25 Sorted some potatoes and helped Bently Baldwin paper Lydia went to Battens Howard Batten here said Addies little Girl was dead at their place John Batten here got load of Hay he is to pay 6 per ton Ed Remore here to get his hogs Chas Quart harrowed oats today nice warm day wind in North

26 Plowed and planted Potatoes Paid Baldwin 3 for Papering C. Heaps here after Bently Lydia took him to town nice day wind South C. Bensons baby Buried in Kewanee

27 Went to Cambridge as a Delegate to the County Convention to nominate a candidate for a County Judge. We nominated J. Chesley of Kewanee we was all night until 6:00 o'clock in the morning of the 28 rained hard

28 Came Home from Cambridge nice day Irves Barn burned Lydia went to Hays We went to Irves at night

29 Planted Potatoes Lydia went to Kewanee Ella came Home from Hays nice day. Plowed some Pig died

30 Sunday Ella here, Jack came up, a man came and hired to me, Fisher here and took Ella to Hays rained some Cloudy all day