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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

April-June 1900

APRIL 1900

01 Sunday Fools day rained some and then cleared off nice and warm, Jack went to town after Lydia and Burr Burr came and Lydia stayed said Elmer was not well Sam Corwin Died last night at 5 Oclock with asma and Heart trouble Snow is most all one and frost is out in some places, Clover is coming nice and is getting green Sent a letter to Robert Allen

02 Took two bu Clover seed to G. Humphrey he paid me 11.00 for it Jack went to town and got Lydia and Elmer, Emma Evens came and said she wouldnt stay We paid her 3.25 and Jack took her Home J. Rocky here on his way to W. Haxby nice day Sam Corwin Buried

03 Went to town and voted J. Pace got 1/2 bu Clover seed didnt pay for it 2.75 Irve Heaps spoke for one bu seed nice day shower rain and Hail roads getting pretty fair ordered some letters stamped at Republican office got some groceries and paid for them got hand saw at Harris paid him 25 cts paid Bumphrey 1.00 that I owed him on a Calf

04 Went to Irvin Heaps with one bu Clover seed he paid me 5.50 for it we drove the two young mares together after noon and went to town Mr Bowens were here to hunt nice day the following is the men elected at our election Supervisor E. Fittzkee Clerk L. Ferguson Assessor R. White Colector W. Goachener Road Commisioner J. Botem School Trustees E. Heath and J. Dow

05 We piled Hedge Evans helped I paid him 1.00 at night Ed Mumford and Jimmie came Ed tok one of my Corn plows home and is going to fix it so he can cultivate with it Albert is coming to help me put in Oats next week nice warm day Jack went to town at night

06 Went to Kewanee took 4 bu and 35 lb of Clover seed sold it to Whiting for 5.50 per bu, bought of him 4 bu timothy seed 1.50 per bu and 1.00 for Blue grass seed Will drew $39.50 of Kennis to go on note, I got note of Will, bought $2.00 worth of lard, got seed potatoes that J. Williams left at Wills. got spice box nice warm day Jack burned hedge

07 Drove Colts and I sowed Blue Grass seed then went to town took 2 bu Clover seed to J. Palmer he paid me 11.00 for it I left the sack there nice day Lydia and Burr and Elmer went to town

08 Sunday August Eavever here to hire I told him I would give him 2.50 per day for self and team Evans here to see me Clarence Botten brought Colar, line, and paid me 50 cts that he owed Clarence wants some Hay Jack went Home Burr went to Templetons nice day Windy Eugene weighed 18 lb 3 oz

09 Commenced sowing Oats Eveneer helped 1/2 day with team Albert Mumford came at night with team I sowed 20 acres nice day sprinkled in morning Cool East wind

10 Sowed Oats Evener helped all day Albert helped all day and Ed Evans helped all day nice day I finished sowing on west 80 low down Roan Bull Cow had Roan Bull Calf

11 Snowed most all day they all worked about 3 hours fore noon I sowed some grass seed on East field went to town after noon got writing paper from Leiberricht Heard Willie Shaw baby died last night got Evener paid gloves paid 50 cts

12 Snowing in morning Men all went Home Jack went to Shaws babys funeral bad day

13 I went to town got Evans Jack got a load of Coal and settled up with Drewy and paid him 6.44 all I owed him for Coal We worked at Oats after noon Evans helped 1/2 day nice day I got a casting of Odeman didnt pay for it I got some things at Lagers paid for them

14 We worked at Oats all day Evans and Evener helped Marth came after Ed at night nice day a sow had 8 pigs last night and another one had 3 today. Jack went to town at night

15 Sunday Nice day looks like storm

16 Rained all fore noon cloudy after noon we buried white Calf, fixed seeder and plow wrote a letter to
A.W. Crawford Winterset Iowa for list of farms

17 We worked at Oats Evener worked all day he and Jack went to town at night and took the washing to
Mrs Eyer showered several times during the day big rainbow at night

18 We worked at Oats all day. Evener, Evans, Jack and I. Edwin Morey got two bu of Clover seed, said he would pay for it the first of June. amounted to $11.00 nice day.

19 Worked at Oats Albert and Ed Evans all daoy Evener 1/2 day Bowen here set some trees out Mrs Evener here paid Evener 5.00 nice day

20 Worked at Oats Evener Ed Evans and Albert worked all day I went to town and got washing paid 1.95 to Sela got groceries paid 2.95 nice day sowed some grass seed we used Limpkas harrow

21 Worked at Oats all day Ed Albert and Evener worked all day I paid Ed 1.50 nice day Jack got load of Oats of E.Storey 45 bu 10 lb

22 Sunday nice day C.Quart here Rusell Templeton here Jack went to town Weighed Elmer he weighed 19 lb

23 Worked at Oats finished Sowing Miss Ibson here Edwin Morey and his Father here nice day Evans worked all day

24 Plowed some for potatoes Jack harrowed Evans worked all day nice day I went to town paid Odeman for a casting 40 cts got some groceries at Barkers paid for them

25 Jack finished harrowing Oats Ed and I worked at potatoes Jack hauled load of Corn for Wellie Shaw Ed went home at night High Comp here and got load of hay we settled up and are square now I paid him 2.80 for Jack nice day planted some onions and Radishes C.H. Webb here for School and Maggie Ibson here too

26 Planted some potatoes went to town Quart got 1/2 bu Clover seed paid me 2.75 Ed worked all day Commenced plowing for Corn Ed Morey here got garden seeds and groceries paid for them at Barker nice day Nell Cushman here and Elton too

27 Sowed grass seed for Father Ed cut stalks Jack plowed Lydia went to Rockys nice day we altered my pigs

28 Went to Kewanee Kennish and Cable paid me $30.00 on seed I paid Evener $10.00 and paid Evans $10.00 Evans worked all day nice day, took Rockys Boar Home and we altered him, one of my pigs died that we altered, we had Elmers pictures taken at Loreys Jack went to town at night Limpka had our harrow we had his stalk cutter

29 Sunday nice day stayed at Home

30 We plowed and cut stalks planted potatoes tall roan Cow had a Bull Calf nice day

MAY 1900

01 Jack plowed I went to town got salt potatoes and groceries and lays sharpened paid for all nice day C. Quart got rest of his oats out of grainery

02 Planted all day cool showered some Mrs Pellitt and Mrs Bowen Mrs Rocky here said Addie had a Boy and G. Humphry had a Boy also

03 Plowed on West 80 burned stubble nice cool day W. Mumford and gang here for dinner he paid Lydia 2.00 for dinner, Evener here to settle we are even

04 Plowed on 80 Myrtle and Nell stopped nice cool day

05 Plowed on 80 nice cool day Jack went town at night Mr Greenhagen Died

06 Sunday Charlie and Ella and Dace and Father here W. McChesney here Jack went away with him nice day

07 Plowed most all day rained some W. McChesney got 1120 ears seed Corn didnt pay for it 

08 Rained I went to town got groceries paid for them tipped some seed Corn Mr. Greenhagan Buried at Fairview Miss Bowen commenced work

09 Plowed all day nice day finished piece west of Barn

10 Plowed on south 80 nice day

11 Plowed all day on 80 south of road nice day

12 Commenced planting south of road nice day Stone Colt gave out and Jim was sick

13 Sunday Will McChesney got some corn paid me 10.00 for it John T paid me 1.00 for altering two Calves

14 Finished planting on south 80 and commenced planting on west 80 hot day Showered some around in sight

15 Planted on west 80 and harrowed Lydia went to town with Rocky nice day wind E.

16 Finished planting on west 80 nice day Burr went to Irves and stayed all night wind N.E.

17 Planted west of Barn nice day Peddler here Uncle Tom came from J. Palmers nice day rained toward night I planted some things in garden wind N.E.

18 Rained all night last night and all day today wind N.E. J.K. here all day

19 Uncle Tom Jack and I went to town I paid Evans 4.75 for work we are square now nice day cleared off fore noon wind N.E. turned Prince and Lady out saw that Lady was swenied {?}

20 Sunday nice day wind N.E. Jack went away, we went to Irves he paid me $25.00 we got a ham of them

21 Elmer is 4 months old and weighs 20 lb John T. was here yesterday and bought some hay he paid me 2.00 and owes me 6.00 yet Jack harrowed Corn I fixed fence and made a shade for Hogs Irve here and bought Duke he is to give me a note of 75.00 for 6 mo. at 6 per ct Father here brought Elmers Chair and buggie nice day wind N.E. J.T. came and got a jagg of Hay Swift had a red Bull Calf Burr went Home with Irve

22 Went to School to see Teacher then went to town Doctor said we had better stop the School for one week nice day I went to Edwin Moreys and we made an order of 31.00 for Teacher Jack harrowed corn

23 Rained most all day Will and gang were here Burr went with him I went and told Teacher to stop School for rest of the week

24 Went to Annawan nice day sent 2.00 for recording Duke and Hobson Paid 83.05 for groceries at S.N.B.

25 Tinkered around Lydia and Grace went to Kewanee W.P.Mumford here for Dinner Burr came Home from Kewanee Paid Grace 4.00

26 Went to town got lines spliced nice day went to Grave yard Nell Cushman here Jack went to town at night, altered two Calves and dehorned them

27 Sunday nice day Jack went away Parsons man here for help to shell

28 I went to town sent 4 Pedigrees to office for record sent Elmers picture to W. Ashlock, Ella Fisher and Addie Phelps Jack went to haul corn for Parsons but didnt haul for rain, he plowed corn afternoon, rained hard at night Eclipse of the sun this morning

29 Jack plowed Corn I fixed fence and tinkered around rained some

30 I worked in yard Jack plowed Elmer Conklin commenced plowing Corn he is to plow Corn for 1.00 per day nice day Cloudy and threatening rain showers around in sight Lydia and Burr took flowers to grave yard

31 Jack and Elmer plowed all day Father, Mother, Ina and aunt Hattie were here, young heifer that I got of a Belgum had a red heifer Calf nice hot day threat of rain

JUNE 1900

01 Jack and Elmer plowed Corn all day nice day I went to town fore noon, Bowen here heifer with tit cut had a red Bull Calf

02 Went to town nice day Jack and Elmer plowed all day one of the Heath heifers had a red Bull Calf Jack and Elmer went away race went to Kewanee

03 Sunday We went to Fathers they had a big Crowd nice day Grace came back at night

04 Jack hauled 3 loads Corn to Mineral for Parsons Elmer plowed all day nice day went to town to vote for Hand as Judge of 5 district of supreme Court in Annawan Hand received on the Rep ticket 88 votes and Craig his opponent received 18 on Dem ticket Barker Heifer had a heifer Calf that looks like herself

05 The Boys finished plowing corn first time Elmer plowed potatoes and mowed front yhard. Jack was sick after noon Doctor came to see him nice day I buried sow

06 Boys ploweed corn Jack sick part of day nice day Hived swarm of Bees in evening

07 Went to town got some repairs for binder paid for them E. Storey here I paid him for 45 bu Oats I Owed him got halter fixed paid for it got groceries at Lagers paid for them Jack got jag Coal paid for it and another jag Elmer plowed all day nice day Lydia went to Wellies while I went to town got a letter from Short Horn Association saying 4 pedigrees were recorded in Vol. 46

08 Lydia Burr and Elmer went to Ellas nice day Boys plowed Corn Mr. Bowen here Limpkas got Bridle wrote a letter to Recorder office about Lady Laurel Robert got loose

09 Boys plowed Corn nice day I went to town Boys went to town at night

10 Sunday nice day Frank Page here as Grace's company they went to Storeys in evening Lydia and Boys came Home from Fishers

11 Elmer Conklin plowed Jack worked on road with J.Dwyre I went to town nice day Wheely Shaw here for road work Census taker here

12 Elmer plowed all day Jack worked on road with Shaw nice day cloudy at night wind East

13 Went to Wheelocks and got a Boar then went to Kewanee Burr and Grace went I paid Grace 10.00 for 8.50 clothes for Burr, got Overalls for Jack took Will some butter nice day Cloudy Edwin Morey paid me 11.00 for seed got 25.00 of Kennish on seed

14 Boys plowed corn all day nice day wind East I picked Cherrys Bowen heifer had a Bull Calf it died in a few minutes after birth Lydia went to Rockys Preacher put Cow in pasture

15 Went town Lydia went too nice day Jack hauled two loads Corn Hank Moon, Grace painted Chair Elmer plowed Corn I trimmed Hedge forenoon

16 Jack hauled Corn for Rocky Elmer plowed Corn, I trimmed Hedge fore noon Cool and Cloudy, Burr went to town sent a letter to Recorders' Office correcting a mistake made in a pedigree Elmer quit at noon I paid him 15.50 all he earned Jack hauled 3 loads for Rocky C. Dunham's man was here to buy a Bull I offered Robert to him for 150 he said he thought he would take him storm coming up at night Grace didnt get away

17 Sunday Lydia Elmer and I went to Kewanee, I bought pair of Ponies of George Suyger paid him 15.00 and owe him 22.00 am to pay him the rest next Saturday nice day wind E Childrens day Burr went up, Grace is gone Jack went to town

18 I plowed Corn all day Jack quit work Saturday nice day Elmer Battin here for help, Myrtle here with dishes Russle stayed all night last night with Burr

19 I plowed Corn fore noon, dug post holes after noon nice day figured up Jacks time he has worked nine months lacking 3 days at 22 per month. Have paid him 52.80 still owe him 142.80 Janietta 2nd had a dark Roan Calf Grace sent her letter to town by the teacher

20 Hauled 3 loads of corn for Elmore Batton Sold what corn I had at Dewey's 35 cts per bu. Rec'd $150 of Dewey left $142 at the bank for Jack dug post holes in P.M. and mowed a little hay Elmore Batton up in the eve. after weights of his loads nice hot day threatened rain

21 Rained most all day I tinkered around at chores weighed Elmer he weighed 22-3/4 lbs and is 5 months old today

22 Set posts and fixed fence Lydia Grace and Elmer went to town Burr went to Shaws School rained all day a little

23 Went to Kewanee Grace went too she stayed at Home I came Home alone nice day I paid George Swager 22.00 balance of what I owed him on the pony Irve and Vesta here

24 Sunday Nice day Lydia and Elmer went to Haldrid to see Ella Ben Henny here Mathew Atkinson here and Miss Storey here Grace came back in after noon Frank Page came with her

25 Fixed fence and drove Cattle down on Soutdh 20, plowed Corn after noon Big Wind and Rain broke limbs off of trees broke apple tree down Burr went to Templetons to stay all night

26 Trimmed Hedge hot Lydia and Grace went to town J.T. changed Wagons Father and Verner was here

27 Plowed corn Hot Lore and Baby here Grace sent a letter to town by W. Wolf

28 I plowed Corn nice day Lydia and Burr went to Kewanee Burr stayed there Lydia brought J. Bradford to work Frank to see Grace

29 I plowed Corn Jake mowed weeds he is to work for 1.25 per day for such as mowing and Hedge trimming Father and Verner came showered some Roan Bowen heifer had a Calf W. Bowen at Church with phonagraph Supper at parsonage

30 Mowed Hay fore noon Jake mowed weeds I went to town after noon Jake cocked Hay nice day, June Moon Died at noon, Lydia took Grace up to E. Storeys