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Submitted by Max B Cushman



From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 Thrashed my oats in fornoon had 850 bu went down to Modests from here & thrashed all of his oats

02 Worked around home all day Ella & Lydia went to Kewanee at night to the play.

03 Helped Wheelie Shaw thrash in the fornoon and Wellie afternoon

04 Went over to Fathers all of the Knoxs was out from town Uncle John & Mary was there.

05 Joe Pyle got a load of corn 26 bu & 50 lb paid $10.00. I helped Nick thrash after noonn.

06 I worked the road in Al Clars district in fornoon, hauled a load of hogs for Nick at night.

07 Helped Johnnie C. thrash all day.

08 Joe Pyle & I hauled 225 bu of oats that he bought of me. Paid me all but two dollars $43.00

09 Worked around house

10 I intended to go to Kewanee but was sick all day and didn't go.

11 Went down to Modests in the morning and got shaved We went down to Rockys after dinner Al & Addie Fitzkee was there.

12 Modest & I went to see the thrashers this morning they are coming tomorrow to thrash our rye. I went after a load of coal after dinner Modest & Lydia went to Kewanee after bread.

13 Helped Modest thrash his rye he had 300 bu Modest got done about 4 o'clock and the machine came to my place and thrashed about an hour

14 Thrashed Rye all day Nick C.Eyre Welly Shaw Modest G.Melsmore and Johnnie's man all helped fornoon and I owe it all back I had 120 bu of Rye

15 Norm Conklin and I took two loads of Rye to Mineral I got 35 cts per bu. Norm came home with me and got a load of corn about 27 inches in wagon box

16 Helped Modest put top on straw stack in forenoon after noon Modest and I went to Annawan Modest sold his Rye for 36 cts J.Bowen was here he said he would make the rent 800 instead of 900 I paid Dow for lumber $16.99

17 Went to Kewanee paid Whiting $11.00 for twine got 200 lb. got sugar at Cullys Lydia had left there got jar of lard at Fishers and stopped at Stones and got 3 lb Butter Rocky put hangers on the Rye stack.

18 Sunday Myrtle was here Steven Cush was here

19 Hauled two loads of Rye for Modest Jack came home with me Saw W.Forest in Annawan

20 Trimmed willows in fore noon Jack and I helped Rockys shingle in after noon, sent $13.35 to Welton

21 Jack and I helped Rocky shingle in fore noon I helped after noon and Jack helped Nick after noon haul cane sold Cows to Fisher for $60.00 delivered the 30th this month

22 Helped Rocky shingle all day Benitt and Lewis was here looking after Horses

23 Helped Rocky couple of hours shingle Jack helped too Bowen was here and we measured the land between he and Hanby It lacked 9 ft of 80 rods ate south end of the 40 cut some willows in the crick. Big rain

24 Went to Kewanee Joe Pyle paid me $2.00 for Oats, Ella came home with us

25 Sunday Paid Jack one Dollar for helping me one day Went to Winnies George Eyre died

26 Sprouted maples Fixed fence C. Eyre was here

27 Went to George Eyre funeal J. Moon paid me one Dollar that he owed me for Rye Cameron was here to buy Horses Ella went to Kewanee to work in the Hotel went to Stones after butter did not get any

28 Mowed weeds in fore noon went to Stones and got 3 lbs butter in after noon went to Annawan and hauled a load of stone for N. Conklin out to Holdridges Beridge

29 Trimmed willows pulled weeds and tinkered around Modest was here in morning.

30 Took cows to P. Fisher got 60 Dollars took watch to Eddy to fix took pants to Johnson to fix got Shears of Keeler

31 Went to Johnies and bought two Cows one for 35 and one for 30 Went to Annawan in afternoon.