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Submitted by Max B Cushman

 AUGUST 1896

01 Went to Annawan fair day

02 Sunday nice day Myrt here Jack here and El Dickson

03 Set up bundles trimmed Hedge Eds were here Nick Griffin here for help to stack nice day

04 John and I helped Griffin stack hot day Joe Piles here

05 John helped Nick I got coal Thrashers came at night hot day got 40 bu Coal did not pay for it, he charged 4 cents per bu Lydia went to Kewanee got her Mother

06 Thrashed today. John Tempelton worked on straw Ed and Albert worked all day Modest & Norm C. all day Messmores man Nick two men, Kimerling & Holdrege Elmer & Eli Baten. Wheelie & Willie Shaw Geo Heath two men Haxby Jim Rocky two Modest one man all one half day. Thrashed 1410-1/2 bu off from 27 acres. Father & Mother was here & Myrt & Nellie Martins were here on their wheels, Lydia went to Annawan in morning after meat Platt Dewitt was here after the thrashers bad storm come up about two oclock so we can not thrash untill after noon tomorrow

07 Thrashers went Home Jack and Billy here nice afternoon John T. here at night

08 Thrashed afternoon John and his man from J.Moon helped. G.Heath Both Shaws Both Battens J. McChesney two Nicks, Kemerling Holdrige Messmore Dewitt Modist two Rockys two, Ed and Albertdd Have 2348 bu nice day Al George shot man

09 Sunday Jack and Billy McChesny here in morning Lydia and her Mother went to Bells nice day

10 Finished thrashing had 3644 with 4 lb off on every bu. nice day John helped on straw Ed helped and Albert Thrashers went to Modest Norm Conklin got 4 sacks of Oats

11 John and I helped Modest John worked in straw nice day

12 John and I helped Modest finish middle of after noon John worked in straw helped Rocky part of after noon

13 John and I helped Rocky all day foggy morning nice day

14 John helped Conklin 1/4 day in straw Jack and I helped Shaw 1/4 day in straw Big rain

15 Sunday nice day

16 Jack and I worked for Conklin all day John T. helped Conklin after noon in Straw nice day

17 (website note-no entry was listed for this date in file received)

18 Jack and I helped Shaw thrash paid John T. $10.00 nice day Father and Ernest little were here

19 Went to Show settled with Jack paid him all I owed him nice day

20 Helped Eli and Elmer Batten thrash John worked on straw all day nice day Lydia went to Kewanee brought Nell Home with her Father was here

21 Trimmed Hedge pulled weeds nice day sprinkled some J.Rocky and John T. was here

22 Trimmed Hedge forenoon big wind went to town after noon

23 Sunday nice day

24 Trimmed Hedge fore noon Bowen came over and put spout up to Barn Billy Owens came nice day

25 Went to Annawan fore noon got two sacks of flour Owens went too and stayed helped P.Dewitt thrash after noon nice day

26 Hauled grain for P.Dewitt. John T. worked for Heath and McChesney all day nice day

27 Helped McChesney all day nice day Nell and Libbie Rich came

28 Helped Kemerling thrash all day nice day

29 Helped Kemerling in fore noon went to Annawan after noon John helped Nick all day in Straw nice day saw Bowen on road to town, said he would let me have the place for one hundred Dollars lwess next year which will make it nine hundred and fifty (950) nice day

30 Sunday Took Nell and Lydia to Kewanee they went to Galesburgh I came back by Fathers nice day

31 Helped Nick Thrash fore noon and sowed grass seed after noon nice day