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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 We and Libbie and Nell went to Irves and spent the day Awful hot N. Johnson here for trashing help

02 Will and Jack helped Conklin Thrash I trimmed Hedge and got load of 42-1/2 bu of Coal of Joe Piles didn't pay for it hot day Lydia went to Annawan

03 Helped Conklin with two men and we helped them for Elmer Batten 2/3 day nice day

04 Two men helped Elmer Batten 1/2 day. One man helped Conkel 1/2 day nice day Lydia went to Kewanee after Ella, Bert Morton here for fork

05 We all three helped Humphrey thrash fore noon Will lost 1/2 day Lydia and Ella went to Annawan nice day

06 Will and Jack helped Modest all day I went to Annawan and sold some Oats to Lamont for 16 cents nice day Bowen here

07 Boys helped Modest 3/4 day then trimmed Hedge I went to Fathers for some plums Dixon came with the machine then went Home nice day

08 Sunday Went after help to Thrash nice day

09 Commenced Thrashing thrashed 2000 bu stopped awhile for rain weighed at Eli Batens

10 Finished thrashing had 3100 bu, went to Annawan paid Perry what I owed him Paid Webster, the meat bill, and paid a note at Barkers of 60 some Dollars, Paid Jack $26.00 that I owed on last years work which is all I owe him except this summer work figured Billy's time up and he has been here two months and 1/2 day with 50 cts off for his horse care Just 40 Dollars nice day

11 Helped Rocky with two men 1/2 day and then helped Haxby with two men 1/2 day Paid Dickson $107.00 for last and this years thrashing, Paid Alva 75 cents for carrying water nice day Hauled five loads of Jims oats up here and put them in the Old House got W. Haxbys Bull

12 Helped Hank Moon thrash 3/4 day nice day Paid Will Morton $40.00 for two months work

13 Helped Wheelock Shaw thrash nice day Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee to see show Jack went to get help to thrash for P. Dewitt Owens here

14 I helped Wheelock Shaw J. Moon furnished one man 3/4 day for me, Jack helped P. Dewitt 3/4 day nice day went to town at night took hog receipts Bowen here put braces in Barn

15 Sunday Elmer Conklin here and we traded Horses Jack went to Camp Meeting Windy and cold

16 Helped Nick thrash with two men all day Paid Evans $10.00 Will Bowen here, Leroy Snyder here, cool
Mrs Rocky and Leon here

17 Helped Nick finish thrashing fore noon Jack took load of Oats to town from Nicks for me 78 bu I helped Messmore after noon Jack helped J. Moon nice day rained at night

18 Helped J. Moon with two men all day nice day Lydia and Ella went to Annawan Burr got Pup

19 Went to Annawan Took three wheels to get tire set cost 1.50 had it charged rained fore noon Jack helped J. Moon after noon thrash. I mowed road and around fence in 80 I paid Hart $1.00 for potatoes and paid Holsinger $40.00 on Champion note Jack went to town at night J. Moon finished thrashing and they moved to John Templetons clear and cold at night drew 12.50 from Dows on Nicks check

20 Helped J.T. Thrash 3/4 day Jack helped Marg rest of day I came Home Lydia and Ella went to Aunt Kates nice day, frost last night, John and Modest came up after noon, bred one horned heifer, polled heifer bred week ago and large Bowen heifer week ago

21 Jack helped Marg 1/2 day I went to Annawan fore noon, Jack lost after noon, Mr Bowen here. John T. here nice day looked rainy. Settled with Nick for Oats he got here last spring

22 Sunday Went after Horses to Fathers paid for pasture $6.00 Harney here to buy corn nice day Harney said he could give 25 cts for corn but could not handle it for 2 weeks

23 Went to Annawan sold my corn to Dow for 26-1/4 cents to deliver any time, Jack cut hedge Stone here for help to haul corn Wednesday nice day paid Mina Foster 3.75 for Lydia

24 Went to Kewanee with Modest to see Mr. Bowen, saw Boy Killed on track, rained last night, nice day helped Modest fix pump Jack trimmed hedge saw Bob Henry and Nell I talked to Ladd in Cambridge through Telephone from Kewanee

25 We hauled two loads corn for W. Stone to Annawan, nice day Lydia and Ella went to Irves then to Annawan

26 We hauled 4 loads of corn for W.Stone fore noon Jack layed off after noon I hauled two loads corn for H. Bumphrey after noon Ernie Ladd here, Irve here Ella went Home with him nice day fire over by Clark their Barn burned

27 Jack hauled 4 loads for Irve I hauled one for Quart Lydia went to Irves I went to Fathers fore noon with eggs, nice day Quarts had horse die with lock jaw, Mr Bowen here

28 Went to Kewanee saw Wilson hauled some corn for Quart and Irve nice day

29 Sunday nice day Will Conklin here Jim Clark and Al here Jack went to town at night Lydia and Ella went to Church at night

30 I went to town Jack hauled load of Coal and trimmed Hedge nice day Burr started to School took Horse to Joe Piles at night