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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 AUGUST 1898


01 Fixed Grainery fore noon, helped Wellington Shaw with two men after noon nice day

02 Fixed stacks forenoon went to Elmer Battens to thrash but it rained and we came Home rained all afternoon J. Rocky brought Plums to Lydia and she put them up

03 Went to Annawan got Scythe paid Box rent at postoffice 30 cts up to date Mrs Rocky here rained some Jack went to town at night

04 Helped Elmer Batten thrash after noon with two men, nice day

05 Went to Limpkas and thrashed a little they broke down and we came home Jack mowed road Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee Burr stayed to Eds nice day Lydia got plums of Rocky

06 Helped Limpka 3/4 day with two men and team and helped Parsons 1/4 day nice day rained at night George and Willie Messmore killed

07 Sunday Went to Fathers W. Stone spoke to me for Pall Bearer for George Messmore he said George and Willie were both killed by the Cars last night, Horse was Killed and Buggie smashed all to pieces nice day I took Maud and her colt out of the west pasture and put them in the other one to keep the yearling from sucking

08 I went to town fore noon them we all went to the funeral after noon Big Crowd every one around close and a great many from a distance was there 3 machines stopped trashing on account of the funeral nice day Mr. and Mrs. Bowen were here Mr. Bowen wanted to know if I wanted the place another year, he said he would rather I would not sell any of the Straw off the place, I told him I would try it another year, several of the Annawan Boys go to Dakota tonight with Camel of Mineral

09 Jack helped Parsons thrash all day I cut weeds fore noon Lydia and Ella went to town after their Mother nice day

10 Jack helped Parsons 3/4 day Jack and I helped Quart 1/4 day nice day

11 Helped Quart all day with two men nice day Walter Henry here, got Jar of Lard of Mrs Rocky it weighed 31 lbs Jar and lard

12 Helped Quart 1/4 day Jack helped Ibson for Stone he said he had 4 men more to thrash for and then I come nice day went to town J. Rocky here at night Hat went to Chicago

13 Took load of Hogs to town they weighed 1290 lbs 4 hogs 340 per lb saw Farnum he said he would be here Monday to Thrash he thrashes for 1.00 per load 28 inch box rained some

14 Sunday We went to R. Henrys for Beets and Cabbage got 1.00 worth got hands to Thrash nice day
15 Commenced Thrashing thrashed 21-1/2 loads at one dollar per load R. Henry helped N. Griffin Elmer Batten. Stones man Irve. W. Lempka. Parsons two men and team, H. Moon and team J. Moon and team, Remores two and team, Quart two men Rocky and team

16 Thrashers went Home Big rain all night Jack went to Codys Show in Kewanee Ella went to Show cleared off nice day corn all blown down, Ralph Remone up awhile

17 Remone got two sacks of Oats to feed. Ed and Jennie here, nice day Jack went to Piles to get coal was most out

18 Ralph and I went after Thrashers commenced at noon thrashed 9 loads Lydia went and got meat J. Moon 3 men H. Moon 2 men J. Rocky 1 man Remone 2 men Whedy 2 men Wellie 1 man Elmer Batten 1 man N. Griffin 1 man Irve 1 man Parsons 2 men Quart 1 man Lempka 1 man and Boy Thrashed 9 loads

19 Thrashed all day Bowen here H. Moon 1, J. Moon 1, Rocky 1, Remone 2, Messmore 1, Irve half day,
Fisher 1, Nick 1, Quart 1

20 Finished Thrashing fore noon all but 5 loads took them down to Ralphs, rained a little at noon but it dried off so we finished mine and thrashed for Ralph after noon J. Moon 2, H. Moon 2, Rocky 1, Remone 2, Nick 1, Elmer 2, Lempka 2 and Boy, Parson 1, Wellie 1, Wheely 2, Fisher 1. Thrashed in all 55-3/4 loads Paid Fisher Cash for Thrashing owe Elmer 1.25 for Thrashing, George brought meat paid for it

21 Sunday nice day but Hot went to Fathers got Maud put Cow and Calf in pasture paid Mother $15.00 for Calf

22 We helped Remones Thrash nice day Carpenter is to turn 40 or 50 head Cattle in 80 at 65 cts head per mo.

23 Helped Remones Thrash 3/4 day nice day he had 53 loads W. Stone paid me 50.00 on Hay and I paid 40.00 to Farnam on my thrashing and I owe him 15.75 yet as I had 55-3/4 loads at 1.00 per load

24 Fixed fence and cut willows on 80 went to Oliver McNeeleys and got 6 sows of C. Batten I traded him duke and Book for 7 Hogs and he is to haul manure one week at 1.25 per day and pick Corn at 3 cts per bu to make out $100.00 the sows are 12.00 apiece and the Boar 8.00 makes 80.00 for Hogs. I am to give him load of Hay if he takes Duke away this week nice day J. Rocky came and got his Bill he wants me to haul Hogs tomorrow

25 Hauled load of Hogs for Rocky and got Boar of C. Batten Cut Clover after noon Father here he bought Cow of R. Hay for $50.00 and wants me to get her. Jack helped C. Eyer for Wellie Ella went to Atkinson
Mrs Mumford visited at Moons paid Elmer Batten 1.75 yesterday for helping me thrash nice day

26 Went to Hay's and got Cow for Father he paid 50.00 for it I paid Al Limpka 1.25 for carrying water Jack cut Hay fore noon Both helped Nick thrash after noon

27 Both helped Nick Thrash all day Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee

28 Sunday I fixed fence fore noon Lydia and her Mother went to Fathers Jack went away Ella and I stayed at Home all day C.Batten came and got Duke and took him Home nice day

29 Helped Nick finish Thrashing nice day Lydia and Ella went to Snatch Wine Lake we raked and Cocked some Clover

30 Helped J. Moon with two men nice day W. Couve had Leg broke

31 Jack helped J. Moon Liford Haxby helped him too I worked in Hay went to town Carpenter put 42 head of Cattle in field 65 cts head per mo nice day