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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 AUGUST 1899

 01 Went to J.T's and got wagon then went to town and got 4 Wagon Boxes nice day showers Occasionaly Agent here with School supplies Jerseys Calf Died last night Ed Remore took one of the Wagon Boxes

02 Helped Wheelock Shaw Thrash all day Lydia and Burr went to Kewanee Irve took Horses out of pasture nice day

03 Helped Shaw finish Thrash short time, then took two Boxes to Remore then to town for help to thrash tomorrow C. Quarts here said the machine would be here in the morning Lydia and Ella went to Cemetary nice hot day Thermometer stood 100 in Shade

04 Commenced Thrashing at 10 Oclock G. Fittzkee A. Rocky and Irve commenced then J.T. at noon nice day rained at night

05 Mowed Weeds went to town rained last night and this forenoon

06 Sunday Went to Fathers to see Cattle Polled Angus Cow had Calf last night, nice day

07 Thrashed rest of Oats We had 1968 in all I paid Leon Rocky 1.00 J.T. helped me and G. Fittzkee too didnt pay George Irve helped me nice day Vesta here

08 Went to town paid G. Fittzkee 2.25 for help Went and got Cattle at Fathers left 5 head of yearlings Russel and Burr went too I paid Russel .25 nice day wind South sprinkled in morning let Cattle in meadow awhile at night

09 Went to help J. Batten thrash. Big rain came up and we had to stop about 9 oclock came Home and made fence J. Rocky here for help to thrash nice Hot after noon

10 Finished some fence then hauled some manure Alford Mauer paid me 1.50 for Corn Ralph Smith left a Seperator here for us to try nice day Cattle ate Corn up last night Pop Corn

11 Helped J. Batten thrash all day he owes me 1.50 Hot day, Ella to Kewanee Nell M. came home with her Man and Wife wanted to stay all night

12 I hauled manure all day. Hot day J.T. here for help wind in north cloudy at night

13 Sunday Will came last night he and I went to Wheely Shaws and I bought a pig of him paid him 8.00 for it Will went Home J.T. here and J. Rocky and Wife nice day Ella went away with Fisher

14 Helped J. Rocky thrash all day nice day Billy Schmidt here to sell a book one of the pigs is sick the Cows are taking the Bull every day

15 Helped Remores thrash all day Lydia Ella and Nell Mumford went to Mineral Vesta here nice day Burr went to town at night with G. Kemerling to go to a show wind in East

16 Helped Remores 3/4 day then went to town J. Batten paid me 1.50 for help nice day Ella and Nell went to Irves I got a pig from Shaw Wind East

17 Hauled manure fore noon went to Fathers after some thoughs after noon Ella took Nell Home Irve here for help and P. Gripp here for help nice day clear and wind South

18 Helped Irve Thrash all day nice day Ed Remore looking for Sow

19 Helped Irve 1/2 day nice day Ella went to Winnies at night Dan Morton Died evening 6 Oclock

 20 Sunday nice day Ed Remore here C. Fisher here

 21 Went to town got tires set on Buggie 1.40 Lydia and Ella went to Irves in evening nice Hot day

 22 Nice day Cloudy Alfred Mauer here Vesta here

 23 Ella and Burr went to Ringling Bros Show in Kewanee nice day I hauled manure

 24 I hauled manure Ela went to Atkinson nice day I went to Messmores Mitten takes Job cleaning School House and cleaning yard for 6.00

 25 Hauled manure John and George Bowen here nice day

 26 Took load of Oats to town 1180 4050 89.22 forenoon and sold my Oats for 19 cts and Corn for 27 cts Corn to be delivered in ten days, after noon 4310 1240 95.30 Hot day threatening rain at night

 27 Sunday Went and got team Irves here nice day Hot

 28 Took two loads Oats to town one load 4120 1170 and the other one 2790 980 fore noon Hot got 4 tires set at Bill Vandermark's didnt pay for it Charge 1.40 after noon got two tires set makes 6 tires I owe for our loads 4050 1160 and 2670 8829

 29 Took two loads Oats 4090 1170 and 2640 890 Hot day hauled some
manure went to Irves Stones and Quarts for help to shell Willie here for help Will Holdrige Died last night at 9 Oclock sheller is to be here tomorrow Lydia and Ella went to town tonight Father here this morning with Cider, left two Gallons Ethel Knox was here with him

 30 hauled manure fore noon hauled load of Coal after noon 22 bu didnt pay for it. Ella went to Will Holdriges funeral Rockys came with Sheller I went to town ordered meat Hot day

 31 Shelled Corn until 9 Oclock those that hauled were - H.Messmore W.Stone Parsons E.Holdridge Eli Batten H. Moon J. Rocky E. Remore P. Wells H. Quart W. Lempka A. Quart J. Moon J. Templeton R. Remore I started to town with a load and tire ran off at Colors and I took the wheel to town and got tire set left load there all night and kept his buggy Hot day Demey stopped our shelling on acount of Cars