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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Finished Husking H. Cushman came nice day paid W.Eyre 11.25 Jack has worked 35-1/2 days

02 Unloaded 4 loads of corn fixed fence Jack got 10 bu potatoes for his Mother came to $2.50 let it go on Jacks wages G. Messmore here to see Jack nice day Jacks wages is $53.25 potatoes out leave $50.75

03 Hauled load of Coal for Howard 43 bu went to Annawan and traded Fitzkee two Hundred bu Coal for a Stove worth 12.50 Howard and Steve fixed wire fence betwen Haxby and I Fred Sharp came and got his mare came to 1.50 nice day Ella went to Galesburgh Jack here at night wanted me to keep his mare this winter

04 Hauled 195 bu of oats to Annawan got 14 cts paid Steve $20.00 Jack came and left Nell here Billy came and took him to Messmores to dig coal, John T. paid me one dollar for helping him drive a cow, Steve helped him afternoon nice day thawed

05 Went to Fathers with load of Straw and killed Hog borrowed 81 lb of the Hog let Howard have 35 lb shoulder side and some ribs Howard drew load of Coal to Fitzkee nice day Mother gave me 1.50 for Fred

06 Was at Fathers all night cloudy day

07 Hauled two loads of coal for Al Fitzkee Steve was here misty and cloudy J. Rocky stopped here on his way from town and wanted me to haul some Oats for him

08 Howard and I hauled two loads of coal from Piles cloudy cleared off at night Mrs Rocky here

09 Took two loads of Coal to Daily got stove and squared up with Fitzkee Daily wants 120 bu Coal yet at 7 cts Al get 1/2 ct for the rest rest they get nice day Howard hauled manure

10 Hauled two loads of Oats for Rocky Howard cut kindlewood nice day daisy was sick in town

11 Hauled 4 loads of Oats for Rocky Warm day Lydia went to Irves Howard went to Mineral at night J. Moron shelled corn Norm shelled for himn Fick paid me 25 centis for wheel

12 Howard hauled two loads Oats for Rocky I hauled two loads corn for Wheely Shaw paid 7.50 to R. White for insurance co. nice day Lydia went to Kewanee

13 Sunday nice day Lydia went to Church at night

14 Took Turkeys to town 19 of them they weighed 287 lb got 8 cts per lb went to Griffins Sale nice day

15 Took Turkeys to Annawan weighed 301 lb had 27 then went to Wolf's sale nice day bought two Roosters of Storey paid himn 1.50 signed for Geneseo Republic 1.50

16 Went to Annawan Uncle Henrys came over from Fathers nice day Howards Father came went and got roosters at Storeys

17 Went to Kewanee snowed cought Chickens Steve came over from Fathers bought suit for Burr

18 Took Uncle Henry to Annawan they went to Rock Island Steve went home too Ed and Boys were hunting got bl salt cool day George Grear buried

19 Moved some corn went to Annawan nice day

20 Sunday Jack was here afternoon Howard went to Mineral nice day

21 We took 4 loads of Oats to Annawan and sold 500 bu to Harney for 13-1/2 cts nice day

22 Took two loads of Oats to Harney Paid me 72.00 I Paid Joe Piles 8.00 for coal Squared us up but Howard got 30 bu today and I owe for it Paid some on my Binder note went to Whites Sale nice day J. Rocky spoke for 100 bu seed Oats W. Bomen same

23 Hauled two loads of Coal to Daily there was 88 bu did not get pay for it but paid up at the Bank Myrtle was here sewing nice day Cool

24 Took Lydia and Burr to Kewanee they went to Galesburg Irve was here nice Cool day Howard trimmed Hedge fore noon did not work after noon went to Mineral I paid note 17 to Whitings paid Howard $2.00

25 I stayed Home all day Cold rain south wind (No mention of it being Christmas Day!)

26 Went to Annawan got Mail nice warm day

27 Sunday Howard has worked 19 days this month counting out time lost all together mkes 2 months and 19 days

28 Went to Kewanee after Lydia and Burr Howard trimmed Hedge rained a little all day Fitzkee sent letter out saying he wanted 100 bu Coal A man was killed in Kewanee and buried today

29 Trimmed some hedge Irve came and He and I went to Annawan misty all day

30 Hauled two loads of Coal to Everett had 62.70 did not pay for it misty day Peort married tonight J. Dines married tonight

31 Hauled load of Coal to Everett nice day Howard trimmed Hedge