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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Went to Annawan G.Fitzkee went too, saw Perry and Shaw about going to Cambridge, Jack hauled Corn for N. Johnson, nice day but Cold, Jack went to Annawan at night after Fitzkee.

02 Wheelock, Fitzskee, Jack and I went to Cambridge for trial but were dismissed until next Wednesday Walter came, Lydia went to Annawan raw cold day Fitzkee went Home after night

03 Jack hauled two loads of Oats to Dewy and Borden had185 bu at 20 cts came to 37.00 Jack got the cash for me I was to J. Templetons, Walter is here, snowed and rained some

04 Went to Annawan Ed Mapes had trial I got bl of Salt Walter went home We took 3 Barrows down to John Templetons and got 3 Sows Got Card from W. Bowen saying he wanted me to go and get Sows and pigs Lydia got leter from Rena turned Horses across road mist and snow most all day

05 Sunday nice day Jack went Home Willie Messmore here after his Horses

06 Went to W. Bowens and got Sow and 8 pigs paid him 14.00 I owed him and 14.00 for Sow, made 28.00 I paid him, that makes us square Jack hauled two loads of Oats to Dewy in Annawan nice day, thawed some

07 Went to Kewanee Then got Coal Jack hauled Oats got money for them 75.00 paid Jack $27.65 gave Lydia 10.00 G.Fitzkee came out nice day was down to Jim's

08 Went to Cambridge for trial did not have it nice day Rachel and Hal were here

09 We had Trial it took til noon for witnesses then the Pleas took til 3 oclock we got Home about 8 oclock did not hear from the Jury

10 Raining Jim came up to see if we had got Home

11 Hauled fodder and chored around J. Rocky here for his buggy damp day changed pigs with Sows turned Cattle in west field

12 Sunday Went to Fathers Robs were there misty and freezing Berniece came Home with us

13 Went to Kewanee, Wilson charged me $25.00 for his help I paid him 10.00 and owe him 15.00, got rubbers and Overalls for Jack he paid me rained Lydia and Jack were to Annawan Mallory tells he will hit me first time he sees me and will not say a word, his brother bets 1.00 that he will do it too I have 60 days to pay costs Wilson says see about fees when I go to settle Jack Fitzkee, Shaw Rose, C. Eyer, E.Rocky and Mallory were witnesses at Cambridge Stone, Rose, Mallory, Jack G. Fitzkee and Shaw and Howey Fitzkee were witnesses in Kewanee

14 Went down to Shaws to look for Horses found them and fixed fence then we went to Sale Snowed last night Thawed today.

15 Tied Colts up for first time took big Sow away from pigs went to town got stove pay $12.50 for it had it charged I paid what was on books that was $1.10 and paid for stove pipe W. Lyle here to see Hay Modest here for ladder. J. Rocky here on way to town chilly south wind F. Slater wanted to buy Duke, said he would be out next Sunday to see him

16 Done chores and I went and got two Rabbits Cold Modest took Turkeys to Kewanee got 8-1/2 cts

17 Snowed last night and part of today cold, Modest here chored and stayed at home had bad cold

18 Hauled coal from Joe Piles Bennie went Home, went hunting after noon got two rabbits Jack went to Annawan got some cough medicine nice day but Cold

19 Sunday Nice day Man here to see about taking Picture of House Lydia and Burr went to Rockys. Put Chickens in henhouse looks like snow at night

20 Went to Kewanee Wills came up from Galesburgh Jack hauled load of coal for his Mother Man here and took picture of House and Barn, I sold 20 tons of Hay to W. Lyle for 8 Dollars a ton for Timothy and 7 for Clover he wants 10 of each nice day misty in morning looks like snow at night

21 Took Timothy Hay to Lyle Jacks load 3700 1100 My load 2200 1100 Brought Tomb Stone out for Will nice day Jack to town at night

22 Jack hauled a load of Clover Hay to Lyle said he had 3800 load and 950 sled, cold day I stayed at home, Will worked at Stone

23 Hauled load of corn for John Templeton cold day, Jack done chores and went to Annawan, Will worked on Stone

24 Hauled load of corn for Templeton, Will went to Kewanee to get sand, Jack done chores we all went to Dance at night in Annawan nice day

25 Robs and Irves were here nice day Sold pigs to Irve for $15.00 He offered his Bull for 35.00 (Christmas ignored!)

26 Sunday went to Aunt Kates Wills and us nice day Will and I went to Mineral to see Ely Bought two calves of Carter for $35.00

27 Helped Will with Stone Jack got help to haul Hay to Kewanee tomorrow, nice warm day, Will Lettered the some on Stone at night Will went to Rockys and got level

28 Hauled Timothy Hay to Will Lyle, Norm, Templeton, Rocky, Modest, Quart, and our own two teams hauled Wheelock Shaw was here but didn't haul nice day thawed Will lettered the Stone and it is ready to set up now, Templeton said he wanted me to help him get some Cattle from 10 miles north of Annawan tomorrow saw Ed Mumford and John Williams and Sam Menard in Kewanee today Quart gave me one Dollar to give Will and I gave it to him

29 Went with John Templeton to get some Steers jack got 29.20 Coal of Joe Pyle didn't pay for it. Lydia went to Annawan

30 Went to Kewanee took Nell and Children Will went to Mineral Jack hauled 3 loads of Corn for Modest thawed all day got quite muddy got Nell shod Jack got one bu of potatoes of Rorkes and paid for them I paid for shoeing mare

31 Went to Annawan got Horses shod at Comps paid 2.30 got rope at Dows paid 55 cts for it, Went and got two calves of Carter didn't pay for them Owe him $35.00 for them Cold day spit snow