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 Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Husked all day C.Fisher husked two loads snowed some finished east side of 80 Mrs Wince buried at Fairview

02 All husked Fisher two loads paid Bob Ortey 45 dollars Lydia and Ella to Kewanee nice day

03 Husked all day Fisher husked two loads nice day

04 Sunday Jack and I husked all day I am to give Jack two dollars for the days work, Fisher went Home and came back nice day Burr went to Church to practice a piece

05 Husked all day Fisher husked two loads nice day

06 Husked all day Fisher husked two loads nice day Kemberlings Sale

07 All husked Fisher two loads Irve here nice day spit snow Jack got load Coal of Drewy

08 Finished husking paid Fisher 15.00 and two pigs at one a piece, he husked 18 loads, Paid Jack 30.00 and owe him 4.00 yet Messmore Sale, nice day

09 Jack and I went to Kewanee Fisher went Home I drew 100 Dollars from the Union National Bank got some underclothes and shoes, Cold, paid Jack 4.00 that I owed him we are square now

10 Took 3/4 ton Hay to Father nice day Jack went to Annawan

11 Sunday Carter here to see about Mower Jack here for Clothes nice day

12 Took load Oats to town didn't sell, went to Irves bought 2 Calves for 40.00 paid him Ralph got Wagon nice day sold Hogs for 2.50 per hundred to deliver tomorrow

13 Took Hogs to town 4070 at 2.50 per hundred sold Turkeys at 8 cts came to 21.50 cold day Irve helped haul, he brought two Calves over for me

14 Hauled load of Oats to town Deposited 145.00 in Bank. Lydia took Buggie down and got reach fixed nice day

15 Hauled two loads of Oats to town Walter here nice day C. Fisher here

16 Hauled two loads Oats to town sold 480 bu at 14-1/2 cts Left 120.00 in Bank Lydia went to Kewanee nice day

17 Hauled 82 bu Oats to town Drew 1230 from Bank nice day, Lydia went to town got Hat

18 Sunday Went to Will Bowens Ella came Home nice day thawed

19 Rained did chores Shutts Sale

20 Went to Irves got Corn sheller Irve came Home with me and we altered Calf misty went to Remores paid Ed 1.40 and got 2 sacks Oats we are square now gave Ella 5.00 to spend

21 Went and got 10 poles of Drewy Misty Day

22 Went to Hedhs and bought 5 Calves for 80.00 then went to town Went to Dance at night in Hall nice day

23 Got my Calves Home W.Stone paid me 12.00 he owed me 2.00 yet nice day

24 Lydia paid Jack 15.00 on Nell and she owes him twenty-five yet she paid it the 20th.

25 Sunday Went to Fathers nice day Jack came Fisher here Christmas Paid Lyde 1.25 for Bob thrashing

26 through 31 - No entries