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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


 01 Husked all day nice day wind South West those here today were Nell Cushman, Frank Morey, Chas Quart, Winnie, Aunt Mary Mumford, Tom Dunn and Mer Bowen brought a load of ties to lay around the tank let all of the Cattle in the West field

02 Finished Husking Corn Ernie Holdridge came and got 6 bu seed Corn he is to pay 75 cts.per bu rained after noon Burr went to Church to practice a piece for Xmas wind N.E.

03 Sunday Irves were here wind in N.W. cold and Snowed some

04 Picked up boards around fence, fixed some troughs for Calves to eat out of put the Calves from the north lot into the yard south of the Barn Cold spit Snow all day Lady Rose had a heifer Calf th is morning it almost froze before we found it Jack went to town at night Frank Stone here

05 Tinkered around fore noon got 3.60 worth of stuff at Barkers Cold South wind Myrtle here

06 I went to Kewanee took Ed Mumford 1.60 worth of Butter he owed me 5.00 and the 1.60 makes 6.60 he paid me 4.00 and owes me 2.60 yet, took Will some butter too and took some to the Store nice day thawed Jack burned some Hedge along road Will Walker is coming to see Calves some day

07 Put ties around Tank made Gate and fixed fence nice day wind west thawed some Jack went to town at night Burr brought Order from Miss Moon for me to sign amount $15.00 for last half month of fall term Burr dunned Colors for what he owes me, he told Burr he would be in no dammed hurry to pay it

08 Billy Eyer worked in Jacks place we hauled dirt in Barn Jack went to town to stay a few days nice warm day wind in south thundered some

09 Set some posts and went to town misty all day Aunt Mary Mumford came to visit Billy chored around Burr took Frank Stones Watch to him and he gave Burr a quarter misting at night

10 Sunday Cloudy and misty all day wind South and East Aunt Mary here

11 Billy and I put some wire on fence South of Barn in morning. rained almost all day wind turned to West just at night and rained hard Jack came from town just at night Aunt Mary here J.Rocky took Colt away that he sold

12 Jack got 25 bu Coal Billy went Home Cloudy Snowed at night Aunt Mary here

13 Aunt Mary went to Rockys Cloudy Wind N.W. We made a rack to feed Calves Bowen here got 15 quail and 3 rabbits Jack went to town at night Remores hauling Oats

14 Jack hauled 1 load Oats for Remores he broke a tire I chored Ella took Aunt Mary to Kewanee snowed some, wind N.W. Rocky brought Aunt Mary here this morning I shot rabbit at night

15 We hauled 3 loads Oats for Remores , Bowens here hunting nice day Ella and Burr went to Church at night to practice a piece G. Walkers Sale today

16 We hauled 3 loads of Oats for Remores Chilly south wind Jack went to town at night, I got a bottle of medicine for Sides saw Jim Corwin he said he would pay me as soon as he sold his Cattle in about a month

17 Sunday Nice day Jack went to Remores and Ella went to Rockys Burr went to Templetons Jack went to town at night Ella went away with Fisher in evening Young man and two Ladies here on way to Templetons, nice evening wind in South has been for 3 days note at Bank due today

18 Shut some Calves in south yard yesterday some of the smallest Butchered Hog went to Remores at night warm and misty cleared off at night wind in north west

19 Jack hauled manure I set some posts went to see Remores about money then went to town got Boiler fixed got some Bull rings a halter made for Bull Overalls and got my first Breeders Gazette, Hize Boys here to see Bulls nice day thawed some clear at night and freezing got letter from Dick Yates

20 Made some racks to feed in, nice day Burr went to Irves to stay all night

21 Took two loads Corn to Dewey nice day thawed, wind S.W. Dance in town tonight White faced Cow had a red Bull Calf Ed Remore paid me 150.00 for shoats and he owes me 3.00 yet for Wagon Box

22 Jack hauled two loads Corn to Dewy Ella went to Kewanee paid her 20.00 Jack went town at night nice day Wrote letter to Recorder and put pedigrees in to be Recorded

23 We hauled 4 loads of Corn to Dewey I got 8 foot Boards 16 ft long paid 2.76 for them I paid Liford Dow 47.35 for stove and Coal Hod got can of kerosene at Fittzkee paid him 75 cts for it there was nothing on Books against me Lydia paid Jack $10.00 on Nell owes him $5.00 yet on her I sent $4.00 to the Short Horn Recorder in a Draught nice warm day thawed

24 Sunday nice Cool day All stayed at Home Wind N.W.

25 Christmas Cool N.W. Wind Jack went to town after noon Burr and I got pair slippers for Present Ella and Burr went to Church Burr takes part in the exercises at night Lydia gave Jack a Dollar to get present for Burr

26 We hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy Cool and Clear wind in N. W. Ben Henry came last night and went to School with Burr and came Home with him tonight Fisher here tonight

27 We hauled 4 loads Corn to Dewy I got load Coal P. Dewitt paid 1.95 for it. Paid F. Mooney 1.00 for paper nice day Hize Boys here to see Bulls Ben went Home

28 Howard Hamrock Died Chrismas night Jack hauled one load Corn to Dewy I went to Fathers paid them $50.00 then went to Kewanee got team shod, Mrs Mary and Lydias Mother and Herald came Home with me, Cold day, rough roads Jack went to down at night, got card from Recorders office.

29 Hauled 4 loads Corn to Dewy Cold N.W. Wind paid Bumphrey $108 for making cider J. Moon spoke to me about the Bulls

30 Hauled two loads Corn to Dewy Cold day Wind N.W. Aunt Mary and Mrs Mumford here Chored afternoon Ella got tooth pulled in Annawan by Dr

31 Sunday Aunt Mary and Ella went to Church in morning Jack went Home, Cold windy day snowed some at night Remores Cattle out in road, Russel Templeton here Chas Fisher here in evening Strange Dog here since yesterday The past year -1899- has been a year of unusual prosperity Crops have been uncommonly good and prices fair Corn has been 30 cts, Oats 21 cts, Hogs 4 cts, Catttle 8.50 Money has never been more plenty Banks full of money to loan, extra good Horses have been selling for 100 and 125 per head, yearling Calves have been selling at 25.00 per head every thing looks favorable for a good Campaign year