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Submitted by Max B Cushman


From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 Jack Eyer came to work, we bedded the hogs, cooked feed, and unloaded the load of goods, Myrtle & Mrs R were here for milk.

02 Went to Annawan to Emery Shawe sale cooked kettle of feed Ground-hogs day. A nice sunny day.

03 Sunday went to Irves terrible cold

04 Irve and Vesta came over and we butchered a shoat for Irve and one for us Ralph Schmidt brought my spring seat home steady cold

05 Jim Carrie Aunt Mary and the children was here Ralph Schmidt came and paid me for the pigs cooked feed for hogs, middling warm snowed at night.

06 Went to Annawan, came home and cooked feed snowed not very cold J.Rocky was here at night

07 Very cold, cooked feed, catched chickens and put thm in the hen house.

08 Got load of coal cooked feed, very cold day

09 Went to Kewanee Jack went along Jim Knox came home with us paid Couve paid Lay & Lyman book acount. Nice warm day

10 Sunday played cards Myrtle came in the afternoon stayed the evening to play cards and I went home with her.

11 Went to Annawan stopped at Eyer's and got butter Went to Battens shooting match bought two turkeys of Kinerling, Kinerlings wife was here at night and played cards Charlie and I played against Jim and Jack we won most games. warm day.

12 Went to Kinerling's after hog. Lydia went over to Forest's to get her dress made.

13 Went to Kewanee took Jim home, Jack hauled a load of corn for Nick G. to Kewanee. nice warm day.

14 Went to Storeys drove colt in afternoon drove Fannie to Annawan Went to town again at night. Warm day

15 Separated the shoates Father and Mother were here

16 Took harness to Perry to get mended, went to Annawan in afternoon. Cooked kettle of feed for hogs.

17 Stayed at home all day, Johnnie went home, snowed a little in afternoon.

18 Johnnie hauled 1 load of hogs for Nick, Lottie and Will Forrest came over and brought Lydia's dress home Will and I went to town in afternoon, they stayed here all night, Rocky's came up in the evening and played cards.

19 Lottie and Lydia went to Kewanee, I stayed at home and got dinner for Jack & Will, got some pointers in Law.

20 Went over to Goodels sale, Johnnie got a load of coal from Messniore's I went to Annawan in afternoon with Jim Lydia & Jack put the carpet down, cooked a kettle of feed for hogs. Perry Rose came down and got a pig to kill.

21 Went over to Jim Pace's and got pig. Went to Annawan in afternoon.

22 Went down to Coure to see about shelling corn then went to Broad Bents and got three turkeys and three guineas. John & Elne came over Myrt & Mrs Rockyfellow came up and all sewed eight balls of carpet rags.

23 Jack, Burwell (first reference in diary to my father, Haden Burwell Cushman - born June 10, 1889) and I went to Mineral to store my corn but they could not take. Was afraid it would spoil. Burwell had his hair cut.

24 Rena Lydia & I went to Will's they named the baby Harold Eugene W. Jack and Burwell went to Eyer's, when we got home Myrt & Lottie had supper ready for us. Charlie took them home.

25 Went to Annawan & had shoe put on Bill, went up to Perry's after harness Jim brought the boiler home. Jack and I went down and got Modest's Bull.

26 John & Ed came over & took John's horses home Harry Burnphery was here and told us that G. Washington was dead. John owes me $18.91 for keeping horses, and for meat & shock's

27 Stayed at home all day Seth Moon was here and bought the Hog's at $3.65 per hundred Jim R. was here after milk.

28 Took 21 hogs to town, they weighed 6720 lb. Jim and Modest helped haul. Jim Knox & Bert Taylor was here at night Bert bought the cow and three colts for $75.00 Loaned one dollar to Jim R.