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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01  Trimmed hedge fore  non  went to Annawan after noon nice day  awful muddy

02 Sunday Mrs Rocky and Mrs Mumford were here thawed all day

03  Went to Annawan  got some medicine for Jack  Mrs Eyre and Billy were here  Steve was here looking for Cow  Snow all day

04 Took Mrs Mumford up to Pettitts sold five Horses to Martin he paid me five dollars down take the Horses next Monday C. Eyre and Albert was here Billy Eyre was here at night

05  Drove some of the Horses for exercise  took sow to C. Kemerling  got load of coal  25 bu at 5 cts per bu  warm snow some and melted all day  Cleared off at night

06  Went to Annawan  drove Colt C. Eyer got willows  F. Cushman here at night  warm thawed

07 Trimmed Hedge C. Eyre here after willows warm thawed went to Rockys at night

08  Trimmed Hedge fore noon  Took five Horses to Kewanee for D. Martin  Jack went too  Irve and Vesta were here C. Eyer hauled willows  warm thawed

09 Sunday Wellington Shaw and family were here, Irve sent after the cutter, Morgan McChesney here at night,. nice day thawed

10  Trimmed Hedge fore non  snowed and blew terrible in after noon

11  Went to Johnnie's Sale  gave note for $82.00 on one year's time got team, Harness and Rake  T. Knox and Jim and Ella came out and stayed all night

12 Went to Johnnies and bought a Hog weighed 280 lb bought a sow from Kemerling J.R. and Jim here. Snowed hard all day got Harness os Johnnie gave 35 for stud and 25 for mare

13  Went to Annawan  Jim Tom Ella and Lydia went too Jim and Tom went to Johnny's  I went down to Rockys to see how Jim was nice day

14 Took Tom and Jim to Kewanee drew money for horses Left one hundred Dollars in First National Bank Brought one hundred and twenty five home Brought a load of hay out to Fathers nice warm day thawed Paid Jack 50 Dollars and owe him just fifty more. Ella and jack went to Annawan to a dance

15  Hauled load of coal and paid for one load I got before  went to Johnny's to buy some corn.  Jack went to Annawan  nice warm day  Paid Johnny 13.20 for Hog

16 Sunday Cold and clear Myrtle was here Jack went Home

17  Trimmed hedge  Jack went to Cambridge  Ella went to stay all night with Mrs R  cold south wind

18 Jack went to Kewanee and took Ella and Burr, wind and snow in after noon, big wind at night

19  Went to Annawan and Hay's Sale  paid Tax 24.08  paid Barker 7.30 interest on note awful Cold

20  Went to Wellington Shaw's  got jug of molases  Jack went to Annawan with Arthur Spencer and brought his mare here to keep for him  I lent Arthur Ten Dollars  said he would be back about a week  Clear Cold Day  Mrs Rocky stopped here and sad John Rocky was just alive.  I went down and got Gobler he weighed 16 lb.

21 Went to Kewanee ordered two plows and pulverizer for 54 dollars Lydia got dress took harness over to shop to fix Jack helped Johny shell corn Billy and his Mother went to Cambridge stopped here on their way thawed some Went down to Rockys with a dispatch from Jim in Chicago he wanted her to go up there. She borrowed Fifteen Dollars of me

22  Jack and I hauled six loads of corn for Johnie and brought two loads of ear corn home  Commenced rain toward night

23 Sunday Welly Shaw was here It thawed the snow most all off Jack went home

24  We hauled Six loads of corn from Johnnies  gave him one hundred dollar order on Bank in Kewanee  W.Shaw brought Horse up to trade for Joe  thawed fast

25  Hauled three loads of corn from Johnny's  Jack hauled load of Hogs to Kewanee for C. Eyer  thawed all day  frost most out

26 Hauled corn all day from Johnny's Ed came and stayed all night

27  Finished hauling corn  paid for 512 bu at 21 1/2 cts per bu  Johnny and Steve helped haul some hedge posts down  about 235 as near as we could tell  thawing frost about all out  promised Ed 5 bu potatoes

28  Trimmed Hedge  went to dance in Annawan  thawed  Jim and Hal came as we were ready to go

29 Went to Annawan Johnny had a trial with Wilt Morgan and got beat I paid Wheelock Shaw 5.00 and I owe him $6.65 for thrashing Thawed some Paid Al Fitzkee 50 cents for supper last night.