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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Went to Conklins and got 4 sacks of oats that Norm got last thrashing time when I took two pigs over to Father and got a Calf nice warm day snow about gone, shut sow away from pigs Billy Eyer was here for me to haul a load of Coal for Jack

02 Hauled load of Coal for Mel Christian 51.40 nice day

03 Went to Kewanee got Money at Bank nice day H.H. came Home at night Borrowed Money for 90 days

04 Went to Annawan J. Rocky went too nice day went to Dance in Annawan at night, put mare in stable didn't have change to pay Steel

05 Rained all day stayed at home all day Jack came and stayed all night

06 Went to Annawan Jack went too, I paid Hank Horn 15 cts for stable room night of dance stopped at Nicks and got sack of Buckwheat Flour Warm day lots of water running

07 Sunday Nice day Burr went to J. Templetons

08 Trimmed Hedge Lydia went to town saw fire in west at night Jack here at night

09 Went to Woods Sale East of Neponset Lydia went to Irves Calf came here at night nice day cloudy

10 Went to Kewanee paid note of 82.00 to McNeeley saw Mr. Bowen got ramrod for gun snowed some Howard went to Moles Sale

11 Hauled Coal to Sleet for Jack snowed El Dickinson was over after money

12 Went to Annawan Bill Bowen was here to see Calf nice day

13 Went to Bowens to see Heifers made a trade with Will Went to Annawan nice day thawed snow most all off

14 Sunday Vesta Irve and jack were here I was down to Rockys Jim sick nice day

15 Took Calf up to Kemerlings for Will Bowen Jack helped me nice day thawed took sow to Modests Jack went Home for clothes

16 Went to W.Bowens after two heifers Jack helped me nice day thawed got 5 bu Clover seed of Will

17 Went to Arklands nice day went to Modests

18 Went to Messmore with Jack nice day

19 Hauled some Straw in Barn nice warm day rained at night Thundered like Hell

20 Rained some did nothing nice after noon

21 Sunday Lydia down to Rockys nice day

22 Nice day froze Jack came I had bad cold Heard Mrs Oliver was dead

23 Cold day Howard's Brothers came to move him Howards came from Mineral and packed their goods settled up accounts with Jack and owe him just $46.00

24 Howard Moved nice day

25 Jack got Coal Lydia went to Annawan nice day

26 Cold day J. Rocky here

27 Jack went to town after Father he came from Andrews Irve was here cool day South wind

28 Sunday Nice day Father was here Howard came and got the last of his goods