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Submitted by Max B Cushman


 01 Went to Kewane with Lydia and Burr they went to Galesburgh nice day but cold air Jack and Sula went to Annawan in afternoon

02 Jack hauled load of Coal for his Mother Cold day Bowen stopped here on his way from taking Jesie to Annawan and got some kindling Plants froze last night

03 Jack got 35 bu coal of Jack Piles nice day south wind We went to Annawan after noon Jack and Sula went to town at night I got stove linings paid 1.17 for them

04 Jack and I went to Cambridge and I paid up Costs and all but the $35.00 for Harney and for most of the witnesses nice day Sula went to town and brought Mary McChesney out rained at night young Quart here to tell us not to go to haul Hay tomorrow I paid $78.75 at Cambridge

05 Went to Annawan three times saw some of the Witnesses and they signed a receipt for their fees nice day Mary McChesney went Home got some potatoes 8 bu 80 cts per bu

06 Sunday nice day stayed at Home Sula and Jack went home

07 Jack and I went to Kewanee to get a load of goods for Oscum Nick had a suit with Stofle Nick beat nice day thawed

08 Stayed at Home Jack went to Billetts Sale then went to town nice day thawed snow is most gone for sleighing acts like rain at night

09 Jack and I went to town got some overshoes Mr Cole rode to town with as water everywhere frost out in places Jack and Sula went to town at night foggy all day, sold sow

10 Went to Quarts to get them to sign receipt nice day awful muddy Walter came Jack and Sula went to Annawan at night

11 Took Old Sow to town she weighed 480 I got 3-1/2 cts paid Harned $35.35 and got receipt Jack and Walter went with me mud is pretty deep nice day overhead

12 Went to Annawan and stayed all day Walter went Home Sula stayed here all day alone nice day thawed some saw Nick and talked to him about his suit, Sent receipts to P.B. Keeler Costs and Judgement are all paid up now

13 Sunday Jack and Sula went home nice day Wind in South thawed terribly

14 Went to Kewanee and got Lydia and Burr they and Ella came from Galesburgh, nice day thaw and snowed some Sula went Home We heard of 4 deaths today Cully, Dr. Barney's wife Curr, John Potter most dead Lydia paid Sula $3.00 for work

15 Stayed at Home all day, nice day south wind

16 Stayed at Home I chopped a little Modest here to get some sacks Lydia went to Mrs Rockys nice day windy

17 Took 95 bu Oats to Annawan got 24 cts paid taxes got receipt from Keeler Louisa was here Modest stopped here Burr went to Irves from School nice day rained at night

18 Stayed at Home nice day snowed at night Burr brought two pigeons home from Irves I made a box for them

19 Snowed all day Stayed at Home Jack went to town at night Modest had Beer Drink sent word to us by Russel Templeton

20 Sunday Went to Rocks with some letters Irves were here Snowed hard all day and drifted terrible, not very Cold

21 Jack, Burr and I went to Annawan drove Broncos nice day Modest here for help to move tomorrow sent 75 cts for Journal for Belle carter had litter of Pigs came six and all lived

22 Helped Modest move to his farm at Sheffield Jack helped Norm Johnson fix his windmill nice day stayed home Lydia went to town with Mrs Rockyfellow

23 Hauled load of Hogs for Nick Jack helped Johnson fix his mill Lydia went to Walls Ella came Home with her, Remone's moved in to Dewitts nice day thawed Hogs are worth 4 cts in Kewanee

24 Stayed at Home all day Jack went up to Johnsons a little while

25 Went to Annawan Saw Lou Furgason he is going to try to sell my Hay to a Canal Man I got a bucket of grease of Him Lydia and Ella went to Walls got flowers Mrs Rocky got some butter, I shot two Rabbits nice day, thawed

26 Went to Kewanee got wheels paid 8.00 for them G. Messmore paid me 3.00 and he owes me 2.00 yet nice day thawed Mrs Rocky here got some stuff for Cough got gallon sour syrup 2 lb of sugar

27 Sunday Went to Irves in sled nice day Jack went to town turned young Sow in with Old Sow

28 Helped Conklin move some things to place Went to Remones at night nice day Mrs. Ibson here after Horse