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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Leroy Snyder bought the old Bowen Cow for $14.00 and took her away Jack came out to stay awhile nice day Rob Pearl here to rent some land

02 Ground Hog Day sun shone part of Day I went to town and got Pump head paid $4.50 for it at Odemons then I went to Fagans, and John Agermans, and Vancroso bought 4 Calves paid him 64.00 cash for them
Irve, Steve Garagan, Dave Poni here chilly day

03 Went and got 4 Calves at Vancoosa nice day spit snow Ed Remore here awhile Ella went to Kewanee got her dishes

04 Went to Annawan Winnie paid me $9.00 that he owed me for posts and a Pig and for a Turkey
Lydia paid Jack 10.00 on his mare she has paid him 25.00 now on her and owes 15.00 nice cool day
played sinch at night I got sack flour and pair overshoes W. Frank came back today

05 Sunday stayed at Home all day nice day

06  Bill Limpka here to see about renting land  said he could get some land of O. McNeal  John J. came along and I went to town with  him, we stopped and I bought 3 calves for 50 of a man on Hayes farm  paid  him for them,  am to get the Calves tomorrow  young Limpka here and said they didnt want the land to work  Jack went to town

07 Went down to Hayes place and got 3 Calves J.T. and Steve Garagan here to buy Cows didnt sell any. I bought a Calf of Steve for 10 if it lives and is all right next week Ed Evans here to get Job trimming Hedge didnt make a deal George and Ima came at night nice day Guss Quart here to see if he could brake stalks

08  George and Ina went away  Cold day

09  Jack got 37-1/2 bu Coal of Druey  Cold day  J.T. here  Ralph came and got his pigs  26 below zero

10 Went to town took Jacks buggie down to get fixed nice day Cool, got some Oysters, Ralph and Ed Remore here for a drink

11  Wemt to town  Cold day  Sam Corwin spoke for 5 bu seed Corn  said he would give twice tghe price of Common Corn

12 Sunday Cold and Clear

13  Bought Calf of Pete for 14.00  paid his wife and got Calf  Lydia and I went to Kewanee   Jack went to town  nice day  Cool

14 Jack and I went to Modests to buy Calves didnt buy nice day

15 Went to Nicks Sale took two Brown Mares and sold them Blanch sold for 38.00 and Nancy for 25.00 the men both paid me cash but Winkle owes me 3.50 yet on his mare I went to town with J.T. Lydia went to town Jack went too Ella went to Mineral nice day Ralph Warner wants 5 bu seed Corn at 75 cts per bu.

16 Got Calf at C. Eyers and took it to C. Raisners and I bought two Calves of Raisner for 24.00 Jack went up to Boharts to buy 4 Calves but they were sold then went to town got letter from E.E. Little stating his Marriage. Jack went to town at night Remore got hay rack nice day sprinkled some cleared off at night

17 (website note: no notations for this date in file received)

18 I stayed at Home Jack went to town Ella came Home Irve here for a valice nice day

19 Sunday nice day I stayed at Home Lydia, Ella and Burr went to Wills to attend tnheir Mothers Birthday party Jack went to Wellington Shaws Lydia paid Ed 75 cts I owed him

20  Went to Annawan  put $100 in Bank  Jack went to Kewanee to see a wrestling match  nice day  Frank Stone here, man here to buy chickens

21 Went to Kewanee had Nells shoes pulled Stone was here to look at mare we made a trade he gets the Black 3 yr old and I get a 2 yr old and a yearling Heifer even trade Snowing Hard at night rained fore noon Modest Vanlere here Kewanee Opera House Burned this morning at two Oclock T. Money came to Edwins last night to stay this summer

22 Took Black mare to Stone and got a heifer and a 2 yr old Calf Went to Annawan after noon J.T. came up and went with me. He bargained for Daisy he is to give 85.00 on a years time note drawing 6 perr ct from date of note, said he would be up in a few days and get her and make out note got single harness fixed paid 35 cts got bl salt 1.00 nice day over head snow melting and sloppy Jake Cassner spoke for 5 bu seed corn, sent letter to Phil Wisehart

23 Stayed at home all day Cold day snow melted a little snow about 2 inches Clear all day and at night yet

24  Went to Annawan  Ella went to Winnies a little while  Stone here driving the mare I traded him  he wants to trade for Maud  J. Rocky here  got ax and he wants two bu Clover seed  nice day  sent letter to Ester and one to Clarence

25 Went to town took Jack he stayed I went to Irve Hecks and bought 3 Calves for 15.00 each didn't pay am to get them Monday. George Fitzkee wants load of straw rained most all day snow ice and rain roads good and smooth

26  Sunday  rained some  cleared off and froze at night

27 Took Jacks trunk to Elies then went to town and drew 100 out of Bank and went to Irves Heapes and got 3 Calves and paid him 45 for them saw Stone he said he had a Calf and wanted me to go and get it Bert Norton said Nick was going to move Wednesday wanted me to help Lydia and Ella went to town afternoon

28  Hauled two loads of Corn to Remores, saw Joe Anderson  he wants one bu Clover Seed  Wheely and Jack came across the field they helped me change rack and put in box  nice day  thawed some  rained a few minutes then cleared off and stayed clear all night,  Remores got done shelling  Homer Johnson went by with his engine and sheller  went to Taylors