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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 W.McNeal took his steers home, amount $25.50. Bound some fodder and hauled it in. At night we went down to Eyers and took Winnies wagon home, nice and warm no snow.

02 Went to Kewanee, stopped at Colingswoods and got 1.50 for kindling wood got some hog medicine, warm

03 Went to Annawan after heater but it had not come yet, cool

04 Went to Annawan and got 1895 lb of corn ground for hogs. John Williams came over and brought Mrs. W's Cow Weather quite cold.

05 Went to Annawan. Cleaned up some cobs in the hog yard. Weather misting and freezing.

06 Went over to Father's (Alden Gray Cushman - Union Army Vet- Company C - 9th Ill Vol. Cav.) Weather warm and sunny.

07 Hauled one load of corn for J.Rockyfellow

08 Hauled load of corn for J.R. Got 35 bu of coal of Ripka did not pay for it.

09 Went to Kewanee, renewed my note of $80 for 60 days at Farmers National Bank nice warm day very little snow in shade

10 Hauled load of corn for J. Rocky from John Cushmans went to Annawan and got my kettle, sold my hogs for 4.15 to deliver tomorrow, we all went to Rockyfellow in the evening. Jack Clawges and lottie Forrest were there we had a time playing cards.

11 Stayed at home and cooked feed for hogs, did not haul hogs to town. Terrible bad day windy and little snow John Williams was here yester day and got 5 shocks with corn in at .25 apiece 1.25 makes $6.45 for shocks

12 Worked at home, Lydia to Annawan, turned horses and cows in East stalks snowed and blowed all day.

13 Stayed at home all day nice day

14 Modest and I hauled 8 of my hogs, weight was 2990 at 4.15 came to $122.01 paid note $47 to Barker and gave note for $95 until April 15th and gave Dow a note for $70 until April 1st paid E.Jetzkee 27 all that I owed him.

15 Bowens road receipts amount to 5.74 John Williams was here and we went to Leimpky's to see about a job for John Ralph Schmidt was here to buy some pigs nice warm day

16 Worked around home Lydia went to Kewanee, took Bowens road receipts to him Jack and Myrt came up in the evening to play cards, nice warm day.

17 Hauled cobs out of the yard and cooked feed for hogs, nice and warm

18 Went to Annawan paid Jack $1.90 for grinding feed nice warm day mist in the morning

19 Went to Kewanee paid Whiting $31.57 on note Ralph Schmidt bought 58 pigs of me at $2.40 apiece Fred Harry & Will Holdridge was here nice warm sunny day.

20 Sunday stayed at home all day, warm and misty rained hard at night.

21 Terrible windy cold day snowed some, I cut the willows below the house and trimmed some hedge along the road

22 Cold and windy stayed at home and cooked feed

23 Went to Annawan with Rocky, got money at bank that John McNeal owed me. Bought jacket for 1.75 Clear cool day

24 Cooked feed went down to Modest, J.Rocky was here after milk, Elmer Conklin came and we bought a roaster and baker of him for $1.50 Nice day but cold wind.

25 Stayed at home cooked feed, terrible windy drifting snow.

26 Stayed at home terrible snow & wind

27 Nice day. Henry McC Ella Carrie & Annie were here also Jack & Billie Eyer.

28 Stayed at home, Lydia went to Annawan. Jack came up and I hired him for the summer for $23 per month until after corn picking. Oliver George was out and killed a cow and took one quarter weight 127 lb. and the hide for butchering.

29 J.Rocky got 130 lb of beef hind quarter went to Kewanee, signed mortgage for Mrs M. brought Rena and a load of goods home paid Huntington and Spickler $2.90 Cold south wind

30 Went after a load of coal paid $3.75 all I owe for coal Irve was here to buy a shoat to kill

31 Went to Kewanee bought a load of goods home for Mrs. M. Ed and John were here and got 6 1/2 lb beef each at 5 1/2 cts per lb. Rockys folk were here at night