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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


01  Catched a few Turkeys and went up to Johnnies to a shooting match  Sold my turkeys and won two more and sold one of them  Jack won one turkey  I paid Sadie 1.65 for a Gobler  nice day thawed a little  Johnnie went to Kansas last night to look for a place

02 Went to Annawan bought sack flour 1.05 then went to Moon Sale with C. Kemerling bought the hay at 10.00 per ton cash when I get the hay Cold day saw Geo Messmore he said he would bring corn Home next saturday

03 Awful cold Modest came up and played Dominoes awhile stayed at Home all day, clear and cold at night.

04 Cold spit snow Jack went to Kewanee and got Lydia and Burr Modist was here Nels brought a load of corn back that G. Messmore got last summer snowing at night Jack went Home

05  Sunday J. Rocky was here awhile  Cold and cloudy

06 Nice warm day hauled two loads of Oats to Annawan got 13 cts per bu In after noon hauled load of Hay from Mrs Moons had 1790 lbs of Hay paid her Ten Dollars took 122 bu oats to Annawan have sold 467 bu Oats in all

07  Took a load of Oats to Mineral  61 bu at 14 cts  Cold raw day  Johnson stopped here for jack to go to town with him  Oats sold 528 bu in all

08 Hauled load of Hay from Mrs Moon paid her $19.45 for Hay took pig to P.Rose weighed 270 got 3.35 nice warm day Sent letter to Elmer Little Paid Jack $2.25 for picking corn

09  Went to Kewanee   took some Hedge to get some doubletrees made  got some Hedge shears  saw Boman  nice warm day  Lydia and Myrtle went to Church at night.

10 Hauled Willows and trimmed Hedge Warm day Willie got straw

11  Trimmed Hedge all day  Jack husked corn for Wellie Shaw  Lydia went to town and got Clock  Warranted to run for one year  nice warm day  big cloud came up from the west at night

12 Sunday Cold Windy day Jack went to Church at night

13  Went over to Fathers and butchered a Hog  Burr went and stayed  we went to Annawan to a Woodman Supper at night  Cold day

14 Hauled willows nice and warm went to Home Farmer dance at night

15  Hauled 1.50 worth of coal  Jack husked for W.Shaw  chilly and cloudy

16 Trimmed Hedge Will Mumford was here warm day Morgan McChesney here at night

17  Trimmed Hedge  Lydia went to town  Will came and stayed all night  nice warm day

18 Did nothing stormed rain and snow a little went to Rockys at night John T's were there

19  Sunday  Went to Father's  R.J.Green and wife were there nice warm

20 Trimmed hedge all day nice and warm C.Conklin brought load of Corn 40 bu that they borrowed last summer

21  Trimmed hedge  Bowen came out after some straw and kindling  Jim Howorth came and stayed all night

22 Trimmed Hedge rained some

23  Loafed  sleet and rain

24 Jack and Lydia went to Kewanee

25  Jack and I went to Kewanee Ella came Home  I road with Shaw and Johnson

26 Went to Irves Ella Lydia and Jack went to Church at night

27  Took load of Oats to Mineral  58 bu  makes 586 bu I have sold  Lydia Ella Jack and I went to Annawan to a dance

28 Jack took Ella Home and got her Mother I trimmed some Hedge Cow had a calf Father was here

29  Trimmed Hedge  nice warm day

30  Trimmed Hedge  nice warm day

31 Hired H. Kimerling $22 and keep horse Foggy chopped tree by Rocky