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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Jack hauled load of Coal for his Mother and got two planks to haul Hay on, had them charged to me nice cool day Norm Johnson here for me to haul load of corn for him Tuesday for Bliss went to Rockys at night

02 Sunday nice day

03 Jack hauled Hay to Kewanee Pete hauled too. Mrs Rocky here Jack got check from Lyle for $100.00 nice day

04 Jack went to haul load of corn for Norm but didn't haul I went to town with Rocky got check cashed at Dows, nice day

05 Jack and J.T. took two loads of hay to Lyle Clover nice day Ralph Johnson here to tell us they were going to shell at Blisses and wanted a team from here but we couldnt go

06 Jack hauled load of Clover Hay to Kewanee Irve and Walter here I traded feed cooker for little Brown mare with Irve W. Haxby here nice day thawed muddy

07 Jack hauled Hay to Lyle I tinkered around Irve brought little Brown mare over and took kettle Home nice day

08 I took Hay to Lyle settled up with him he paid me all he owed me, nice day

09 Sunday nice day stayed at Home nobody here

10 Went to Annawan with 94 bu Oats 20 cts took salt to Modest then went to Mineral got coops for Chickens sold them for 6 cts and Turkeys for 8-1/2 cts paid Carter 35.00 for Calves nice day

11 Modest came along and I went to town with him took Chickens and some turkeys they came to 31.28 I paid Modest for the apples we got of him last fall misty day

12 Rained all day Modest man here Man came with pictures of Barn and House Old Mr Frank buried

13 Snowed and misted all day went out and got rabbit Jack went to town I took Gobler to Rockys and got one of them Bills Bull went Home

14 Went and helped Rocky kill Hog fore noon Jack got coal fore noon Lydia and I went to Irves and got 3 roosters paid them $2.00 and I bought Irves Bull Calf I am to pay him $22.50 he owes me $15.00 and that will be $37.50 he is to fetch the Bull over next Monday or Tuesday We cought Winnies Turkey and it weighed 20 lb ice day snowed at night

15 Irve brought Bull which I bought of him I paid him 22.50 and he owed me 15.00 that ignores us and makes the Bull 37.50 He bought Burrs bed for $2.00 Lydia paid him for Roosters I paid Fitzkeke 12.50 for stove I paid Shaw 50 cts for breeching nice day. Conklins things sold

16 Sunday We went to Bobs Jack took turkey to Winnie it weighed 20 lb nice day

17 Jack took team and got sow and pigs at N. Conklin and took them to his Mother I stayed at Home nice day

18 I went to Kewanee took Buggy wheels to get fixed man said he would fix them for $8.00 drew money from Bank $100.00 Jack went to Bonly Sale nice day went to Bowens for Dinner Tom Crosby to his Bull to Kewanee Said he weighed 1490 lbs

19 Went to Annawan got some potatoes and ax Jack went to Supper in Annawan nice day muddy Kimerling said he would be here in morning to dehorn Cattle

20 Kimerling came and dehorned seven head of Cattle. I paid him $1.00 nice day snowed some last night thawed today awfully sloppy Jack went to Dance in Annawan

21 Went to Annawan J. Moon here for help to haul corn tomorrow, nice day peddler wanted to stay all night light in West at night

22 Jack went to haul corn for J. Moon but they didn't shell it Snowed all day and blew terrible hard at night
I stayed at home all day fire in North at night

23 Sunday nice day thawed some we stayed at Home not much travel on road today Jack went away

24 Hauled load corn for J.Moon to Harney had a talk with Harney about suit and saw Mallory drove Brown Mares to Annawan after noon Jack went too took shoes off mare and got tug fixed and got Beef $1.00

25 Snowed all night last night and all today, has quit tonight but is blowing we stayed in House today not cold but damp snow

26 Started out to break road went to School with Burr and brought him Home Teacher didnt come Went to Annawan after noon nice day melted some ordered set bridles of Perry

27 Got load of Coal of Joe Pyle 23 bu Winnie and Aunt Kate and Belle were here sold Boar to Winnie for 5.00 and some Hedge posts at 2-1/2 cts apiece Jack went to Play in Annawan nice day

28 Winnie came and got Boar pig Little Pete here for me to haul hogs for Rocky I hauled in after noon he had 12 Hogs they weighed 3420 Jack went to Kewanee nice day Johnson's Boys left a Calf here, said they would come in morning and get it, got Bridles of Perry paid him $4.00

29 Went to Annawan and then to Winchel Sale nice day Lydia went to Annawan Jack went to town at night.

30 Sunday Went to Eds and Walls snowed a little Morton got his Buggy

31 Went to Annawan drove pony's got some ropes to tie with Winnie came and got 100 posts at 2-1/2 cts apiece they came to $2.50 did not pay for them he owes me $7.50 now nice day Jack went and brought Sula out, and we all went to Irves to a dance Elton was sick Winnie paid me 1.00 for Belle to send for a paper