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 Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Sunday We were all at Tom Kirks Freds family and Wills family Uncle Henry and Aunt Martha were there too. Nice day but chily South wind, went to Olive Branch Church at night

02 Tom Kirk and I went around to look at some Bull Calves did not find any to suit we all went to John Bach's and spent the evening nice day

03 Tom and I went to W.W.Vaugn to see some Bulls he had some good ones but wanted 100 and 150 apiece nice day wind South thawed some

04 Uncle Henry wife and Alice, Lydia and I went to Phil Wiseharts and spent the day Cold wrote a letter home to Pettitt about a Calf

05 Went to Alice and tried to telefone to W.W. Vaugn at Marion but didnt get him Toms and Lydia and I went to Fred Kirks spend afternoon I bought two Calves of Tom Kirk and paid him 70.00 for them nice day Will was out for straw saw Ed Kirk at Freds saw Fred Hobson at store

06 Haltered Calves at Kirks and cleaned them off cold day bought two halters at Neighbors store

07 We went to the Point I inquired at Depot what it would cost to send two Calves Home weight 1200 Operator said it would cost $20.00 not Crated or 10.00 in Crate to Annawan, or $8.00 not in Crate to Rock Island or 4 in Crate went Home with Milt Taylor went to see Dont a little while in evening stayed all night with Milt nice day, got a letter from Home

08 Sunday We were at Milts most of te day, went to Donts awhile then Milt took us to Nick Hoaglands saw Goldsberry Mounts at Milts nice day

09 Was at Nicks he and I went to the Point awhile Will Ashlock came along and we went home with him nice day

10 Will took us up to Marysville to see Haines folks Chas was at Marion on a trade. I went to prayer meeting with Bill nice day

11 Will Ashlock and Wife went to John Ashlocks Mrs Ashlock was sick Josie Pitts was there, Jack and his Wife was there nice day Burr has ben sick but is feeling better tonight

12 Will took us to Phils misty

13 Was at Phils and Frank Cheesbros then Phil took us to Kirks Cloudy thawing got 40.00 Check from Pettitt

14 Went to point got lumber $2.87 nails 24 cts Uncle Henry 50 cts we went to see Esther nice day made Crates got Draught cashed in Point 40.00 from G. Pettitt

15 Sunday Was at Toms Ed Kirk and Wife was there We all went to Olive Branch Church at night Preachers subject was "What is Mean" nice day

16 Alice has a Washing Machine called Excelsior nice day thawed finished Crates Lydia sent letter to Andys

17 Went to Point to see Hutchin's folks nice day

18 Went to Toms and got Calves took them to Point and shipped we came Home at night Esther went to train with us nice day

19 Got Home in morning then went back to town and got Calves, Pettitt got his Calf and paid me for his share of the freight and for the lumber to make crates nice day south wind Calves started from C.Point at 3 yesterday and got here today at 12 

20 Went to Kewanee took Mrs Mumford too Ella went too nice day Irve here Lydia gave her Mother 3.00 for staying here 3 weeks

21 Irve came and we altered some Calves Will Bowen here and bought 4 Steers and a Bull too 142-1/2 and I paid 22.50 on note and he gave me a check for 120 I rode Irves mare to help drive the Cattle over Jack came over to Irves after me nice day Ella went to Annawan

22 Sunday H. McColough here nice day Jack went away C. Fisher here

23 Took load of Hay to Fathers sprinkled some and then snowed a little, turned Colder at night and quit snowing Paid Jack 10.00 for staying here while I was gone and 25 cts for getting saw filed while I was gone

24 Went to town Jack went to stay nice day P.Grip here to buy hay

25 Lydia went to town nice day R. Pearl here for me to haul Corn tomorrow I picked some seed corn out of Crib, milked Bowen Cow weaned two Calves

26 Hauled one load of Corn for R. Pearl cold day saw Irve said he sold his Hogs wanted me to haul a load tomorrow saw John J. he said Fagain had some calves to sell

27 Hauled load of Hogs for Irve, nice day Cold Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee Burr went to Irves to stay all night

28 Hauled load of Coal paid for it and 33 bu that Jack got while I was gone cold day let stock in yard for water Burr came home

29 Sunday Jack and Will McDermone here nice day Cold I hauled Hay for Cattle Doctor went by

30 R. Remore and J.Rocky here Cold day I picked out some seed corn

31 Hauled some Hay and Straw for Cattle went to town Ella came from Kewanee nice day Frank Dont Married he gives free Dance tonight in Hall Jack said he would come out tomorrow and stay I brought his Valice out today