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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 January-March 1900



01  Hauled two loads of Corn to Dewys  Mrs Mary and Fannie Mumford went to Winnies  nice day  I bought pair bridles and pole straps of Perry Rose  Maurer and wife here

02  Hauled 3 loads Corn to Dewy nice day  Ella went to Kewanee Fick here to get water for Engine  Jack to Remores at night Mrs Rocky and Myrt here  wind West dry and dusty

03 I hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy Jack hauled one load of Oats for Eugene Heath Ella and Burr went to Aunt Kates at night Sam Pont and his brother were here to see Bulls, saw Dave Martin he said Hugh wanted to buy some steers, and saw John Joy he said Will Bowen wanted to buy some steers too I took some Oats to town nice day wind south got a letter from Alice Kirk she she said the weather was cold but their hearts were warm with the love of Jesus

04 We hauled 3 loads of Corn to Dewy W. Borem here to buy Cattle W.Walker here to see Bull Calve Irve and Vesta here Jack went to town at night George Heath talked to me about selling our Calves to a man out west nice warm day wind south

05 We hauled two loads of Corn for Dewy Will Bowen came and we sorted out 10 Steers and Jersey heifer he is to pay 32 apiece with 5 Dollars off. I helped him take them Home one steer came back rest went all right nice warm day Pete Grip here for help to shell Ella went to Kewanee Vick Smith hurt by team running away

06 Will Bowen and his Father came after a steer and we loaded him in a wagon. Jack hauled load of Corn for Grip I hauled load Corn to Dewy nice day but foggy, I went and told Remores to keep their Calves at Home John T. sold Daisy to Dave Martin for 110

07  Sunday  nice day  Wind in N.W.  Millie Mumford brought Aunt Mary up  W. Walker and J. Pace here  Ed Remore here.  Ella went away  Jack went Home

08 Hauled 3 loads Corn to Dewy Bowen here with load of posts Aunt Mary came Ibson came and got his Calves Lon Winkle paid me 3.85 that was back on the Horse he bought last winter Jack went to Woodman Supper nice warm day thawed wind in South and looks like storm at night
09 Jack hauled one load of Corn for Remores Will Walker came and got Dewy he is to leave 50.00 at Kewanee National Bank rained most all day wind S.W. at night, Jack sick at night Irve here Burr stayed at Home

10 We hauled two load Corn for Remores aand brought one up here at night Ella took Aunt Mary to J. Moons, cloudy Chilly thawing muddy no sunshine, Ernest Quart lookig for a Bull calf

11 We hauled 3 loads of Corn for Remores they owe me 2 loads of hauling now, I drew 20.00 of Dewy and paid Knowlton 22.50 on a note the Penn Insurance Co and I got a receipt and told him to Cancel my Policy and pay back the Premium which will be for a little over a fifth of 30.00 Ella went to Kewanee Burr went to Irves from School, Chilly wind N.W. spit a little snow, Aunt Mary came and told us Mrs Batten was Dead

12 I took 25 bu Corn to Father at 25 cts per bu got load Coal at Dewitts 33 bu paid for it Jack did chores and hauled manure Irves here at night I gave Irve an order to get 50.00 at Kewanee Bank on W. Walker for Bull nice day Ella and Burr went to show in the Church. Will Bowen shows with a Graffafone Mrs Mary Mumford is here they are quilting and knitting

13 We hauled 3 loads of Corn to Dewy nice day, snowed a little last night and went away today wind South Aunt Mary and Mrs. Mumford here Jack went to town at night Remore came and got his Calves

14 Sunday Went to Irves and got 50.00 that he got at Bank in Kewanee from W. Walker nice day

15  We hauled 3 loads of Corn to Dewy  Ella and Aunt Mary went to town nice day Cloudy  I paid a note of 25.00 at Bank in Annawan  gave Lydia 10.00 to give to Ella, terrible muddy

16 Husked some fodder and did chores put sows and pigs in Cow yard gave Lydia 5.00 to pay Jack on Nell that finishes paying for her. Cloudy and muddy, Aunt Mary went to H. Moons

17 Rained most all day wind N.E. ice storm Leroy Snyder Sale

18  I went to down got rubber boots  rained most of day wind N.  Jack went town at night Irve here McCaferty Sale

19 We Trimmed Hedge all day Cloudy Wind N. frost all out misty at night

20  Went to Annawan  Sold the Corn I have hauled to Dewy 1625 at 22 cents and we settled up our account  I had drawn 420.00 and he charged interest on it and I had had the money 4 months  I owe him 6.75 yet  nice day  I paid John Doubles 1.80 for flax meal and got copper wash pan at Dows paid 50 cts for it  White spoke to me about our old boar and Colt account  Ella went to Mineral with Fisher  Jack went to town at night  terrible muddy  wind N. Dick Arkland spoke to me for Clover Seed  he wants 3 bu.  Remore wants some hay

21 Sunday nice day Mrs Rocky here to see the Baby. he was born this morning about 2 Oclock muddy, wind South Baby weighed 10 lbs ("Baby" was Elmer Eugene 1-21-1900 -- 5-4-91) 2nd son of Charles and Lydia my only Uncle on my Fathers side of the family)

22  I went to Snyders Sale, Ella went to Kewanee Remores came and got 1/2 ton Hay  South wind muddy  Jip took sick on road to Kewanee

23  We trimmed Hedge  Irve here  Jiles Pettitt and wife and Aunt Mary here nice warm day  Ella went to Sheffield  Albert Mumford here  Remores shipped Cattle

24 Trimmed Hedge fore noon I went to town after noon got a can of Kerosene at Lagers paid 80 cts for it J. Moon here looking for steer nice day Jack went to town at night Dr. here at night I found my taxes to be 10.00 and over Ed Mapes said he would be out to buy two Jersey Calves tomorrow saw J. Corwin he said he would leave 6.25 at Bank for me, got note from Phenix Co. 22.50

25 Cold and windy not fit to work, C. Eyer here, Ed Remore came Home from Chicago C. Fisher here. Jack went to town to get his Mother to come out and stay awhile Jack shut a red and white steer in the Cow yard this morning.

26 Ed Remore came and got steer we worked at Hedge I went to town Colors paid me for Seed Corn, nice day wind west froze hard awful rough, Ella went away

27  I went to Kewanee to see Jip  she was down but could get up  nice day but awful rough  Aunt Mary came at night  Jack went to town at night

28 Sunday Awful cold I went to Irves to see how Vesta was she was feeling better but was not up Mary M. here Ella is to be married tonight at Wills

29 Wheelock Shaw here strange man here Ed Remore here paid me 3.00 for wagon box and 4.00 for Hay he owes me 50 cts yet on the load I got groceries at Barkers and paid for them Cold South wind

30  Jack took team and got them shod at Ed Mittens he charged 3.20 and gave orders for me to pay Mrs Eyer 3.00  Mrs Eyer worked here today  Cold day  Roan Cow with small horn had a red Bull Calf  I put it in cellar to keep it from freezing  wind in N.W. at night

31 Jack hauled one load of Corn to Dewey I took Mrs Eyer Home got 6.25 at Bank left there by Jim Corwin Cold wind in N.W. Ed Remore here to let me have their Calves I didnt see him


01  Jack hauled two loads Corn to Dewy  C. Fisher here after some things for Ella  May Mumford went to Rockys  C. Quart took two loads of oats away  nice Cool wind in S.W.

02 We hauled 4 loads Corn to Dewy nice day got a Dun from S.N. Barker

 03   We hauled 4 loads Corn to Dewy nice day  wind S.E. rained at night  wind N.E. Aunt Mary came back I went to Jiles Pettitt  Hettie T. here to see Baby.  Jack went to town at night Some of Remores Hogs have been here since yesterday Morning and their Horses were here last night in the night and ate a lot of Corn off the wagons and their Calves have been here in the yard for over a week and they know it as Ed was here and told Jack they couldnt keep them at Home and wanted to sell them to me

04  Sunday  Took Mary Mumford to Winnies  nice day wind S. a little snow  Baby weighted 12 lbs.

05 Went to Kewanee to see Jip, she Died last Friday I paid at Livery 5.00 and Paid Mayhew 5.00 for hauling her to Barn and Powell said if she had have lived he would have charged 23.00 but as she had died he would only charge 10.00 I settled with them all but Powell Jack hauled Corn for Limpka nice day Mrs. Eyer came out to work Robert Falon here to buy a Bull. Saw Mr. Armstrong he said he would come over and try to buy my steer Calves Ed Remore came up and got their Hogs that have been here since last thursday W. Bowen sent my note of 327

06 We hauled 3 loads of Corn to Dewey nice day thawed a little Al Clark here to buy Corn Mrs Eyer Washed wind S E.Holdrige paid me 5.25 for seed Corn

07  I hauled 2 load of Ear Corn to Dewy and Jack hauled 2 loads of Shelled Corn for G. Quart  thawed and rained  Mrs Eyer ironed wind S  Frank Dont got 7  pigeons as 10 cts apiece

08 Took Mrs Eyer Home paid her 5.00 two for work and three for E. Mitten Cold wind and snow, paid Taxes 10.29 and paid Barker 26.82 Drew $100 of Dewy

09 Trimmed Hedge fore noon paid Jack $25.00 and also 1.50 for shoveling Corn Ed Mapes came out and bought two Jersey Calves gave 8.00 a piece and paid Cash he also bargained for 19 steers at 28.00 a piece he has two weeks to get them away providing I cannot sell them for 30.00 each before he takes them away I went to town with Ed. Will Carter spoke to me for Clover Seed I asked him 6.00 said he would let me know agents here nice day

10 Went to Kewanee paid Dr. Powell 10.00 for doctoring Jip paid W. Mumford 50 cts for what he paid out on Jip, Saw Bob Falon he said he was coming over about next Wednesday nice warm day thaw walked to town and rode Home with Limpky wind South

11  Sunday  nice day Vesta and Nell here sunshine and thaw wind South  Elmer weighed 14 lbs

12 Trimmed Hedge I went to Boisters to get Girl to work but did not get her C. Quart shelled his Corn here thawing snowing at night Jack went to town at night wind turned from S. to N.

13  I took Jerseys to Ed Mapes  Jack hauled load of Corn to Dewy nice day wind W

14 Nice day Jack hauled manure

15  Jack hauled Coal paid for it Cold

16 Hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy Cold day wind N.W.

17  Hauled three loads Corn to Dewy  Cool took 10 lb Butter to Dewy he paid me $2.00 wind N.W.

18  Sunday  Mrs R. and Myrtle here  Ben Henry here nice day wind N.W.  Remores Hogs here
Elmer weighed 15 lbs  Myrt gave him a pair of knit shoes

19 We hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy he offered me 28 cts didnt sell Ed Mapes came out and we took steers to Humphreys and weighed them 21 steers weighed 11,190 lbs Heifer got away from us and we left her in MacNeelys 80, nice day thawed wind S.E.

20 Hauled 4 loads of Corn to Dewy got Calf from Quarts Bartons Sale and John Martin Sale too Thaw warm day wind South Joe Anderson Baby Died

21 Took two loads of Corn to Dewy Ed Memore came and got their Hogs that has been here since Sunday Snowed all day Jack went to lodge got letter from Alice said Daisy May was recorded in Vol 40

22 Hauled 3 loads Corn to Dewy Mrs Eyer paid me 1.80 for Butter L. Furguson paid 1.00 for Butter nice day thawed Wind N.W. Andersons Baby Buried

23  We hauled 3 loads of Corn to Dewy  Jack hauled one load of shelled Corn for J.T.  nice day Wind N.W.

24  Stormy day  Jack went to Kewanee afternoon Wind N.W.

25 Sunday nice Cool day Mrs Mumford went to Church Wind N.W.

26  Jack hauled one load of Corn for John T. and then he got one load of Seed Oats of E. Stordey 77 bu and some pounds  I loaded a load of Corn  F. Stone here for help, nice day Jack went to town at night

27 I hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy and Jack hauled two loads of Oats from Storeys have got 241.22 nice day snow at night wind N.E.

28  Snow all day  wind N.E.  W. Morton here and bought Jacks Cutter

MARCH 1900

01 Hauled load of Corn to Dewy went to Sale at Mesmores Jack took load of Hay to Hords and Furguson Aunt Kate here nice day

02 Jack took load of Hay to Billett paid for it Leon paid me for what me for what he got Remore paid me 10.00 and we called us square Jack got load of Coal Lydia took Baby and went to Preachers nice day

03 Jack hauled load of Oats from Storeys H. Bumphry here to see steers said he would be after them Monday Folks all went to town nice day wind S.W. Jack went away at night with Morton Mowen said he would be up Monday to see Bull I hauled load of Corn to Dewy Corn is worth 28 cts

04 Sunday Irves here, Dace too nice day Remores Hogs came here

05  Bumphrey came and got 21 steers that he bargained for with E. Mapes he gave me a check for $598.50 and I left 10.50 at Bank for E. Mapes and I left $588 at Bank for myself, then I sold a Calf to Bumphry for $14.00 he paid me $15.00 and I am to pay him back 1.00, Jack hauled one load of Corn to Dewy, Sleeted all day several familys moving today

06 Took two loads Corn to Dewy Cold West Wind awful Icy I drew $588.00 from Bank

07  Jack took load of Hay to Fathers worth $9.00  Bowen here with load of posts I paid him 500.00 on last years rent, and gave him receipt for road work which he paid me for  Mowen here to see Bulls  I went to Rockys to get Boar.  nice warm day wind South Snow melting  Jack paid Stoney $82.00 for Oats for me

08 Lydia and I went to Kewanee took Mrs Mumford I paid her 20.00 for working here 6 weeks paid store bill at Turners 9.03 paid 2.75 for shoes and pants for Burr tried to sell some Clover seed couldnt but am going to take some to Kenishes for them to sell for me I am to get 5.50 and they are to get 25 cts per bu for selling and sell it for 5.75 per bu nice warm day Bowen here and fixed Cistern Remores here and got their Hogs John J. here driving Horse

09  Went to Kewanee took 21 bu Clover seed to Kenish and Cable to sell for me  they are to sell it for 5.75 and pay me 5.50  went to Annawan after noon took Billy Mack 5 lb Butter he paid me 1.00 for it nice warm day  Irve and Oscum here  Jack took 28 bu Corn to Father

10  Irve came and we put rings in the Bulls noses  them we went to town and got 15 sows of Ed Makes  I gave a note for 185.00 for 6 months  Remores here and got their Calves  Ibsom here and got 3 bu Clover seed paid me money  got sack flour paid Barker 1.50 for it nice day wind S.W. thawing snow fast

11 Sunday Went to Kewanee to hire Dora Mapes didnt hire her nice day hired one of Eveners Girls for 2.00 per week she is to come next week, high waters wind south changed to N.E. at night

12 I went to Irves Jack trimmed Hedge nice warm day C. Quart hauled load of Corn from here to his place wind S.

13  Irve came over brought 3 roosters I gave him 75 cts for them we settled up and he owes me 25.50 for pasture didnt pay it, I went to town after noon and sold 1700 and some bu Corn at 31 cts paid at note at Barker of $300. got some tugs and Hedge shears fixed  C.Quart hauled some more Corn from here Jack trimmed Hedge nice day terrible muddy settled with Joll Everett

14 I went to Fathers and settled with him for Pasture Jack trimmed Hedge Par Wells here and got one bu seed Clover and paid 5.50 nice day snowed some thawed some wind N.W.

15  Went to town got a spout for seeder paid Odems 1.00 for it bought a pair of Scales of Barker paid him 3.00 for them  I took them 6 lb Butter they paid me 1.25 for it, got washing at Mrs Eyers didnt pay for it, paid Jack 25.00  he went to town at night,, J Rocky here said Haxby was paralized on one side  snowed some cold day thawed some when sun shone blustery roads awful rough

16 Did nothing but chores Cold blustery day snowed a man stopped here for a Job, he then went to Bumphreys Burr went to Preachers and spent the day

17 Went to town to Caucus bought 3 halters paid 4.50 for them

18  Sunday We went to Irves then I went and got Miss Evener to work for us she is to work for 2.00 per week nice day Wind S,W.

19 Hitched Stone Colt up and drove him nice day wind N.W.

20  Went to town took 6-1/2 lb Butter to Mrs Eyer and paid her for washing, to S. Corwin 2 bu Clover seed at 5.50 per bu didnt pay for it.  saw J. Etter and partly made a deal on a Calf, Cool day

21 Sent 1.00 to Geneseo Republican for inserting an add in paper, of my Cattle for one month yesterday John Vetter came and got Hobson and gave a note for 75.00 and I left the note at Bank nice day wind S.W. Mrs R. and Myrtle here Will Eyer came from Ohio

22 Went to town got Set of Harness paid 36.00 for them, Will Mumford came over I paid him 65.00 on note nice day wind S.W. drove two Colts, Jack went to town at night

23 Drove Colts went to town twice nice day

24  Jack drove Colts  I sorted Potatoes  Lyde here, Ella here nice day, Erma Evgen went Home Jack trimmed Hedge after noon

25  Sunday  raining slow and freezing a little  Ella here

26 Drove Black Colt to town, got some Groceries paid for them and got a spout for Seeder paid for it at Odemas Ella went Home at noon, nice Cool day Ben brought Burr Home Horse Back

27 Went to town drove Bay mare Colt, Sam Corwin paid me 11.00 for Clover Seed rained part of day and is raining yet at night

28  County Convention  I was a delegate but didnt go was a bad stormy day

29  We drove a Colt to town, Lydia and Burr went to Buda we took them to the train bad day misty.  A big ice storm since yesterday  Jack Emma and I are here alone tonight  I got two letters from men wanting Bull Calves

30 Drove Colts to town nice day Emma went Home

31  Drove Colts to town  had break down  nice day snow most of day all gone terrible muddy got a letter from Mr Allen of Atkinson wanting some Cows and Heifers  Sold G. Humphrey 2 bu Clover seet at 5.50 per bu  I am to take it to him Monday and he wants seeder G. Kemerling here