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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JULY 1896

01 Hauled corn for J. Rocky went to town after noon paid Bill Vandermark 25 cts for work, and got sickel fixed at camps, Bowens here 4 men painters came today nice day

02 Got 4 Hogs of C. Eyre Paid him 29 for them gave him 30 he owes me 1.00 Bowens here 5 men I paid Bowen 1.50 for post hole digger nice day George Messmore here for us to work road Boys hauled corn for George Bowen 2 loads

03 Worked on Barn fore noon Bowen came out and got Painters and took them Home We worked on road after noon. Rained fore noon nice after noon

04 Mowed Hay the rest all went away Paid Jack 5.00 nice day

05 Sunday Stayed at Home all day George and Ina here nice day

06 Mowed grass finished working on road little George brought receipt at night I went to town at night and got some forks and got money for corn Bowen here with two painters nice day

07 Worked in Hay Will McChesney helped Harry helped Rocky 1/2 day Pete helped us fore noon two of Bowens here nice day

08 Worked in Hay Will McChesney worked Eb Knox worked half day Bowen here and got painters I paid him $700. Nice day Ella went to Kewanee I paid her $5.00 J. Rocky here at night

09 Harry Bill McChesney and Alva helped Rocky Jack and Ebb put up hay I mowed nice day

10 Worked in Hay all day Pete helped Ebb Will McChesney and Alva went Home nice day Paid all of the day men when they left

11 Boys Hayed fore noon Pete helped etoo I went to town and got repairs for Reaper. Cut grain after noon boys finished haying and Shocked some nice day

12 Sunday stayed at Home nice day

13 Cut Oats Boys shocked went to Messmores to see George Billy brought pup Jack quit work

14 Cut Oats George cut after noon nice day

15 Rained cut oats after noon Bill Owens helped after noon Father here Burr went home with him

16 Cut Oats Owens helped G. Messmore cut Lydia got twine five balls 4 lb each nice day

17 Cut all day finished G. Messmore cut Owens shocked all day got 4 balls 5 lbs each of J. Rocky

18 Rained all day Owens stayed here Harry took him to Annawan Paid him 3.25 settled with Harry paid him all but 7.00

19 Sunday Took 4 Horses to Father Jim and Hat was here Jack came and stayed rained morning nice after noon katydids hollowed a week ago paid Jim for twine 1.60

20 Went to Kewanee after money at Bank Bowen was here we settled rent paid Crains settled with Jack and harry Hired a man in Kewanee for 22.00 per month til after Corn picking Harry and Jack shocked oats all day nice day

21 Went to town Paid P.Rose for Meat 22.00 shocked some Oats fore noon rained after noon

22 Mowed weeds Picked up Boards Jack took load of kindling home nice day

23 Rained all day Jack was here

24 Went to Couve's and Paid Fred $70.00 for shelling Corn the last two years. Cleared off and a nice day, J. Rocky brought plow and Harness Home

25 Nice clear day went to Kewanee Trimmed some Hedge

26 Sunday Rained in morning

27 Trimmed Hedge rained in fore noon Peter was here with mare

28 Went to Annawan fore noon Alex Templeton worked one half day John F. worked half day Alex gets 1.00 per day John 1.25 per day helped Messmore half day with two men nice day

29 Went to find a machine John and Alex spread oats nice day

30 John and Alex and I reset Oats fore noon Paid Alex 2.00 he went Home he had worked two days John has worked two days nic day

31 Shocked Oats fore noon rained after noon