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Submitted by Max B Cushman

JULY 1897

 01 Commenced to work in hay Ed worked hot day George Bowen came and told us Jim is dead

02 Hauled Hay all day hot day Lydia went to Jim Bowens funeral Ed worked all day

03 Will lost all day Jack lost 1/2 day Ed lost 1/2 day Nell was here Windy and hot

04 Sunday Irves here Hot day rained at night

05 Hauled corn in big crib Boys plowed corn after noon I turned some hay hot day Billy took his Horse to pasture

06 Mowed grass Boys plowed corn Ed helped all day I got some wild hay of him to cover stack Hot day Lydia to Annawan

07 Worked in hay Hot day Ed worked all day he got sack of corn he and Jack went to town at night

08 Plowed Corn and made Hay Ed helped all day hot Cow had Calf

09 Plowed and made Hay. Hot Daisy helped 1/2 day Mr Heaps buried Ed helped all day

10 Made Hay hauled all day J.T. helped all day Ed helped all day Hot fore noon turned cool toward night Lydia went to Annawan for meat. paid for it

11 Sunday Cool El Dickson here

12 Worked in Hay nice day

13 Worked in Hay Ed worked all day finished cutting Man here to buy hay nice day Jack went and got Alva

14 Hauled hay and cocked some, Alva Eyer and Ed hjelped all day rained toward night

15 Worked in Hay Ed worked 3/4 day nice day J.Rocky here for help

16 Worked at Hay. Finished stacking. Ed worked 1/2 day nice day threatened rain

17 Took load of Hay to Ed Evans, got 120 lb of twine of Odeman at 7-1/2 per lb Barker said he would take some Hay any time nice day Bill helped Rocky 1/2 day

18 Sunday Wheelock Shaw here Will went and got his horse nice day Ed and family here Irves here Mrs Rocky and Lovell here

19 Boys hauled one load of hay to Barker fore noon load weighed 2,520 lb which makes 5,330 lb of Hay nice day tinkered with Reaper

20 Hauled Corn from Grainery shot some rats, rained some Fick was here

21 Hauled some corn cut some Oats nice day Billy went to town at night to get repair for Binder, Jack sick at night

22 Will and I worked at Oats nice day Steve West here to buy Hay Mrs Eyer here, Jack sick Will and Burr went to town at night

23 Cut Oats and shocked Perry Rose shocked all day I went to town to get repair for Binder didnt get it hot day N. Johnson here Marg here West came and got spoilt Corn Webster here to see Jack

24 Went to town fore noon Cut Oats after noon. Perry helped 1/2 day rained in the morning Bred big grey mare for Johnson

25 Sunday nice day C. Humphrey here to shave Jack

26 Cut all day Perry helped, George Ding helped paid him $1.25 Quart here for help to Thrash. Guss Sholtz here after my job of thrashing. Convies took new machine Home nice day

27 Cut Oats Perry helped all day finished on 80 Jack went homne with Perry Lydia went after blackberrys nice day

28 Finished Cutting Oats Perry helped 1/2 day. I went to Annawan after noon saw Fick he said he charged 2 cts for Thrashing Will heloped Quart thrash all day Norm Conklin here for help to thrash next Monday, nice day

29 Will helped Quart thrash fore noon, I went to see Dixon then to Annawan saw Harney told him I would take 25 cts for my corn if I could deliver it any tinme inside of 30 days from today Perry fixed 4 tugs for me Jack came Home with me, nice day

30 Will and Jack helped C.Eyer 3/4 day Lydia went to Eds Haxby here for help to thrash Mondy Jack worked today nice day

31 Will helped John J. shock Oats, Jack trimmed hedge. I mowed some in fore noon. Hot day went to Annawan after noon Jack lost one half day Nell C. and Libbie Rick came and stayed all night.