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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JULY 1898


01 Jack and Albert plowed Corn Clarence Evener Will and I Hayed nice day paid Evener 1.00

02 Jack and Albert finished plowing fore noon Albert and Clarence Evener Hayed all day Nice day windy paid Evener 5.00 and Will 5.00 he has earned 7.25 and I owe him 2.25 yet Albert has worked 13-1/4 days at 1.00 per day

03 Sunday nice day C. Fisher here

04 Nice day George and Ina here we went to Annawan at night Stone cut Hay on 20 below

05 Evener Clarence and Alva worked in Hay nice day Burr got 4 doz Eggs of Mrs R. Lydia and Mrs Rocky went to town

06 Will Clarence Albert Evener and Alva worked in Hay John Templeton helped all day nice day Sula came out and helped Lydia Boys all went home didnt pay any of them Limpka cut his hay

07 Jack and I worked in Hay put some in Barn stacked some cocked some Stone and Limpka hauled some home nice day Sula went home Saw a Hearse go along Annawan road south in fore noon

08 We hayed all day George Stagner worked all day I paid him 1.25 Will Morton worked I owe him 4.75 now nice day sprinkled some John J. Helped Hay We settled and called it square up to date

09 Hauled some Hay fore non went to Kewanee after noon took Horses to Post saw J. Pyles and got 3.00 Jury fees got fly sheets 1.75 drew $45.00 from Union National Bank nice day

10 Sunday nice day C. Fisher here J.Rocky and George Haxby here

1 Finished hauling hay Cut weds nice day Duke got out and had fight with Stub mowed yard took tedder home

12 Cut Oats all day Irve cut some after noon Lydia went to town paid Barker 10.00 I borrowed paid Alva 75 cts for work Winnie here Jim Rocky and George Haxby here nice day Quarts Mules ran away

13 Finished cutting Oats on south 20 and cut some on north 40 Irve cut too nice day Jack and Clarence went to town at night Irve went Home Stone finished Haying on 20 South

14 Cut on 40 Irve cut all day I broke down fore non went kto town got crank shaft paid 1.50 and paid for a rack for spreading bundle carrier 70 cts made $2.20 paid Odenman Clarence shocked all day makes 4 days he has worked since we setled I paid him $5.00 and we are square nice day, Burr went Home with Irve

15 Cut Oats Irve helped We settled up and called it square Guss Evener here and got his pay 4.50 for work and we are square Irve took his reaper Home nice day Hot looks like rain at night

16 Finished cutting on North 40 Mr. Bowen here hot day Jack went to town at night George Haxby came Home with him

17 Sunday Hot day George Haxaby stayed awhile Jack shocked some Oats in morning

18 Shocked some in fore noon took 3 Calves to pasture after noon got harness of Father for 5.00 paid him and bought Calf of them for 15.00 didnt pay for it nice day

19 Cut Oats nice day big wind and rain at night

20 Cut Oats nice day Alva here got Nell to go to Kewanee

21 Fixed stacks and cut Oats Lydia and Ella to Aunt Kates Irve and Vesta here at night

22 Cut Oats and fixed stacks Hank McColough and Sister here Ella went to Aunt Kates with them nice day

23 Broke Reaper went to town got repairs and settled with Odeman Cut Oats rest of day Hot day Will Morton here C. Fisher here

24 Sunday Hot day Burr went to Templetons

25 Finished cutting Oats, rain came up but soon dried off G. Messmore here for help to thrash tomorrow afternoon

26 Shocked Oats and recapped some fore noon N. Johnson and Irve here for help to thrash. Hot day Irve wants one man Thurs. morning

27 Helped G. Messmore all day one man Jack got coal 37.50 Hot day shower at night

28 Helped Irve 3/4 day thrash Lydia and Ella went too Jack and Will Morton helped Wheelock Shaw all day nice day. Ella went and stayed all night at Irves

29 Jack and I helped Wheelock Shaw fore noon and we helped Wellington After noon nice day rained at night

30 We fixed Grainery, Will Morton here I paid him 5.75 we are square, nice day Went to Kewanee W. Lyle paid me $10.00 for Hay. Irves here at night

31 Sunday Went to Camp meeting near Buda nice cool day