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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JULY 1899

01 Plowed Corn Lydia went to town Sula came home with her stayed all night nice Hot day

02 Sunday Will Mack and Jack came out spent day nice Hot day I went to School House we Directors met and decided to have the School House shingled

03 Plowed Corn Lydia and Ella went to Irves nice fore noon rained after noon and night

04 Went to town and got some Ice rained all fore noon nice after noon We made some Ice cream Annawan celebrated we didnt go I paid Mallory for cheese

05 I mowed road plowed Corn a man commenced work at noon for 1.00 per day Lydia went to town got letter from W. Ashbrock nice day J. Douglas paid 7.25 for Colt and Corn

06 Went to town got some Oil and some forks, took Shaw rake home mowed some hay the man mowed with Scythe all day Ella went to Kewanee Burr came Home with her. I went and opened School House to show a man the work to be done Arthur Moon here to get order signed for 30.00 nice day Grant Humphrey here and got 120 lbs Clover Seed at 5 per bu he paid me 6.00 and owes me 5.00 yet he is to leave it with W.H. Holzinger Jersey Cow had Calf

07 Mowed Hay most of day Carter and an Agent was here to se mower work Howey Fittzkee here and left a bid on the work to be done on School House, my man has worked all day I paid him 2.50 and let him quit Walter brought wagon Home Lydia went to town Ella went to Moreys to get some Cherrys but got none nice day Cool in evening

08 Mowed until 4 Oclock then went to town got bl Salt andf got a Hand Dump Rake of Fittzkee they are to change with me when they get a self Dump this one is 18.00 and the other one is 90.00 Lydia and Ella went to Irves nice day Pete Decker here to see when I wanted him to work

09 Bumphrey and Messmore here to open bids on the work to be done on School House Howey Fittzkee got the job at 50.00 Jack here Ella went to Kewanee nice day Al and Addie Fittzkee here P. Rose and Al Steel here Irve and Vesta here Wellington Shaw and Family here El Beam came and put in a bid on the School House Job his bid is 45.00 I went up to see the other directors to see if they were willing to let him in after we had opened the bids, Messmore was willing but didnt see Bumphrey

10 Mowed Hay all day Carter and agent here I paid Carter 38.00 for Mower Evans Modrow Kemerling and Decker worked all day Willie and Eli here at night nice day men all went Home Lydia went town

11 Went to Fathers and got team then mowed rest of day Pete, Andrew, Ed, Modrow, and Ed Remore worked all day, J. Knox and wife were here with Fathers hot day Ed and Modrow went Home at night the Boys stacked about ten ton of Hay wind in south at night

12 Mowed 5 acres of Hay for Willie Shaw Pete, Andrew, Moddrow and Ed Remore worked all day, J. Knox helped Jim Daily helped for Shaw Hot day we had Remores team all day Boys all went Home

13 Hauled Hay in Barn Hot, Ed. Modrow Pete Andrew and Alva and J. Knox helped all day had Remores team Dalph came and got Rake at noon Boys went Home at night

14 Rained all night last night and some today J. Knox went to Fathers, I took Romores team Home, Hetchler here to trade for Binder Hot and showery all day went to town Willie Shaw Paid me 25.00 for Hay I paid L Furguson 3.75 for meat Paid Andrew Kemerling 1.00

15 Went to School House to fix Pump mowed grass after noon Hot day

16 Sunday Hot and sultry Father brought Jackson over, tramp came and stayed all night

17 Nice day Ed, Pete, Modrow, Anddrew, Jackson worked in Hay. I Mowed south of road Will came and stayed all night

18 Men stacked Hay fore noon I mowed we put in Barn afternoon filled it full Pete, Ed, Andrew Jackson Modrow all day Alva half day I paid him 1.25 for whatd he has done, we had J.T. team after noon and one horse of Remores all day nice clear Hot day

19 Hayed all day Jackson Andres We. Modrow Pete and Waltger Henry
worked Pete quitd I paid him 9.00 all I owed him nice day Lydia went to Gudgets for Black Berrys

20 Stacked Hay Evans, Kemerling, Modrow, Knox all worked. I paid Evans 10.00, Modrow 10.00 Kemerling 9.00, Knox 1.00 went to town got bl salt C. Quart got 70 lbs twine didnt pay for it is to pay 4.50 for it nice day, Hot, Burr went to Shaws

21 Knox and I hauled Hay Hot day Bowen here Lydia and Ella went to town at night Ed. Mapes brought a Calf out and I gave him 6.00 for it he is to bring another one at same price, sent J.T. team Home Russel came and got it

22 Jackson and I hauled Hay all day nice day clear and Breezy Jackson has worked 8 days and I owe him 9.00 Ella and Burr went to Kewanee, wind in East Lydia paid Ella 5.00

23 Sunday Jackson and I took Jim and Bill to Pasture and got some supplies Lydia and Ella went to Church, Morey is to Preach nice clear day wind East. Paid Jackson all I owe him J.T. came and hired Jackson to shock Oats for 1.25 per day

24 Jackson and I finished hauling Hay Jim Knox came by on his way to Annawan Jackson went to help John T. after noon I went to town took rake back to Fittzkee nice day sprinkled some just at evening

25 I mowed some weeds around fence fore noon went to School House after noon then to Irves Vesta came over Lydia and Ella went to town at night Jackson came at night nice hot day

26 Mowed weeds went to School House to see Beams work Lydia and Ella went to town nice Hot day

27 Went to town got flour nice day Beam here got order signed for
fixing the School House Burr and Bennie went to Picknick to Bartons Quarts cutting Oats at dark on 80

28 Went Annawan got 5.00 from G. Humphrey bought 4 Wagon Boxes of A. Rocky paid him 10.00 got Fish Wagon too nice day Lydia got her teeth filled Burr and Ben went to Irves, C. Quarts finished his Oats aand spoke for room for his Oats John T. spoke for help tomorrow to thrash and Wheelock Shaw after John. Wind in West

29 Helped J.T. thrash hauled two loads Oats to town for him nice day misty in morning Nell and Miss Barrett here, Lydia had tooth pulled H. Hamrock here for fat Cattle Preacher got Corn

30 Sunday nice day Jack here Ed Remore here Chas Quart here and C. Fisher here Lydia and Ella went to Church to hear Jim Douglas Preach Burr down to Templetons

31 Hauled 3 load of Oats to town for John T. John Dwire paid me 1.50 for seed Corn, nice day small shower sold Wagon Box to R. Remore didnt pay for it he is to give me 3.00 for it Winnie rode to town with me Nell C. was to Annawan