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 July-September 1901 
July 1901

01  Helped Neal plow Corn fore noon  Big rain after noon

02  Chopped wood fore noon  Lydia and Burr picked berries fore noon  helped Wetrich haul Hay after noon  rained some at night  Lakes Boys stayed all night

03  Helped Wetrich Hay 3/4 day  nice day

04  Helped Wetrich 1/4 day  went to Earlham to celebrate  nice day

05  Helped Wetrich haul Hay all day  finished his first piece  nice day but windy  we got a card from Lizzie Sharp saying she would be here next Monday and that Father and Mother were at Casey

06  Helped Wetrich mow away two loads of Hay and then start on his Barley fore noon  went to Dexter after noon  Swain Neal commenced cutting hay on west 40 at noon, owe Downey 53 cts for Groceries

07  Sunday  nice day, went to Leitys

08  Mowed Grass in fore noon and got load Corn for Holderbom  went to Dexter after Lizzie Sharp after noon nice day

09  Went to Monts took Lizzie  hauled some hay after noon  windy and hot  Calf Died

10  Hauled hay all day  Wetrich helped one man  nice day  Neal finished hauling his hay from here

11  Hauled Hay all day at Home  Wetrich helped me all day  nice Hot day.  Mr Steel here

12  Finished hauling Hay fore noon  Wetrich helped forenoon, Hot day  I helped Wetrich haul Hay after noon we finished his Hay

13  Helped Wetrich stack Barley fore noon went to Dexter and got Father and Mother  nice Hot Day

14  Sunday  Bosleys here Hot Day

15  Helped Wetrich stack Barley and cut Oats, nice day

16  Helped Wetrich cut Oats, nice day.

17  Helped Wetrich fore noon with his Oats and I cut Hay at Home after noon, Wetrich cut Timothy seed for me afternoon  Hot day

18  Shocked Timothy fore noon  Lydia Father and Mother went to Earlham  Wetrich helped haul Hay after noon  Ruby helped 1/4 day, rained shower last night, Hot day  Johnson here

19  Hauled Hay fore noon  Witrich and Ruby helped fore noon, Wetrich Cut Oats and Wheat afternoon  I shocked my Oats and we run load of Hay in Barn after noon  nice Hot day, John Wetrich Cut some Wheat in evening.  Mr. Wilt Buried in Earlham and a Soldier Boy buried in Earlham

20  Shocked Oats and Wheat  Hot day

21  Sunday  Went to Monts and Earleys Thermometer stood 108 Degrees

22  Went to Dexter got some twine and plank and a Bed, helped Wetrich stack wheat afternoon  Hot day  Flemings shelled Corn here

23  Hauled load for Steel  rained some

24  Helped Witrich 3/4 day  Lydia went to meet Aunt Sallie and Ann  nice day  I was sick part of day  Helped Mont haul Hogs at night

25  Helped Wetrick 3/4 day the rest of the folks went to Monts  Sallie and Ann stayed  Hot day

26  Helped Wetrich stack Oats  nice day  Swain Neal stopped to see us about work

27  Helped Wetrich til two 30 and then he helped me stack wheat  nice day  Lydia took Sallie to Dexter

28  Sunday  rained in morning  Mr Wetrich here

29  Finished my grain  Mr Wetrich helped  nice day

30  Big rain in south  I turned steers in with other Cattle and fixed fence fore noon  Helped Wetrich haul Hay

31  Helped Wetrich haul Hay  nice day  finished hauling below and hauled some from home place

AUGUST 1901 

01  Fixed well Curb  Took Father and Mother over to Monts in Evening  nice day

02  Took Wetrichs Hog Home went to Earlham with Wetrich  nice day  Mrs Neff here

03  Fixed fence and cleaned out shed, rained slow most of day

04  Sunday  Mont and Clara came and brought Father and Mother  nice day  Mr Wetrich here

05  Fixed fence helped Jake Neff thrash fore noon went to Stone Quary and Earlham  nice day

06  Father and I went to Mr Wilson's to see his Cattle  Mother and Lydia went to Lakes  nice day

07  Helped Wetrich load some Timothy.  Swain Neal put two Horses in opasture  nice day  sprinkled some  Mrs Wetrich here for Corn to cook

08  Helped Wetrich Thrash fore noon, I thrashed my Timothy  had 9 sacks full.  I hauled two Jaggs of chaff home after noon, threatened rain some fore noon

09  Rained slow most of day, took Timothy seed to Dexter had 17 bu and 11 lbs and got 2.00 per bu, took Stanleys wagon Home

10  Went to Perry took Father  Mother and Clara went with us nice Hot day

11  Sunday  We all rode around through Perry nice day

12  We came Home  nice day  Clara stayed all night  Burr stayed with Mr Wetrich while we were gone

13  I helped Holderbam Thrash fore non and Mr Emert afternoon nice day  Clara stayed here all day Mont stopped here and Clara went Home with  him  paid for Timothy Thrashing $1.85 got Receipt

14  Tinkered around fixed fence fore noon  nice day  Piano man here

15  Hauled wood, sold some wood to Teamster in Earlham for 75 cts  Nellis took his steers out of pasture and paid me 12.00  nice day

16  Helped Stanley thrash 1/2 day  nice day  C.Tompson and Mr Harrah here to see Bulls

17  Cleaned Hen House and hauled manure, nice day  Cord Boil stopped at night for help to Thrash

18  Sunday  Swain Neal here  I paid him 8.60 for Corn  nice day  Lydia went to Lakes  Swain took his Horses Home

19  Helped Mont Thrash  nice day

20  Hauled Manure  nice day

21  Hauled manure  nice day  got Crabs of Wetrich paid 20 cts

22  Hauled Manure fore noon  Mont here. I went to Dexter after noon  took tank hoops  nice day got Grindstone paid $3.00

23  Hauled manure nice day

24  Took Lydia and Boys to town  they went to DesMoines  did Chores rest of day

25  Sunday  Mr Wetrich here fore noon  Frank and Bert Land came at noon  we went to Wetrich for dinner  they went home after noon  nice Hot Day  sprinkled after night  I took milk to Wetrich

26  Hauled manure  hot day  wind N.E. took milk to Wetrich  got two sec Honey

27  Hauled manure, Clear day wind S.E.  Nellis here for Elderberries, took milk to Wetrich at Morning and Eve  Mail man's Wife came with mail

28  Lydia came Home, Winnie came with her  Hot Dusty Day

29  Run around some to see Country, got tank at Dexter  paid 10.40 for it Hot Dusty

30  Win and I went to Monts and to Chas Devalts  I paid him 8.00 for Boar Pig  am to get it Monday, we went to see Lakes and Overhousers farms  Hot Dusty day, man here to see Bulls

31  Win and I went to Earlham  Win went to see a farm of 190 acres with Red Pearson  Hot and Dusty  threatened rain


01  Sunday  Win went home and we went to Monts  Hot and Dusty

02  Went and got a Boar pig of Charley Devolt  Mont and him Mother and Sister here  Hot and dry

03  I went and dug in a well for Mont  dug about 16 ft  Hot and dry

04  Snapped Corn and cut fodder for Cattle  Hot and dry

05  Snapped Corn and cut fodder  Hot and dry  threatened rain but cleared off

06  Snapped and cut Corn and went to Dexter and got some Groceries and load Coal 1.75  Hot and dry  McKinley shot

07  Cut and snapped Corn and hauled manure, rained some  Burr went to Stuart  S. Neal got Ball twine and brought it back

08  Sunday  Wetrich and Dora here and we all went down there after noon  rained some

09  Went to Dexter  cut some fodder  nice day Cloudy

10  Helped Monroe thrash  then I thrashed  commenced at 3 oclosck didnt get quite done  those that helped me were Monroe, Holderbom 2 men Mont Neal Nellis Neff  Broke down with 15 minutes work to do  clouded up in night

11  Thrashers went Home  rained hard in night  Cut some fodder, unloaded some wheat  Wetrich got wagon  windy and Cloudy  Cleared off at night  Lydia got 16 1/2 lbs of meat of Wetrich

12  Husked Corn and Cut fodder  Windy day

13  Finished thrashing  then went and helped Wetrich 3/4 day  then went to Neals and helped him fix stack  rained in Eve

14  Cut some shocks and then helped Wetrich 1/2 day with his fodder  rained about 3 oclock, news came the McKinley was Dead

15  Sunday  Mr Bosley here nice day

16  I went to Earlham took 50 bu wheat got 57 cts per bu  Taylor is the man I sold to  he is to take the rest I have to sell at 57 cts.

17  Helped Mont with his Well nice day  Dexter Stuart Fair Commenced

18  Helped Mont with well  nice day  Uncle Will Land and Franks Girl came down to Monts  nice day

19  Rained most all day  uncle Will was here

20  Uncle Will went Home  nice day  I got 10 pigs of Wetrich and am to give him 75 cts apiece  I cut some Clover for Seed  Mont and his well digger here for me to help them tomorrow

21  Helped Mont 3/4 day on well nice day  Lydia went to Dexter with Lakes

22 Sunday  nice day  Windy  picked up Apples  Lakes here

23  Hauled some Apples to Dexter  sold some and left some for Downey to sell for us  nice day

24  Hauled 50 bu and 50 lbs wheat to Earlham nice day

25  Hauled 45 bu wheat to Earlham  that makes 145 bu and 50 lbs in all  nice day  got 1 Gal molasses of Wetrich

26  Took apples to mill and got ground  42 Gal at 2 cts per Gal  nice day  Mr White here with Pony.  I am to give him $16.50 for it

27  Dug Potatoers  Monts here  I drove his Steers Home and took Daisy May to Jim Breckenridges Bull  he Bred her.  Mont Settled with me and paid me $25.55 for pasture and work, nice day

28  Got 10 bu Coal at Yaples paid 12 cts rained hard after noon  Burr went and got Daisy May

29  Sunday  Cloudy  have one sick Sow
30  Husked Corn and dug potatoes and turned Clover


01  Lydia went to Dexter  I turned Clover  nice day

02  Hulled Clover nice day  Wetrich hauled some here and Darby hauled some too  nice day  I paid Harry 11.50 for Thrashing

03  Dug potatoes  nice day

04  Went to Earlham to Train Show  nice day

05  Dug potatoes  nice day

06  Sunday  Went to Bosleys  nice Cool day  Cloudy at night

07  Picked Apples and finished digging Potatoes  nice daye

08  Picked Apples and hauled Manure  Paid S.Neal $50.00 on the $90.00 note I owe him  nice day  Cool

09  Helped Nellis Thrash all day  I paid Mr White for Pony  he owes me 50 cts  nice day Overhouser here at night

10  Helped Wetrich 1/2 day  rained after noon

11  Fixed fence and hauled manure  big rain all last night  Mr Witrich here  we settled up and I owed him $2.30  paid him and we are square now  nice day

12  Hauled manure  Lydia and Burr went to town  sleeted some

13  Sunday I put potatoes in Cellar  Lydia went to Lakes  nice Cool

14  Hauled manure  nice day

15  Hauled manure  nice day  spent evening at Wetrichs

16  Hauled manure  nice cool day

17  Hauled manure  went to Dexter  nice day

18  Hauled Manure  Lydia went to Stuart  nice day

19  Chopped wood  went to Earlham  got scoop board  paid 1.75 for it  nice day

20  Sunday  nice day  Bosleys Girls here  we went to Wetrichs after noon

21  Went to Earlham and got Aunt Mary Mumford  nice day

22  Mont and Clara came up and Mont and I went to Junkins Sale I bought 8 Heifers, two two years old for 34 apiece and one two year old for 30 and five yearlings at 23 per head  gave note for $213.00 on years time  Mont signed with me, nice day  Paid F. Junkin 9.00 for Hay

23  Husked 4 rows of Corn in the piece Steel farmed and got 12 bu  took Aunt Mary to Dexter afternoon, Johnson went with us  nice day

24  Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn  nice day

25  Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn  nice day  went to Athertons at night

26  Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn  nice day

27  Sunday  Nice day Wetrich here

28  Rained in fore noon  picked Corn after noon

29  Finished Steels piece of Corn fore noon, Mr Mabert here to sell me some recorded Cattle, nice day

30  Went to Mr Emerts Sale  bought 7 Cows and gave note for $190.00 to be paid at Dexter Bank in one year  nice day  windy  paid S.Neal $1.57 cash road tax

31  Husked Corn in after noon in Mr Nelis Corn, Husked 25 bu  nice day, Nelis husked 15 rows and I husked 10