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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

JUNE 1895

From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 We plowed corn untill ten oclock the it rained and we did not go out in the field again Jack planted some pumpkin sed in the after noon and I planted squash and some other garden seeds,

02 We stayed at home all day Mr. & Mrs. R. came up in the afternoon. Bur & Jack went down to Eyers

03 Went to Kewanee drew $700 out of bank Loaned Mrs Rocky $500 on years time at 6 per cent. paid $100 note at bank. Left Mrs Rocky's note at First National Bank.

04 We plowed corn all day.

05 Plowed corn, Lydia went to Annawan paid $70 note at Dows paid Barker $2.90 book account. John Templeton paid me for the load of corn he got.

06 Plowed corn all day

07 Plowed corn in fornoon, after dinner the man came to blast out the wells He cleaned out & put one blast in each well but did not do any good,Jack & I helped all afternoon. Bur's school was out today.

08 We plowed corn Lydia & Bur went to Kewanee Bur stayed over to his grandpa's.

09 Sunday we stayed home all day it is a dreadful hot day. Jack went down to Shaws to see his colts, he went home in the evening.

10 We plowed corn all day Mr. Bowen came over to see about the wells he is going to have them dig the well at the barn deeper. Today is Bur's birthday he is six years old

11 Plowed corn all day

12 Jack finished plowing down on the twenty this morning, we are over all of our corn twice now. The well diggers came this morning put one blast in the well before dinner. Mr. Bowen was here a little while, Jack & tended top. Flanges came down at night and put in another blast. Norm & Rachel was here

13 Worked at the well all day today only made one shot. Not much water yet, Bowen was here all day.

14 Worked at well all day put in two shots.

15 Worked at well all day Ed Pigman and I went to Annawan at night.

16 Went over to Fathers after Burwell, Ina & George was there, also Irv and Vesta, Pigman & Jack went down to Eyers. On our way home we met Will Nell & Jack May & family. They had been here all the afternoon.

17 Worked at well all day It rained quite a little today.

18 Worked at the well all day struck water just right.

19 There is 10 ft of water in the well this morning we took the pump apart in the morning In after noon I went to Annawan after my binder took well tools over to Griffens after I got home.

20 Bur & I went to Kewanee I took the pump over to have repaired got my twine of Whiteing paid $80 note at bank Bowen come out in the afternoon and we put the pump in well.

21 Bowen came over again today and we finished the well Jack plowed corn, I sold my hogs to Smith for $4.25 to be delivered Monday paid Handlers $10.

22 Commenced cutting my rye. Seth Moon & a man from the shops came out to start the binder.

23 Stayed at home all day. Vet & Irve was here

24 Jack and I hauled the hogs to town in the morning Mother & Nell came over and told me that there was no water for the colts over there so I went over to dig a well, Father come from R.I. Grandmother was buried yesterday.

25 Worked on the road all day Jack I & 3 teams.

26 Went back and finished the well dug a ditch to lay pipe in. Johnnie Knox came home with me. Lydia went to Kewanee brought Nell & the baby home with her.

27 I cut rye all day Jack plowed corn. Flanders was here and I paid him $16 for the work he done at Fathers.

28 Finished cutting my rye today Jack plowed corn

29 Went over home in the fornoon paid Father $49 that I owed Johnnie for pasture. Shocked rye in the afternoon.

30 Lydia & Bur went to Kewanee took Nell home George Carter & Bell come over in the afternoon stayed until after supper.