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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JUNE 1897

01 Took Addie and Children home went to Kewanee Jack plowed potatoes rained some

02  Rained most of day  went to Annawan with Rocky  got meal  Jack took Duke to Breed Billys mare  we moved some corn  Lydia took her Mother up to Pittits

03 Got load coal 24.60 didn't pay for it we fixed fence nice day

04  Took two mares to Fathers Pasture  Bred Maud, went to town got 10 lb nails  we fixed fence  nice cool day  Indians came along,  Louisa got some eggs to set

05 Went to Kewanee paid note at Bank 80.00 Borrowed 112.00 of Mr. Henry for 3 months at 7 per ct nice day Lydia went to Pettitts got some Eggs to set her Mother came as far as Rockys Paid Jack 20.00 which leaves 26l.00 I owe him yet on last years work

06  Sunday  Folks went to Church  Irves were here  Winnie was here  Will Morton came to commence work  nice day  Cool

07 Will Morton commenced work for 20 per month, he and Jack plowed corn I replanted Irve was here for potatoes nice cay

08  Plowed Rolled and replanted, went to Annawan  took Mrs Messmore to the McChesneys  Hailed  Mr. Bowen came and brought ladder and bee hives

09 Went to Annawan after noon to Reunion nice day Cool Bill lost 1/2 day Paid 50 cts for box of salve

10  Jack hauled 2 loads of corn for Wells.  Will plowed  I got two mares at Father  paid him 50 cts  Lydia took her Mother to locks  nice warm day

11  Went to Annawan  got Mower, Hot day  Mr.Bowen and Father here

12 Jack went to Kewanee after noon, Billy plowed corn all day I hoed Beans and tinkered around hot day

13  Sunday  Old Sow had pigs  hot day  Went to Fathers  got Stub paid 50 cts for his keeping

14 Hauled 3 loads corn for Conklins Jack rolled corn Will plowed corn Hot day Bred Howard McChesneys Brown Mare

15  Plowed corn and rolled  Rained some in afternoon Lydia went to Annawan after Chicken feed

16 Plowed corn and finished rolling, took roller home rained hard at night sowed corn

17  Trimmed hedge and cut weeds along the road in fore noon   After noon helped Johnson shell corn.  Will plowed corn terrible hot day

18 Plowed corn part of day Trimmed Hedge part of day Bowen here to fix his Bee Hives, Hot day Lydia went to town with Mrs. Rocky

19  Trimmed Hedge and plowed corn  I plowed some for millet  Hot day  Peter brought plow and salt Home  he brought mare up to try did not take

20 Sunday nice day

21  Plowed corn  Plowed piece of wet ground for Millet  took Black to Bull nice day  Nell came  she and Lydia went to Irves at night

22 Plowed corn I hauled 2 loads of corn for Wheelock Shaw Lydia went to Fathers for cherrys nice warm day Bred Maud

23  Plowed corn and potatoes  Big dust storm and rain in after noon

24 Trimmed Hedge and mowed weeds Plowed corn went in debt at Odemans 5.30 for some repairs Oil rench and other things Modest here at night. Paid Perry for beef, paid Box rent up to October '97

25  Hauled 3 loads of corn for W.Limpke  got two bu millet of W. Haxby  Boys plowed corn  Lydia went to Kewanee  got shirts for Jack  70 cts  Edgar came Home with her,  Marg McChesney came and bred a mare for Howard  Old cripple mare  nice day  threatened rain  Bred Maud

26 Boys plowed I sowed Millet mowed some with mower Lydia to town feed ground nice day threatened rain Boys to town at night

27 Sunday stayed at Home nice day Cloudy

28 Boys plowed corn Billy went Home and plowed his potatoes after noon I mowed grass all day Lydia went and took Burr and Edgar to Blocks nice day threatened rain Boys went to town at night

29 Boys plowed corn I mowed Jack went and got Ed Evans nice day

30 Boys plowed Ed cut Birddocks hot day, I mowed hay Moech here at night