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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JUNE 1898


01 Plowed Corn nice day

02 Plowed Corn Frank Vanhecker plowed corn nice day

03 Frank plowed I took 1940 of Hay to Stear nice day

04 Frank plowed Jack and I too nice day

05 Sunday nice day G. Messmore here to sell Oil

06 Vanhecker plowed corn all day Guss Heavener plowed all day paid him 50 cts owe him 50 yet Lydia and Ella went to Irves nice day Remores Child broke its leg Black Jersey had Calf

07 Took the last of the Hay to Kewanee had on 3900 on the two loads Nell Cushman came at night Hot day rained toward night I have sold 9 tons of Hay that Nick pressed, drew money for hay all but Lyles Joe Piles here for seed corn Ella and Burr went to give invitation for Burrs party on his birthday

08 Plowed corn Evener plowed 1/2 day I went to Fathers and got team Ed Remore here and bred mare boys went to town at night, a fellow here to hire. I told him to come next week I paid Evener 50 cts, I gave Will 5.00 to get meat

09 Went to Annawan Took Cows to Pasture Evener worked 1/4 daiy paid him 1.00 last night rained hard

10 Went to Mineral got Twine paid $20.00 Cash for 300 lb. and got Mower on trial if it suits I am to give $38.00 Jack plowed corn after noon Burr's 9th birthday had party of 26 Children nice day showered some

11 Plowed some rained Jim Knox came and told us Greens baby died

12 Sunday Went to Funeral rained in morning Lydia and Burr went to Church at night

13 Plowed Corn Cut some Grass J.Fisher plowed corn after noon and went away at night didnt pay him he was to work for 1.00 a day nice day Evener went to J.T.

14 Plowed all day nice day Dance in Hall at night Jack and Billy went, Smith here and bought Sow for .335 per lb. Ella went to town with Mrs. Rocky Ed Remore here at night with Brown mare

15 Albert Batten commenced plowing corn, Jack plowed Cool day but

16 Took Sow 380 lb to town got .335, paid Nick 8.00 for pressing we are square now, got Box for Bee Hive rained some forenoon Paid Keener 50 cts for Lawn Mower, Took load Oats to town had 51 bu at 24 cts per bu, Nell Cushman came and the folks all went to supper to parsonage nice day Jack went to Kewanee after noon Albert pulled vines 1/2 day

17 Jack and Albert plowed corn all day Little Pete plowed 1//2 day, Will and I went to Fathers forenoon, I mowed grass after noon got Norm's Tedder Wills month is up tonight I paid him 22.00 We are square now and he is to take care of Duke next week for 4.50 nice hot day J. Rocky here

18 I mowed and Albert and Jack powed Ella came nice day Will went to Kewanee

19 Sunday nice day man here

20 Jack and Albert plowed corn 1/2 day and worked in Hay 1/2 day I tedded and Mowed, nice day I am to pay Albert 1.00 a day for what he has done and 1.25 for haying and am to pay Evener 1.25 for Haying

21 Hayed all day Albert Clarence Evener and Alva broke fork I went to town and got new one paid 1.25 to Odeman nice day. O. George served Supoena on me

22 Went to Cambridge with Nick and Hulsinger Albert Clarence Evener and Alva Hayed 3/4 day rained after noon

23 Was in Cambridge Jury decided in Nicks favor about noon then Nick and I came home Albert plowed corn 1/2 day too wet fore noon

24 Albert plowed 1/2 day and Hayed 1/2 day Clarence hayed one day Jack plowed and Hayed I Hayed Windy day Lydia went to town got oil and potatoes Alva came out

25 Will went away I paid him up what I owed him 4.50 Alva went Home I paid him 75 cts, Big rain last night Jack trimmed hedge fore noon Clarence went Home

26 Sunday Irves here nice day

27 Albert Clarence Evener Billy Jack and I all worked in Hay Burr came Home Irve here at night for Jack to go to town nice day paid Evener 1.50

28 Albert and Jack plowed corn Clarence Evener John Templeton and I made Hay John J. got load hay he is to give 4.00 for it nice day Will went out with Duke

29 John Templeton helped part of forenoon and we got 4 Dozen eggs for 40 cts call it in all 1.25 Windy and threatened rain Albert and Jack plowed corn Will Clarence Evener and I hayed all day

30 Jack and Albert plowed all day. Clarence Evener and I hayed all day Will took Duke away and hayed some nice day Lydia and Ella went to Rockys after eggs