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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 JUNE 1899


01 Helped J.T. replant Corn all day nice hot day Lydia to town Jip had a Bay mare Colt

02 I replanted Corn west of Barn with planter nice Hot day big rain at night Jips Colt Died

03 Took Jim and Bill over to Pasture fore noon replanted Corn afternoon nice hot day, got letter from Tom Nowers

04 Sunday Hot fore noon rained at night

05 Plowed Corn South of road nice day

06 Plowed Corn went to town to Vote Nell Cushman was here Hot day big rain at 4 oclock came from the South I drew $22.00 from Bank and left 38.00 in

07 Plowed Corn Lydia took her Mother to Kewanee rained hard Kimerling here to buy Hogs Horse buyer went by

08 Plowed Corn Templeton helped me with 3 teams nice day

09 Plowed Corn Lydia went to town Burr went to Pettits nice day

10 Plowed Corn for J.T. nice day Johnson's Baby Died I went to Kewanee at night paid Doctor $2.50 and got salve for hand

11 Sunday Burr and I to Fathers nice day Jack here, H. Moor here, Ed Remore here Johnsons Baby Burried

12 Plowed Potatoes and Corn W.P. Mumford here Vesta and Dace here Stone sent word he had calf to sell nice hot south wind Ella came last night she picked the Cherrys and she and Lydia canned them, Burt Morton here he said Clarence Batten says for me to collect 5.00 from Jim Douglas for Colt from the Griffin mare

13 Hauled two loads Corn for H. Moon went to Stones and bought Calf paid him 10.00 for it, Hot day wind south Olson here Fisher here

14 Mowed weeds rained hard at night Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee

15 I went to town plowed some nice day

16 Hauled two loads Corn for H. Moon and one for Rocky, bought some pigs of Elmer Batten nice day

17 Hauled one load of Corn for Rocky and two for J.T. nice day storm at night Burr went to Eli Batten Lydia and Ella to Annawan

18 Sunday nice day Jack here

19 Plowed Corn went to Elmer Battens got 36 Pigs awt 1.50 apiece and two sows one for 10.00 and one for 9.00 didnt pay for them nice hot day Lydia went to town got Ice

20 Plowed Corn rained some

21 Plowed Corn nice day Irve Robb here Jack here Fisher here hog Died

22 Plowed Corn nice Hot day sprinkled at night Ella went to Kewanee Jack here went to Elies men here to insure my life Horse buyer here

23 Plowed Corn nice Hot day showered some around in sight wind in West Olson here at night for his mackintosh

24 Plowed Corn west of Barn finished 2nd time Commenced to lay by nice Hot day went town at night then went to Stones to a Schiveree

25 Sunday went to Fathers Burr went and stayed there Smith was out and bought my 7 Hogs he gives 3.35 am to take them tomorrow nice day 

26 Took 7 Hogs to town they weighed 1550 they brought $51.92 they were 8 months old plowed some Corn nice Hot day

27 Plowed Corn Lydia went to Kewanee to stay awhile Hot day rained some Quart here for help to shell

28 Hauled two loads Corn for Mrs Quart brought a washing Machine Home got it of Fitzkee didnt pay for it Plowed Corn afternoon nice day threatening showers after noon windy and Cool toward night

29 Hauled 4 loads Corn for Mrs Quart nice day Cool last night and Cool tonight wind North and East

30 Hauled two loads Corn for Mrs Quart and two for W. Stone, Hot and dusty Lydia came Home from Kewanee she brought One Hundred Dollars Home that I borrowed of Will