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Submitted by Max B Cushman

MARCH 1899

01 Helped move Nick Griffin to Annawan, John Templeton gave note for 85.00 and left it at Bank for J. Batten to sign said he would get mare in a day or so nice warm day Ella went to Kewanee Burr went to Fathers to stay a day or so

02Got load Coal paid for it and a load Jack got, nice day thawed Al Jacobs here and got Old Iron, Walter Henry here Mrs. Rocky here she sent Drake up by me as I came by

03 Went to Stones to see his Calf, came Home and John T. was here after Daisy we got her from the field and he took her Home then I went to see some Calves on the Benson Place but didnt buy them I offered them for 4 Calves rained some fore noon then quit nice after noon but terrible sloppy

04 Lydia went town Burr came Home I worked around Home nice day

05 Sunday nice day Fisher here at night

06 Cold blustery day I worked at Home fixed calf pen hauled hay

07 Fixed fence Walter came nice day

08 Went to Annawan paid Perry 75 for fixing halter paid Ferguson for Hay Plank and two boards Beltice told me he had Calf to sell F. Stone here to sell me two Calves he wanted 45 I offered him 40 Walter here
Lydia and Ella too Rockys man moved on Eyers farm, got Coat vest waist and overalls at Barkers paid for them fire in west at night

09 Walter and I hauled straw fore noon we went to see a Calf after noon J. McChesney wants 5 bu seed Corn nice warm day thawing quite deep wind turned from south around to west and then to North and east clear at night went to see Winnies calf

10 Walater went away I paid him 1.00 for work J. and Mrs Rocky here got dusk Baldwin here took order for wall paper Lydia Ella and Burr went to town at night nice warm muddy day wind in South

11 Lydia and I went to Kewanee I gave Pettitt the Pedigree to his Bull, I got Hedge shears paid 8.50 left old pants there to be cleaned up and fixed he does that for nothing Saw Mr. Bowen said to burn willows along South Ditch Loid Bumphrey left load of biled straw here for Mitten, rained most all day

12 Sunday Snowed a little Cool but nice day thawed some in Sun wind in North West Rocky got our mail got Wallace Farmer and letter from Hattie

13 Lydia took Ella to Hays I hauled Hay and Straw nice warm day thawed wind in North east and East Lee Laxby here after Calf I trimmed Hedge cross road Remores was here at night Lydia got letter from Rema Murphey

14 Trimmed Hedge W. Haxby here for Calf snowed and rained wind in East then South then West then South and misty and dark warm all day got a duck that was close where I was at work

15 Went to town got boots for Burr got Bull ring saw Frizkee said he would sell some seed for me nice day but muddy got letter from Will Ashlock

16 Went to town took 4 sacks of Clover seed and left it with Al Fittzkee to sell for 4.00 per bushel saw John Bannen he wanted to sell me his Calves I offered him 60.00 for 4 Calves he said he would let me know next Saturday Ed Seeberts and wife rode out to J Battens with me nice day but muddy

17 Went and got 25 bu Coal paid 1.50 for it saw J. Rocky said he would get me a receipt for road work, rained afternoon Calf died I got of Stone

18 John T. here fore noon he came up after noon and I went to town with him I bought John Battens Calves 4 for 60.00 am to get them next tuesday didn't pay for them Caucus day for both Parties Cloudy and freezing just a little terrible muddy wrote for Catalogue of a sale at West Liberty Iowa Colts all got distemper

19  Sunday Nice day thawed, Clear Cool Wind Freezing at night

20 Hauled Hay and Straw Ralph Remore came up and helped me kill a Hog Lydia went to town I cut Hog up at night nice day thawed cool wind in East Cloudy threatened storm at night

21 Ralph Remore borrowed a set of Harness, except lines he got Bridles, but no collars I went to town sold J.T's note to Bank got 84.00 then I went to John Battens and got 4 Calves paid him 60.00 for them J. Bock got 2 bu Clover seed paid 8.00 for it nice warm day wind in East and then North at night

22 J. Rocky gave me a receipt for road work yesterday in town He was up again today Will Stone here to trade Calves for Maud he gives me 3 Calves for his Joe Anderson got one bushel Clover seed paid me 4.00 for it I trimmed some Hedge Lydia went to Rockys and ground some Sausage, thawed some wind in Northwest

23 Chored fore noon trimmed Hedge afternon nice day took Maud to Stones got two Calves of him heard Johny McCurdy was dead

24 Chored til noon Trimmed Hedge after noon nice day Thawed Wind South Jack stopped here awhile Norm Conklin stopped Several Doctors went up to Johnsons Young Heifer bred, Remore heifer

25 Went to Kewanee stopped at Fathers spoke to them about Pasture I got 3 sacks of flour, a bottle of Horn Destroyer roads muddy turned cold at night Wind North Johnny McCurdy Burried at Bradford Lydia and Burr went to funeral then to town Fremont Bates said he was coming over to look at Bull Calf next week.
Will Snyder spoke for 3 bu seed Corn, heard Fred Colby Killed

26 Sunday nice day thawed wind in north Jiles Pettitt stopped on their way Home from Church

27 I trimmed Hedge Jim Rocky went to Chick nice day wind North Jack came by driving Elis Colts
Big Bowen Cow had Calf red heifer

28 Hauled manure John J. man trimmed some hedge between Cris and I Lydia went to Hay's to see Ella
Mrs Rocky left mail here and said George Rocky was Dead nice day snowed some

29 Lydia went to town George Rocky Buried Joe Anderson left sack here I shelled a sack of seed Corn to send out to Will Ashlock Lydia got Wall Paper of Bently Boldwin Pete Dicker trimmed Hedge along Ibsons line nice day thawed looked stormy at night I put some Dehorning fluid on some Calve Horns Lydia paid 4.00 for paper

30 Snowed hard all day nice mild day. stopped snowing at night mild night but no thaw snow Just damp enough to stick to stock

31 Went and got 24 bu Coal paid for it. stopped at J'F's on the way home then went back and got his wagon to haul load of Hay to Father Pete Decker helped me load it Ralph and J. Martin here to buy Maud
Ralph got the rest of a set of Harness Jack drove up and stopped a while Burr and I shelled two barrel of corn for calves Lydia killed two Drakes for Sunday says she is going after Ella tomorrow snow blew hard and drifted all day thawed some clear at night