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Submitted by Max B Cushman

MAY 1897

01  Plowed all day  Lydia went to Annawan with Mrs Rocky  nice day

02  Lydia went to Ed's Cool day  sprinkled  at night  G. Messmore was here and rented south 20  he gives me 1/2 of Corn and stalks, but we are to give or take what ever is right for the 1/2 share of stalks, so he or I will  have them all

03 Plowed on 80 nice day

04  Plowed west of Barn  nice day

05 Went to Kewanee Livery Barn burned Jack hauled manure Peddler stayed all night Saw Nick he said he weighed his seed Oats and had 68 bu got Harness fixed but did not pay for it It was about $3.00 Bill Duff bred mare took 20 bu Oats to Father

06 Plowed all day nice day

07 Plowed all day nice day Bred Bess

08  Plowed all day  nice day  Jack went to town at night

09 Sunday Carters here nice day

10  Plowed fore noon  went after seed corn after noon  Shaw went too I paid 35 per bu  got 14 bu  Lydia went to town with Mrs Rocky nice day

11  Harrowed stalks fore  noon  shelled seed corn after noon  Jack Pulverized all day  nice day  Maud had Colt in morning  Daisy had Colt at night

12 Commenced planting on 80 nice day Will came stayed all night

13  Planted some and hauled out some Hayseed on ground  rained after noon  Will went away  Am 37 years old today

14 Harrowed Plowed and Pulverized nice day rained at night

15  Planted Plowed and Harrowed  nice day  Mr. Bowen here  Lydia to town

16 Sunday nice day Rocky here got some salt

17  Harrowed and Planted  warm day

18 Planted and Plowed warm day Father was here

19 Planted and harrowed nice day Bred Maud

20  Planted and harrowed  windy dry day  Bred Daisy

21 Plowed all day finished below road Lydia went to Annawan nice day J. Rocky's mare had Colt

22  Planted piece below road, Lydia went to Kewanee and Blocks left.  Burr and Mrs Mumford came home with Lydia  Rained ome  Cow had Calf

23 Sunday Lydia and her Mother went to church nice day

24 Worked on road with 3 teams for C.Kemerling road boss, nice day Cool Bred Mare for Howard McChesney

25  Worked road with 3 teams for Kemerling  Mrs Rocky paid Lydia $5.00 for Colt  nice day  frost last night G.Messmore gave me a receipt for road work  Nell had colt

26  Hauled corn for Barton  3 loads  Lydia got 66 lb of Port  we owe them 16 lb of meat, took wagon to Fick to put bottom in, got 1.35 worth of maple flooring of Dow  did not pay for it, Comp fixed rods for wagon  got 3 end rods  nice day

27 Rained all day went to town after noon

28  Jack hauled one load corn for Elmer Batten  I shoveled 1/2 day  Lydia went to town  nice day  Jack took Mower to town and got wagon

29 Jack hauled 4 loads corn for Wellie and I shoveled all day. We got his Boar, Bred Rockys Daisy. Lydia went to Blocks got Addie and Chldren nice day

30  Sunday  Folks all went to Church but me  Marg McChesney here nice day  took Black Colt to Fathers pasture

31 Replanted corn and hauled some out of old House Jack powed some potatoes. Father, Mother and Mrs Howe were here Frost last night nice day