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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 MAY 1898


01 Sunday nice warm day sprinkled some Burr went to Sunday School Jack went town rest of us stayed at home Mr Smith buried at Fairview

02 Hauled load of Hay to Chesley fore noon and a load to Quinn after noon, didnt settle with either, nice day cool, Bowen here back went to town at night 

03 Took Hay to Culley he paid me for it and M.C. Quinn paid me for what he has got. Huckins said he wanted a load tomorrow I paid Wilson 15.00 all I owed him Mrs Dewitt died last night, Cool, Cloudy day

04 Took Hay to Huckins, Bought Lyle's Calf for 10.00 he keeps it until next Monday. didn't pay for it. Lydia went to Dewitt Funeral Cloudy Cold Lydia got Wallpaper

05 Rained all fore noon we did nothing John Warner and Fred and Remores here nice afternoon but cold

06 Took two loads of Hay to Chesley he payed up for all he has got, I got 4 sacks flour at Culley nice day Cool Lydia went after Ella Jack harrowed for noon I got Calf of Lyle paid him 10.00

07 Took load Hay to Quinn paid Whiting Interest on note up to date and paid ten Dollars on principle and it leaves $42.00 back and Interest from today stopped at Fathers on my way home to salt Horses and Cattle. Johnsons here for help to haul corn C.Crosby here Lydia and Ella went to Church to sing at night Jack went to town at night told him to stop at Nicks and get 10.00 he got for me nice day fired strawstack

08 Jim Corwin got 8 bu seed corn at 50 cts per didnt pay, owes me 4.00 German Henry got one bu paid me 50 cts I am to take his to him, Sold 20 bales of hay for $5.00 to a German I am to take it to him Tuesday paid Jack 10.00 that he got of Nick. Lydia and Ella went to Irves nice warm day

09 Hauled two loads of Corn for Johnson rained some afternoon, Remore came and got 3 bu seed Corn didnt pay for it

10 Hauled load of Hay to German he gave me 5.00 for 20 bales I took 1 bu corn to Henry planted piece corn west of Barn 8 acres Jack harrowed nice day looked some like rain

11 Planted and Harrowed rained some afternoon

12 Planted and Harrowed nice day Ella went teo town after Mrs. Eyer Bred Blanch moved Stove out and started to burn Gasoline

13 Took Hay to Chesley Jack planted Mrs Eyer worked for Lydia papering paid her 1.00 nice day John got pulverizer George Bowen wants six bales of hay Jack took his Mother to town

14 Took last load of Hay to town got 3 bu potatoes rained after noon Jack planted forenoon Howel wants 5 ton Hay

15 Sunday rained most all day

16 Went to Nicks got them to come down and Press Hay we pressed about 125 bales nice day Bred sorrel for Nick and tried one for Henry Lydia and Ela went to Annawan Messmores sent word I could have two Calves for 16.00

17 Finished Baleing Hay Jack finished planting I harrowed corn west of Barn and planted some potatoes hired W. Morton for 22 to tend Horse nice day John J. up for help to plant

18 Rained in morning Bill took Duke to town and got him shod at Odemans Jack and I took Daisy and Blanch over to pasture Jack planted for Templeton afternoon, I finished planting potatoes Swede here to buy Hay hailed and rained afternoon

19 Went to Annawan paid Odeman for Shoing Horse 2.50 got strap of Perry for 1.25 for Horse got Brush to clean Horse took some corn and had it changed for ground feed Billy went to Modests Big wind East of here Jack hauled Manure in after noon. I bugged Potatoes afternoon Smith paid me $12.00 for a sow I delivered to him some time ago, got Lawn Mower of Keener am to pay him 50 cts for it if I can make it work, Swede man on McNeeleys place came and got 12 bales of hay didnt pay for it he is to give 8 per ton rain at night

20 Got load of Coal and paid for all I have got before. Jack hauled manure and went and got Nicks wagon to haul hay tomorrow nice day but muddy, storm and lightning at night

21 Got Turkey eggs of Temple went to Kewanee with John J. sold load Hay to Swede in Kewanee nice day windy Will came Home with Duke Women folks went to Church Boys went town night

22 Sunday nice day crowd here to sing

23 Took hay to Kewanee 1930 lb Jack helped John Templeton Irve here for help to shell George Carter here I bought 3 hundred lb of twine for 20.00 he offered me a mower for 38.00 Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee Billy went to Modests Defleeges here to see Bily

24 Billy helped Irve shell Jack hauled 3 loads to Mineral and I shoveled Lydia helped Vesta Wells wants us to help him tomorrow and Limpka the next day rained this morning and turned out nice day

25 I hauled Hay to Stear Jack hauled two loads of Corn for Wells W. Haxby here got one bu seed corn nice day Bowen here W. Lyle wants load Hay

26 Went to Cambridge as a delegate to the Repulican Convention Jack hauled one load of corn for Lempka nice day He hauled load of hay to Lyle too

27 Hauled load of Hay to Stear, Jack commenced plowing Corn Showered some left 45 Dollars in Union National Bank figured weight of Hay up to date that Nick got 9360

28 Went and got Maud and Colt got a pole for rake tongue big rain last night nice day

29 Sunday big rain went and got Cows at Fathers heifer had Calf last night Bowen helped

30 Hauled manure from the Barn nice day Vankecker here to get pasture I am to keep a team each mo for Frank plowing 1 day

31 Hauled two loads of Hay to Chesley they weighed 4160 Blairs medicine man was here and I got box of salve and settled up with him We plowed some corn nice day I have hauled 13520 lb of Hay that Nick pressed