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Submitted by Max B Cushman


 From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 Husked one Hundred bu Bowen was here to fix the Chimney Lydia went to Annawan with Myrtle Earthquake in Chicago yesterday

02 Husked one Hundred bu Myrtle came and stayed all night

03 Sunday Myrtle was here Mrs Rocky came from the west J. Templeton was here

04 Husked one Hundred bu corn broke wagon wheel Lydia and I went down to Rocky's at night to borrow wagon

05 Husked one Hundred bu corn Jack took wheel to Annawan to get fixed Lydia went to Annawan goet card from W.S. Beaman I got wagon of Rocky

06 Rainy tinkered around fixed fence. John Templeton was here on his way to Gene Heaths after some cows

07 Chopped wood Jack went to Annawan got some nails and staples and wheel at Ficks. J. Rocky killed Calf brought hind quarter up it weighed 80 lbs

08 Rainy day Chopped wood Scraped around well and fixed culvert in road took Rocky's wagon Home Mrs Rocky was here horse buyer from Atkinson was here put door up to crib

09 Snow tinkered around built fence between Mrs Oriaet and I Benn was here Jack went to town at night W. McChesire came home with him

10 Sunday Irve and Vesta were here they said George Crosby was married and that Edwin Morey had lost a Child

11 Husked one hundred bu saved a lot of seed corn

12 Husked one hundred bu saved a lot of seed corn

13 Husked one Hundred bu finished on the south side of the road and turned the colts in Myrtle was here and finished Lydia's dress sleeted and rain

14 Husked one Hundred bu Started to husk on the 80 Lydia went to Kewanee sold the Turkeys for 7 cents a pound
15 Husked 100 bu

16 Husked one Hundred bu corn John Templeton came and got a sow at night Mrs. Rocky paid Lydia 7.25 for straw Lydia went to Annawan and stayed all night

17 Sunday Went to John T to see a cow and Modest brought 4 turkeys up for me to take to Kewanee we cought our turkeys

18 Went to Kewanee took Turkeys sold 24 at 7 cts per lb came to $14.71 Bought bl of apples ford 2.25 Jack husked corn Bowen was here and painted the roof

19 Snowed Tinkered around

20 Cut willows fore noon Jack went after load of coal to Green Hagans, banked the House some went to Modests at night and Burr played dominoes Ben and I played Modest and Jack Lydia and Burr went down too snowing yet ate 9 P.M.

21 Cut willows and tinkered around John T paid me five Dollars gave Jack half of it

22 Went to Annawan paid Barker and Al Fitzke and Ed Neitten and went and got Jacks Colts and put them in the stalks Myrtle was here and finished Lydia's dress

23 Hauled Willows up from the Creek Mrs Rocky and Myrtle stopped here on there way from town and said Nellie Heaps was Dead Jack went to town at night

24 Sunday Lydia and Burrwell went to Kewanee I stayed at home Nelie Heaps was buried Alice Crosby was here after Lydia to sing at Church

25 Hauled willows from south ditch Modest and John Templeton was here snowing hard at night Burr went to school after his books

26 Went to Kewanee bought $11.25 of goods at Crains and had them charged, good sleighing settled up with Jack owe him $52.30 that he earned this fall owe him 143.00

27 Tinkered around fore noon shelled a sack of corn and went to Annawan after noon Jack went to town and came back at night

28 Hauled manure and Jack and I killed seven rabbits Jack went to dance at night in Annawan thawing and misting Thanksgiving

29 Husked shocks and hauled fodder and corn up to house thawing fast snow most gone

30 Cut wilows fore noon two men Lydia and jack went to Kewanee John Templeton stopped on his way from town Cloudy snowed a little Modest husked corn too much snow