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Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Sunday Lydia went to Kewanee Ella came Home with her nice day Howard went to Mineral

02  Jack husked all day  Howard and I went after ties fore noon  husked after noon rained toward night  paid Howard $5.00 in Annawan  got 50 cts worth of wire for crib  Heath's women were here

03 Jack lost 1/2 day went to the election stayed all night Lydia and Ella stayed at Dows Howard went to Mineral rained after noon paid 1.25 to Ben H.

04 Went to Annawan for lumber paid 10. 76 for Lumber and nails nice day got letter from W. Ashlock started a new Crib

05 Jack and I went to Annawan first snow last night 8 inch got Oysters played cards at night

06 Went after Coal to Messmore paid for it spoke for some posts of Morley, got one bushel apples of Henry Messmore traded a barrow for a sow and pay the difference to Henry Lydia and Ella went to Annawan nice day Snow melted some rained at night

07 We all went and cut poles over to Moreys fore noon after noon Jack and I cut poles Howard and Steve set poles, got a Sow of Henry Messmore she weighed 490 lb am to take him a barrow and pay him the difference snow and cold, Jack and Steve went to Annawan at night, paid Steve 2.50

08  Sunday  Fred Sharp was here he went to Irves  nice day  cold

09 Jack husked all day Howard and I worked on Crib Mr. Bowen was here nice day Fred Sharp left his Horse here for me to winter at 2.00 per month

10  Jack husked all day  I hauled load of Lumber from Annawan  Howard and I worked on Crib  rained some after noon

11 All husked corn Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee Ella stayed nice day

12  All husked but Howard  he lost 1/2 day nice day  Myrt brought mail

13 All husked fore noon but Howard he lost 1/2 day I got lumber after non got nails 1.50 paid for them got 60 boards for roof all husked after noon but me nice day Lydia killed Skunk

14  All husked all day  took Hog to Messmore  paid him difference  nice day  Lydia went to Annawan  said Crain Bro were closed out

15 Sunday nice day

16  All  husked but me  Fick and I worked on Crib  paid Fick 1.50 for work  nice day

17 Boys husked all day I hauled load of lumber forenoon Fick and I worked on Crib after noon nice day Lydia went to Annawan with Mrs Rocky Paid Fick 1.50

18 All husked all day hot day turned cold at night Lydia went to Rockys and got some turnips Messmores built some fence and turned their Horses in the south twenty Al Jacobs here Jack has earned 17.25 since first of this month and 22.50 before maked 39.75 I owe him up to date

19 All husked finished 80 Ella came from Kewanee Ed was here got old stove Vesta was here nice day

20 Boys husked I got load of Coal 40 bu Messmore got Colts out of field Lydia and Ella went to town and to School last day nice day Jack to town at night

21  All husked 1/2 day but me I tinkered around  went to town at night  J. Sullivan and W. Eyre came and stayed all night  cool day  threatened rain and snow  built yard fence

22  Sunday  nice clear but cool day

23 All husked W. Eyre commenced husking for 1.50 per day misty day

24  All husked  cloudy misty at night Leroy Snyder was here  got the stalks for his cattle at 60 cents per head a month  Irve was here  at night

25  All husked  Ella came out  T. McChesney here  good day

26 All husked 1/2 day rained after noon went to dance

27  All husked all day  J.T. paid me 5.00 that he owed me

28 All husked all day nice day J.T. paid me 5.00 for hay

29  Sunday  nice day  G. Messmore here  Lydia Ella to Rockys

30 All husked Snyder put Cattle in field 33 head at 60 cents a head per month