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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01  Husked all day  Bowen here to fix Cistern  Jim Bradley here for job  windy and cold  a lot of stray Horses in road this morning

02 Husked all day Messmores two loads Lydia went to Annawan Cool and Dusty

03  Husked all day  Messmores two loads  Bowen here to fix Cistern  warm day  Lyles hauled some of their straw

04 Went to Kewanee got load of Coal as I came Home Set fire to trees in field Jack went to dance Messmore 2 loads of Corn windy threatened rain

05 Hauled some Cobs and Husked some Corn rained very little turned cool at night

06 Husked all Day nice day finished West field fore noon

07  Sunday  Went to Irves  G. Messmore here to see Jack rained a little all day and raining yet at night

08 Husked all day commenced raining at night rained all night

09 Fixed fence fore noon wrung pigs Perry Rose here for Dinner Ordered some bushes of him Husked afternoon nice day Will Morton here and L. Haxby Jack went away at night

10  Husked all Day  Walter Henry came  nice day

11 Husked all day Killed Hog froze most all day Walter husked I am to pay him 75 cts per day

12  Husked all day  Ina and Nell here  sent some Meat to Fathers and Rob's  nice day

13 Husked all day Walter has helped 3 Days nice daoy George Haxby here he goes Home today Messmores turned Horses in south 20 of stalks

14  Sunday  Cloudy day  rained last night  borrowed some salt of Modest to salt some meat  went to Rockys awhile

15 Husked part of fore noon Walter went Home at night I paid him for his work rained most all day tinkered around after noon

16  I husked all day  Jack Plowed  nice day

17 I husked all day Jack plowed nice day a fellow stopped here at night

18  I husked all day  Jack plowed  nice day  Irve and Will Bowen, Mallory & Will Haxby here

19 Husked all day Jack plowed warm day wind in South Messmores Bull here at night Snyder went boy with Cattle

20  Finished Husking  Jack powed  nice day

21 Sunday went to Fathers nice day

22  Went to Kewanee  then to Will Bowen  bargained for some Cows at 4 cts per lb  spit snow first time for this fall Chilly  saw Lyle  said he was coming to see Hay  sold Chickens and 10 turkeys  came to 34.46

24  Went after Cows  got 8 Cows and 2 Calves at 4 cts per lb  they weighed 8230 at Tibbits and 7980 at Kemerlings  we split the difference and made it 8060 at 4 cts makes 322.40  gave note for 322.00 for 15 months at 7%  John T. helped  raw Cold day

25 Went to Annawan Misty day Went to Dance in Annawan last night Jack came at night saw several in Annawan who said my Case would not come off this week Shaws Case is being tried yesterday and tomorrow then comes Minards Case

26  Went to Kewanee  Jack hauled load of Coal  snowed some

27 Went to Annawan Jack hauled manure nice day went to Exhibition at night

28  Sunday  Settled up with Jack  Owed him 47.65  paid him 20.00 and it leaves 27.65 coming to him  Cloudy day

29 Tinkered around all day Jack came and went to Kewanee wanted to work for Board, Norm Johnson was here to see about hauling corn from Coles, and said he was going to get some Cattle at Collins said John J. was going too as he had bought some Cows, Cool day

30  Went to Annawan and got G.Fitzkee and Wheely Shaw and then went to Cambridge  cold raw wind  Lawson said we should appear next thursday for trial