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 Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Got load of Coal at Joes 31 bu didnt pay for it cut Hogs up and put them in Barrel Jack husked Corn Cool windy day Paid C. Leyons $2.64 for 48 bu Coal

02  Jack husked all day  I fixed fence and husked one load of corn  Snyder here to settle up for pasture  said he would leave a check at Barkers  nice day  J. Rocky here for me to tile tomorrow

03  Husked corn all day  Jack plowed all day  Bowen here  put spout on barn  Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee nice day  Lydia got check cashed at Bank  $29.75

04 Picked corn all day both of us Jack went to Kewanee at night windy day rained some

05 Sunday Weaned Pigs turned all together Fisher here nice day

06 Husked all day Bowen here nice windy day

07 Ralph came and got both spades to set posts for Windmill Jack went to town at night

08  Election Day  Went to town and voted  Jack went too  nice day  rained at night

09 Picked corn and Plowed misty Haxby's Cattle here he said he would pay me 5.00 for damage

10 Snowed all night last night and all fore noon today, Benedict here bargained for a stack of Hay for 25.00 I am to feed it to the steers he didn't pay for Hay, Remores sold Hogs and hauled them off cleared off stars shine bright at night, Rocky got mail

11  Hauled two loads of Hay to Benedicts Cattle  warm melting snow  Hauled some straw for Bedding  Fixed Windmill for Ralph

12  Fed Cattle at Remores  Weaned 5 Calves  shut Cattle and horses in pasture  Cut Calves  Bowen here  Fixed Barn Door  Irve here  nice day  melted some  George Prince Died yesterday  Burial tomorrow at Fairview  Lydia and Ella went to Irves

13 Sunday Irves here for Dinner and then went to Funeral at Fairview nice day, Paid E. Remore 1.50 for work we are even

14  Hauled last load of Benedicts Hay, picked 2 load corn  nice day  thawed some snow yet

15 Husked Corn Benedict here left Check for 25.00 for hay nice day

16  Husked all day  Lydia, Burr and Ella went to Kewanee  Lydia got check cashed at Bank for 25 dollars  nice day  Vesta here  left invitation to party tomorrow night

17 Husked Bowens here with spout for Barn rained some cleared off at night wind South Irves are to have party

18  Husked all day  nice day  took Rockys buggie Home

19 Husked all day Went to town at night nice day

20  Sunday Nice day  stayed at Home

21 Husked part of day rained some Mrs Rocky here

22 Husked all day Cold spit snow

23  Husked all day  Cold

24 Husked all day Jim Rocky got word his brother was sick in chicago and he went, Ella went to stay with Mrs Rocky nice day thawed a very little afternoon

25 Husked Corn got Coal at Dreweys C. Fisher here snowed some all day Anna Griffin with buckwheat flour We got 75 cts worth paid for it Word came that George Rock was dieing in Chicago Jim went up to see him

26 Cold day Jack went to town Lydia went to Mrs Rocky

27  Sunday  Hank Moon and family here, C.Fisher came to commence work tomorrow  Ella down to Rockys

28 Husked half day Chas Fisher husked one load he is to get two Dollars a day snowed afternoon Ella to Rockys Burr started to school

29  Husked all day  C. Fisher husked one load  snow melted  J. Rocky came Home from Chicago

30 Husked corn all day C. Fisher husked two loads, nice day Lydia and Ella went to town