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Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 All husked Corn, Bowen here made gate Snowed at night Rockys stopped with mail

02 We all went to Fathers and got Cattle and Colts got their Cow and took her to Hays and got another Cow for them and brought her Home and kept her here, I paid Dewys 16.55 fosr lumber and got a receipt for Bowen Snowed Hard all day Larsons took his Colts out of pasture a week ago Sunday and paid Father for pasture $14.14 I let that go on pasture rent

03 Jack and I went and helped Remores butcher George watched Cattle Ella went to Kewanee snow mostly melted Hide Baker here

04 Husked all day muddy snow melting Lydia and Ella went to town Irve here

05 Sunday nice day watched Cattle

06 We husked all day Bowen here hung Gate nice day

07 Husked Corn fore noon hauled 3 loads of Corn for Eli Batten, nice day Mrs Odeman here Elmer Batten here got bl Salt

08 Husked after noon I hauled 3 loads Corn for Elmer Batten fore noon nice day Mr Bowen here and fixed cover on tank George Andrews Died Quarts Commenced Husking on 80 Mrs Odeman here we started to husk on north 40

09 All husked nice day I took Fathers Cow over to them, George Andrews buried, George Kirk and I made a bargain he is to work until the Corn is husked for 35 and a pair of Rubber Boots Jack went to town at night

10 We all husked Corn nice day Ella went to Mineral and Annawan I built some fence by Barn and Tank
11 We all husked Corn nice day Mrs Rocky left Mail Cloudy at night wind North

12 Sunday Owen Cushman and Tom Kirk went to Kewanee with them Owen said Sylvander and his Wife were going to Nebraska next wek to stay on a farm nice day spit snow this morning

13 Jack and I husked all day sprinkled some we went to town at night got 1.00 of Jack

14 Hauled dirt in Barn made fence husked Corn Cloudy

15 Husked Corn J.Kirk came nice day Mrs Borton Died last night

16 Husked fore noon Kirks and we went to Irves nice day George and Ina were here Ella went to Kewanee Wills Girl came Home with her threatening rain at night

17 Finished husking in North 40 went to town after noon got 25.00 at Bank for 30 days paid George Kirk 22.00 for work took Kirks to train at night rained some during day Mrs Borton buried

18 Paid Jack 1.00 that I borrowed of him we husked all day I picked some seed out for Ern Holdridge traveling Doctor here Jack went to town at night Ina and George brought Mrs Mumford nice day

19 Sunday Nice day Ella took her Mother over to town I took Rocky buggie Home Ben Henry here

20 We husked all day Cloudy Ralph Schmidt brought a large separator and took the old one Home

21 Built fence fore noon husked after noon nice day

22 Built fence all day large red Bowen heifer had a red Bull Calf misty most all day Russel here

23 Husked all day went to town at night got nails, nice day

24 Husked all day fixed Cow yard at night nice day Cloudy Cow bunted Burr

25 Husked all day nice day wind in East and has been for one week Ella went to town

26 Sunday nice and Clear wind in North, Ella went to Rockys Jack went to town some hunters came along and wanted some thing to eat

27 Husked all day nice day big frost last night Mr Bowen here made gate to barn Ella and Burr went to Kewanee Jack went to town at night wind in North Shaws Horses in field all day

28 Husked all day nice warm day wind South West Shaws Hores in field all night

29 Husked all day Lydia and Ella went town sprinkled fore noon Shaws Horses in field all day Ella went away at night

30 Thanksgiving nice warm day. We husked all day Russel Templeton was here for Dinner heavy Black Cow had a red heifer Calf rained some after dark Wind is in North East and terrible dark, it has been the warmest fall for Corn husking I ever remember of.