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Submitted by Max B Cushman


 From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01  Mowed grass all day  Jack trimmed hedge fore noon and raked hay after noon  Lydia went to Annawan with Burwell  Rich was after us to work the road  Jack went to town at night

02 Made Hay, Jack worked on road fore noon helped Hay after noon Modest helped after noon J.Rocky helped with two men after noon

03 Made Hay Modest helped all day Billy Eyre half day J.Rocky two men half day and one man all day

04 Helped J.Rocky with two men in forenoon trimmed Hedge afternoon

05 Hauled straw pile out of yard and killed some rats Jack trimmed hedge in after noon I went to kewanee got pair of shoes for Jack paid 2.50 for them

06  Sunday  Rainy Day  Ella and McCorkell was here

07 Hauled load of Oats to Mineral 60 bu at 15 cts per bu Jack hauled manure

08 Jack helped Modest forenoon Hauled manure after noon I mowed grass and scraped dirt around the wind mill.

09 Shoveled Corn for G.Messmore fore noon and hauled load to Kewanee worked in hay after noon

10  Jack hauled two loads of Corn for J.McChesney  I carried in some Potatoes and scraped around the well

11 Rained We sorted Potatoes and worked at the fence between Haxby and I

12  Worked at the fence and in after noon at the Hay  J.Rocky came and got a load of Rye straw

13 Sunday Went over to Fathers Vesta and Irve were there J.Templeton came at night andf paid me 10 Dollars for half of a stack of Rye straw

14 Hauled Hay in the fore noon J.Rocky helped with two men we went and helped Jim mow his crib after noon and I cut grass down by the crick Jack hauled manure

15  Went over to Fathers  fixed Bridge  hauled some wood  picked some corn  came Home and cut some hay  Jack hauled some manure after we come Home  Jim and Tom sawed wood for Father all day

16 Hauled manure and worked in the Hay Bowen was here to fix the Plaster Said he had bought 40 acres of land of Haxby and wanted me to work it

17 Hauled Hay and Killed a Hog Orm Warner was here to examine the Chimmeys Webbs sale

18 Hauled Hay and manure Mrs Rocky went to Nebraska

19 Jack and I went to town was fire in town let Jack have five Dollars brought Colts Home from Fathers Paid 1.50 for Courier up to April 17th 1896

20 Sunday Went after Crab apples in Bowens timber Lydia and Gray went to the Blocks Dow's Elevator Burned

21 Hauled Hay fore noon Commenced Husking corn after noon Rockys heard from Mrs R and she said George was better.

22 We picked corn all day about one hundred bu dry and windy Jack went oto Shaws at night for his overshirt

23 Husked one Hundred bu Lydia went to Kewanee with Myrtle

24 Husked one Hundred bu Morgan McChes was here at night after Jack to go to dance in Annawan

25 Husked one Hundred bu turned stock in first piece of stalks husked Lydia got letter from her Mother

26 Husked one Hundred bu corn

27 Sunday W. Forest and Sites was here

28 Husked one Hundred bu Lydia went to Kewanee

29 Husked one Hundred bu J.Rocky sold team for 200 dollars

30 Husked one Hundred bu Nell and Ina went Home Myrtle was here

31 Husked one Hundred bushels